January 07, 2011

EDL’s Moore Joins Price Defence Late

Roberta Moore, leader of the EDL’s Jewish Division despite defining herself as a Pagan, has weighed in on the Richard Price scandal and thrown the EDL’s credibility into turmoil again.

The Brazilian has performed an unexpected u-turn and made a string of bizarre excuses, in a series of posts that will further upset and panic EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who has spent the past 24 hours doing all he can to shake off his initial defence of convicted sex offender Richard Price.

In the posts, Moore reverts back to Lennon’s earlier stance of defending Price, claiming that the images found on his PC were not of an indecent nature, and implies that hew has been set up by the authorities.

In an astoundingly bad judgement call, Moore claims that another individual may have put the images on Price’s computer, implying that the police and CPS did not conduct a thorough and proper investigation. This claim is at odds with the fact that Price later signed the sex offenders register; a move he would almost certainly not have made had there been reasonable evidence that the pictures were not his.

She seems to offer no explanation as to why Price signed the register, and also overlooks the fact that if the CPS had been unsure of the originator of the images, no case could have been brought against Price.

As our previous articles have confirmed, Price was found guilty of possessing level 1 images of child pornography. He has also signed the sex offenders register.

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Anonymous said...

This should be plastered up all over Oldham, the voters will turn off them in droves.

"BNP paedophile locked up.
Nigel Hesmondhalgh from Hyndburn, Lancashire, was imprisoned for nine months at Burnley Crown Court after a series of degrading photos and videos of children were found on his home computer"


Alfie North said...

Paranoid and rattled.

Anonymous said...

Roberta simply does not understand the law. "Innocent until proven guilty", yet Price was the one who accepted his guilt and agreed to sign on to the sex offenders list. The Times simply performed a legal criminal background check on Price and uncovered his criminal history. There's no conspiracy here.

Anonymous said...

"Roberta Moore" is somewhat of an oddball, even by the far-right's standards.

She could be considered the EDL's equivalent to Charlotte Lewis.

Anonymous said...

Her comments are pathetic. They are basically setting up a catch-all excuse that anything incriminating on her computer was the work of MI5, Special Branch or her "friends who stay over".

Wouldn't wash in Court!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you can be both a pagan and a follower of a religion but anyway. The woman is clearly talking bollocks. She says that in order to be a paedophile you have to be actively exploting children in person. Possessing photos alone isn't enough, she argues. However this ignores the fact that by possessing the photos Price is supporting an act of paedophilia and the fact that merely fantasising about sex with children is enough to be evidence of paedophilia. So you can be a paedophile by just possessing such photos.

But let these idiots argue such crap. There is no chance of the EDL ever being considered a legitimate organisation when its members are paedophiles or they publicly argue that possessing sexual photos of children isn't enough to prove paedophilia.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pervert Defence League?