January 06, 2011

Billy Bragg hits out at BNP following hate campaign against him

Singer blames BNP for dozens of letters sent to his neighbours

Billy Bragg has become the target of a hate mail campaign aiming to drive him out of the village he lives in. The singer, famously a campaigner for left-wing causes and anti-fascist organisations, has seen dozens of letters sent to his neighbours in the village of Burton Bradstock, Dorset, with some describing him as a "hypocrite" and "anti-British".

Bragg has claimed the anonymous letters, which have a Southampton postmark, are from a British National Party member and has urged his neighbours to bin them.

One letter ended with the sentence: "People of Burton Bradstock stand up for the British and kick this traitor out of your village and out of Dorset forever." In it Bragg was described as "useless as a singer and a man".

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Bragg described the letter as the "powerless ranting of a bitter individual angry that, even in a sleepy village, people reject the politics of racism". He also reaffirmed his commitment to fighting racism, adding: "I will campaign against racism wherever I find it."

Bragg has not, as yet, reported the letters to the police.



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Re: the hate letters

At least they didn't stick razor blades under the envelope flaps like they used to. Maybe the BNP is moderating after all!

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Its ironic that a silent racist should do what they did.i live 15min drive fron his village.remember bnp 2008 list?hint hint,enough said.9xzulug