August 16, 2007

Purged! British National Party councillor Simon Smith forced out

One of the BNP’s better known West Midlands councillors has been forced out of the party as Nick Griffin and his acolytes continue their long predicted purge of the “vermin” who supported Chris Jackson against Griffin in the BNP’s rigged leadership contest.

Ostensibly resigning his membership, a statement issued by Griffin’s deputy Simon Darby leaves little doubt that Smith’s resignation was anything but voluntary.

In a communication that should affront the intelligence of even the dimmest BNP member, Darby says:

It was well known that former Black Country organiser Simon Smith was a supporter of Chris Jackson in the recent leadership challenge. This was of course his democratic right and further to this two senior representatives of the challenger’s campaign spoke openly at a Black Country meeting freely promoting their candidate.

Unfortunately, at this meeting despite being asked to refrain from expressing his personal beliefs, during his own speech Simon Smith once again referred to 9/11 as being “an inside job”. In fact, despite having being told how politically damaging this form of pro-Muslim crankery could be, he emphasised his belief twice stating that “he would stake his life on it”.

Shortly after the Leadership election Simon Smith was made aware that an investigation was to take place concerning how a membership list had made its way to a former Birmingham organiser. This list, although sent to several people, was in fact never actually used. Further to this Simon Smith was told that the list dated back to the time when he was heavily involved in processing Party memberships and at one point during that time scale Simon Smith had actually left his computer at the home of that former Birmingham organiser. At no point however, was it inferred at that time that Simon Smith was actually to blame for the severe breach of security.

On the 27th July, after the leadership election results had been announced, Simon Smith sent an email to several BNP members as well as other people. Unforgiveably, one of the two attachments also contained in this email was an article complete with reader comments copied directly from a UAF site.

Simon Smith was shown a copy of the original email he had sent out early yesterday (August 14) afternoon and asked to explain the very serious implications as to what he had done. Three hours later Simon Smith admitted to having sent the email and announced that he was resigning from the BNP.

There we have the truth of the matter.

The “truth of the matter”?

Today Simon Darby told the Birmingham Post something slightly different:

“We had a leadership election which Nick Griffin won with 91 per cent of the vote. Simon could not accept that.”

Darby’s first statement is, of course, for internal BNP consumption. He brings in Smith’s frequently stated contention that the attack on the Twin Towers was “an inside job” (not exactly an uncommon opinion on the far-Right), and says that Smith was asked to refrain from making such statements having been told “how politically damaging this form of pro-Muslim crankery could be”. How this could be damaging in a meeting open only to BNP members isn’t clear - but that Jackson supporters like Smith were being told by Griffinites what they could and could not say in an internal election meeting speaks volumes for the paranoia at the top of the party.

The deputy chairman’s next trick is to effectively blame Smith for a BNP membership list falling into the hands of Sharon Ebanks, while claiming not to blame him at all. If “At no point… was it inferred at that time that Simon Smith was actually to blame for the severe breach of security” then why does Darby mention it at all? Why does Darby include the strange qualification “at that time”? Is it being inferred now?

Finally there is Simon Smith’s email. Darby does not disclose the contents, which presumably contain the real meat of the subject, but again pandering to his largely gullible BNP audience he lays stress on an attachment that apparently included an article complete with reader comments copied directly from a UAF site. How that could be seen as a crime, even by the standards of the BNP, is anybody’s guess - though we’d hazard a guess as to which site the post and comments came from ;-).

That Smith included such matter with his email gives us a very good idea of how that email must have read - unpleasantly, for Nick Griffin, we must suppose. And whatever it said was clearly used as a pretext to force Smith into jumping before the threat of being pushed was carried out. Reading Darby’s disingenuous words, you can almost see the gun being held to Smith’s head.

The simple fact is that Smith’s resignation has nothing to do with “pro-Muslim crankery”, missing membership lists and email attachments lifted from UAF websites.

It’s about retribution against those who have finally worked out that something is very wrong at the top of the BNP and dared to say so, and it’s about exterminating the last vestiges of internal opposition to Nick Griffin.

With the departure of Simon Smith the BNP has lost yet another councillor. The character of that councillor may leave much to be desired but in BNP terms he was just the ticket - he ungraciously walked out of a council meeting that elected a Sikh as mayor of Sandwell, and has compared Hitler with Christ, among other matters.

That Griffin - and it can only have been Griffin - was prepared to force one of his tiny band of councillors out of the party, risking attendant negative publicity for the BNP and yet another blow to the morale of its members heavily underlines the lesson for so long taught here and at our allied websites: whatever the average BNP member may think the BNP is, Griffin has different ideas. First and foremost it is, as the veteran fascist Martin Webster puts it, the Griffin Family Business.

It’s Griffin’s cash-cow and he’s not going to surrender it lightly, as his insane blog rantings against the “cranks” “Hollywood Nazis” “congenital losers” “thieves” and “vermin” who had the temerity to ask awkward questions and mount a challenge against him have discovered.

It’s only a matter of time before the next victim of Griffin’s paranoia is selected for the chop. Keep watching this space.


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment on NWN

'In response to Simon Darby's statement that is doing the rounds about Simon Smith. I know Simon Smith very well.

First a couple of small points:

1/The membership list that Sharon Ebanks had in her possession was obtained from Tony Lecomber when she was National Fundraiser. Simon Smith knows what Darby's game is here and what he is trying to do.

2/ On "911" Simon Smith believes that it was an inside job. I understand he is "happy" if people actually believe this was the reason for why he resigned - it will help publicise this evil event. To say it is a Pro Muslim position is nonsense. Its a "Pro Truth" position.

In any case.

3/The real reason for his resignation is the utter corruption of the Welshpool Mafia. Their reign will come to an end. Have no doubt about that.'

Dicky said...



The BNP has moved on. We are the power in east London and we will eventually mate with goats.


Anonymous said...

Should not LUAF and friends be concerned that a man who compares Hitler to Christ and reckons 911 was an inside job is NOT still in the BNP?

If Griffin chucks out the cranks, the BNP might become the British Nice Party...hmmm :)

Foll Di Roll said...

Griffin himself is one of the biggest cranks going, Mister Troll. Until he purges himself from the party, there will be no way the undemocratic party will ever be accountable. He's a criminal, who has stolen money from his loyal party members, so stop pulling the wool under your eyes.

I guess you must indeed be Mark Collett, and if so, let us remind everybody, you are the biggest crank and Hitler worshipper going, folks. You even most sickeningly called Aids "a friendly disease" for killing black and gay people, you pro-griffinite scumbag and hypocrite.

Griffin will never purge Collett from the party, for reasons which (as yet) remain unknown.

Pro or anti-Griffin, will the far right visitors to this website stop signing themselves "88".

Adolf Hitler is dead. Unless Griffin resigns, so will the BNP.

Anonymous said...

good riddance i say the bloke had become a liability and had lost the plot and was speaking well of term at meetings simply putting new people off,wonder what up was up to at RWB ?

Anonymous said...

The man must be a nutter, anyway.

Now Shayler's gone mad, will we be seeing Mr Smith cosying up with Larry?

Anonymous said...

Great to see Nick Griffin striking out at all and sundry in the party, causing havoc and discontent wherever he goes. Real nationalists and anti-fascists everywhere must be laughing their socks off.

Anonymous said...

dicky say......i dont believe it our great and glorious leader has finally put down his glass and switched on his computer.....power in the east...dont make me laugh, he has to pass the hat round to get the money to put in the metre first.

go back to sleep dicky

Kirklees Unity said...

Anonymous said...

Should not LUAF and friends be concerned that a man who compares Hitler to Christ and reckons 911 was an inside job is NOT still in the BNP?

If Griffin chucks out the cranks, the BNP might become the British Nice Party...hmmm :)

You are missing the point.

Smith has been saying things like this for years and has been tolerated by Griffin and the BNP.

He had his odd holocaust denial/conspiracy theory site closed down by Yahoo.

Griffin kept quiet.

He had his council website closed down for things he said.

Griffin kept quiet.

He was suspended from Sandwell council for things he said.

Griffin kept quiet.

He signed Jacksons nomination papers so he was able to mount a leadership challenge.

Griffin forced him out.

That is the real point.

Anonymous said...

Simon Darby used the business address 'ALBION WORKS' to enable him to stand in Dudley. Simon Darby had never ever worked at 'ALBION WORKS' or owned 'ALBION WORKS' and the proprieters of the business were unaware he had won his council seat by using them.

Simon Darby is a dispicable liar and manipulator.

Anonymous said...

"That is the real point."

Yes, it is.

Griffin has already stated that he will remove every member of the reform group. Actually that's a lie. He didn't just state it, he screamed it at an AC meeting and John Walker in his drunkeness at last years RWB said it would be smashed. I can also confirm that at an AC meeting before the May 2006 elections, Lee Barnes complained continually about Sharon Ebanks and Griffin responded "She's to popular with the membership, GET RID OF HER"

Anonymous said...

Still, the rank and file contently tolerate Griffin's antics as leader of the party.

Sparrow said...

Mark "can't get a shag" Collett is as hardline a nazi as anyone in the BNP, and yet, as he cosies up to Griffin (in more ways than one), he will never be removed from the BNP.

Talk about hypocrisy.

What's the deal with Hitler-worshipping Collett, anyway? Is he sleeping with Griffin or his pug-ugly daughter?

Graham said...

Well, well, so it was Lancaster UAF! I got this from NorthWest Nationalist.

"The Resignation Email Exchange

This has come my way. The word (Darby) has been added at the top by me and (Smith) in the middle and at the bottom to avoid confusion about which "Simon" it is. The attachments referred to are about Solidarity.

Darby had been circulating the lie that Clive Potter and Tim Hawke were "reds".

Read from the bottom up

"Simon (Darby),
I didn't send THAT previous email to anyone OUTSIDE the party itself. I sent it to about eight people - all male incidentally. Obviously one person wasn’t as intelligent as I had credited him with, and so now, you are indeed aware of my thoughts on how the party is being run.

My intention up until today was to resign as Black Country Organiser but to carry on as Leader of the Sandwell BNP Group. That option has been removed from me by the actions of a supposed friend who has been fully briefed on the internal history of British Nationalism but never the less has still gone behind my back...

I therefore resign from the British National Party.

A clear conscience is a wonderful thing. I thoroughly recommend it.

Please forward to the necessary people.
Simon Smith
(14/08/2007 4.25 pm) wrote:
> Simon (Smith),
> I have now received the email you sent out to BNP members and others together with the two attachments.
> Having tried to call you today you now need to respond to me ASAP to discuss the very serious implications
> that the course of action you may have taken entails.
> Simon Darby
> Organiser, British National Party West Midlands.
> ---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
> Subject: Solidarity. The unoffiicial version
> From: "Simon Smith" <>
> Date: Fri, July 27, 2007 5:52 pm
> To: undisclosed-recipients:;
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hello Folks,
> I'm forwarding this with attachments.
> You will know by now I was a signatory for Chris Jackson's challenge. As
> such, the attachments probably only show the tip of the iceberg of the
> corruption in the party.
> _,,2132122,00.html_
> Which I believe is substantially true...
> As yet the party's 2006 accounts have not been published on the
> electoral commission website:
> _
> The 2005 accounts showed amongst other things that £63 000 was spent on
> Travel and entertainment !!!
> I'm sending this to people in the branch I trust and are intelligent
> enough to understand whats going on. Also sending to intelligent trusted
> people outside the branch.
> The fact that the chairman has won an election may prove be a hollow
> victory for him when the accounts are published. It is time to gradually
> start educating people to just how this party is being run. Each of you
> has an obligation to do your bit. The BNP is the only party we have. We
> must save the party in order to save our country.
> Simon (Smith)"

Anonymous said...

strange itsn't it how it all seems to be caving in for bnp in the west midlands ? councillor resigns,many left or been kicked out,funds going missing and who is the regional organiser ???

Anonymous said...

"strange itsn't it how it all seems to be caving in for bnp in the west midlands ? councillor resigns,many left or been kicked out,funds going missing and who is the regional organiser ???"

Yes, you would think Darby's job was to destroy the West Midlands. He helped to bring the Edwards's down just before they made a breakthrough and was so sincere in his own bid to be a councillor that he stood from a fraudulent address.

Rumour has it that the moron Ken Griffith will be the new Black Country organiser.

Old Sailor said...

Rumour has it that the moron Ken Griffith will be the new Black Country organiser.

And paid very well for it !

I've no objection to the Nutzies paying through the nose for thier membership, and in their stupidity getting ripped off by Griffin, and his kin and bum chums.

What frightens me is the Nutzie membership realising the fact and getting organized, minus the crooks. They could present a major challenge to decent democracy.

Anonymous said...

it seems as though money is the dominating factor throughout the bnp now, the looney tune who hosts the Home of the Green Arrow has i note recently put a paypal donation button on his blog, he claims to need a new computer. im pretty sure that the unsuspecting loyal bnp members will end up paying for his next holiday.

Anonymous said...

"And paid very well for it !"

Yes, Ken Griffith DID pay very well for it. He is the member who passed Simon Smiths email on to Simon Darby. I hope he enjoys his term as Black Country organiser but something tells me it will be very short lived :)

Simon Smith may well have been ousted under the pretence of being a conspiracy crank but Ken Griffith has a living room all set up for the worship of the Third Reich including posters and tapesteries of Adolph and SS soldiers saluting. He is the perfect candidate for the Black Country and will compliment the Worcester gent who stood in May and also worships the SS.

Simon Smith pales into insignificance with the above and may well have likened Hitler to Jesus but when he wrote that he was refering to worship of the masses and the German people did worship Hitler.

Anonymous said...

How nice of mr Smith to come on here and dish the dirt on his replacement.

No honour among thieves, is there.

Anonymous said...

"How nice of mr Smith to come on here and dish the dirt on his replacement.

No honour among thieves, is there."

I'm not Smith.

Anonymous said...

So, as of today's date, since taking over the BNP Griffin has, on the plus side, made it the largest and most electable far-right party in the UK since WW II.

On the minus side, he has now managed to either completely destroy, or, at best, reduce to a poor shell, every single BNP branch and area which has made electorial breakthroughs, with the exception of Barking & Dagenham (although this will probably be done well before the next round of council elections) and Stoke (where Griffin does not seem to be popular, and the branch just does it's own thing and ignores him).

Add on the near-bankruptcy of the party, the constant purges that have got rid of most of the most honest members (such as Cotteril, the Edwards, Ebanks, Steve Smith, Potter, Tyndal and so many more) and the most intelligent and capable (Bowden, Simon Smith, Adrian Davies, Alan Winder, Dave Cheetham, Mike Newlands and many others).

Add on to this the large number who are now so obviously due for the chop, such as Mike Easter, Richard Edmonds, Valerie Tyndal and what is left? A BNP that consists of the Griffin family, Darby, Collett and half a dozen others. Plus lots of new and newish members, mainly first class and decent patriots, but all due to be fleeced and then expelled if they want to know where their money went.

The New BNP - a great leap forward, then a hundred tiny steps back, each one costing the membership a few thousand pounds!

Anonymous said...

Ebanks, honest?

When is she going to produce her birth certifcate?

Anonymous said...

anon of todays date......i do ask why you think that the barking & dagenham 'branch' is not a shell??? its not a branch its a 1 man band, Dicky the diva, the rest of us receive no info or support from the 'party' and have to put up with dickys drunken rants at council meetings, we are all then tarred with the same brush, and even if we have a good point to make are not allowed to do so. We are given scripted questions by Dickey before the meeting, we are warned very strongly not to go outside of the script, and we are now being scrutinesed from the balcony by Sadie Graham. we are being gagged, and told in no uncertain terms there is only one voice to be heard in baring & dagenham that is Dicky. some of us just dont bother to turn up to meetings anymore whats the point.

Anonymous said...

"Mr Fister said...
Ebanks, honest?

When is she going to produce her birth certifcate?

1:20 AM, August 18, 2007"

Why don't you ask her mother, or have you tried asking her already?

Anonymous said...

Why on earth should Ebanks have to produce her birth certificate? The only ones who are fascinated by her possible not-100%-English background are the Griffinite section of the BNP (but only since she left); a handful of the more looney of the lunatic nazi right; and an even smaller handful of the more looney of the lunatic anti-British (sorry, anti-Fascist; Freudian slip there) left.
Go back more than a few generations and almost everybody has a touch of the tar-brush from some source or other; so what? Ebanks if fighting for a nation and an identity, and is very bravely and honestly standing up to the Griffin Goon Squad to do so. If, and I stress if, she is of partially non-English descent, so what? It just goes to show how some can rise above the most narrow definations of nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Darby had been circulating the lie that Clive Potter and Tim Hawke were "reds".

Subjectively perhaps, perhaps not -investigations must continue. Objectively their actions were the same as they would have been if they were paid State or Communist agents. Therefore that is how they must be treated.

Anonymous said...

anon said...subjectively....whoa lads get out the firing squad, the 'traitors' are going to get treated.