August 06, 2007

Sack Soames In BNP row

Tory MP Nicholas Soames faced calls to resign last night over a Commons speech on immigration.

It had similarities to a leaflet by the far-right BNP circulated in his constituency.

A voter complained: "We cannot have a Tory MP using BNP leaflets as a basis for research."

Labour MPs said it showed the real face of David Cameron's Conservatives. The leaflet - circulated in Mid-Sussex last month - claimed: "Immigrants and their descendents account for 83 per cent of future population growth."

In his speech on July 17, Mr Soames said: "83 per cent will be due to new immigrants and their descendants."

The leaflet claimed: "Britain is four times as overcrowded as France and 12 times as overcrowded as the USA." Mr Soames said: "The UK is already four times as crowded as France and 12 times as crowded as the US."

The leaflet claimed: "Yearly immigration is over 300,000." Mr Soames said: "We have an additional 300,000 immigrants each year."

Martin Smith, of Unite Against Fascism, said: "It is outrageous that a Tory MP should quote their leaflets or borrow their ideas. David Cameron should ask him to resign."

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood said: "It is unacceptable for a Tory MP to parrot the language of the BNP."

But Mr Soames branded the claims "idiotic and without foundation. I've never seen or read a BNP leaflet in my life.

"I never went anywhere near the BNP - I talked to Migration-watch, the Commons library and I used some information from Parliamentary answers."

Daily Mirror


Anonymous said...

With so-called "mainstream" Conservative MPs courting the far-right vote, there will be even less need for the insular, trainspotterish world of Nick Griffin and Hitler-loving cohorts.

No wonder he is preparing to run off with the BNP subs to his nazi chums in Croatia

Anonymous said...

Ask me this, BNP racists, what use is nick griffin?