January 11, 2011

Police hunt racist thugs over attack in Manchester

Police are hunting a gang of racist thugs who attacked and robbed a door-to-door salesman in Greater Manchester.

The victim, a 20-year-old Asian man, was working on the Limeside Estate, in Oldham, selling digital television products, on the afternoon of Wednesday 5th January when he was assaulted. He was working around Walkers Road, Oak Road and Firth Avenue but throughout the afternoon, a group of five white men were walking around the estate shouting racial abuse at the victim.

At about 6pm, on Hollins Road, the group approached the victim, grabbed him, racially abused him and demanded his mobile phone and cash. They pushed him against a wall and patted his body for items. As they tried to grab his mobile the victim resisted and he was punched twice to the head by one of the offenders, who then intimated he had a knife. The group ran off with the phone.

The main offender in the group was about 5ft 6in tall of medium build with dark hair. He was wearing a lime green hooded top.

Police Constable Andrew Swettenham said: "This was a horrendous experience for this man, who was simply trying to do his job. The abuse that he suffered culminated in an attack where he was robbed. Someone on this estate will know who these people are and may even have witnessed this incident."

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 9577 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the police should check the edl or bnp forums, i expect someone will be showing off about it.

Anonymous said...

Dunno if you've heard but Tommy Robinson has been invited to go on Newsnight in early Feb, before the Luton demo.


Anonymous said...

Ever since the EDL marched in Manchester, racist assaults have been increasing.

Absolutely sickening!

Anonymous said...

The EDL have made it much harder for Asian people to go about ord9inary everyday lives.

James said...

"Dunno if you've heard but Tommy Robinson has been invited to go on Newsnight in early Feb, before the Luton demo".

The BBC did the same with Nick Griffin.

Hope there are planty of anti-fascist protests outside the BBc studios like when Cyclops was on Question Time.

Nothing will be questioned about Richard Price. Yaxley Lennon knew about Price's child pornography last July, it has emerged, but he covered it up.

The BBC won't ask him about this, but they should!

You can bet your bottom dollar the interviewer will give him a soft time.

L said...

Aye, Paxo's an establishment mouthpiece despite all the bluster, so who better to interview the Lemon and give him an easy ride?