January 23, 2011

The time for games is over

Paul and Lynda Cromie
Several councillors and media outlets in Bradford have recently received an email from Paul and Lynda Cromie, the two BNP councillors from Queensbury ward, alerting them to a planned National Front activity in Bradford on 20 April, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birth.

Pulled up on their own political allegiance the two councillors claimed that they are not currently BNP members. Have they finally changed their views or simply not got round to renewing their membership? I guess only they can tell us.

You'll forgive me for being slightly sceptical of the Cromies' real motives. Over the past three years there have been a number of occasions when Paul and Lynda looked like they were going to ditch the BNP, only for them to scurry back into the fascists' nest.

I, for one, have had enough of their games. It's time they dropped the BNP publicly or Lynda, who is up for re-election in May, will face a national HOPE not hate campaign to oust her.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

Chris Beverley sacked as Yorkshire RO, his replacement Ian Kitchen is invovled in all sorts. Kitchen's wife can be seen in the charming internet short 'Granny's Pierced Pussy' which is available here: http://www.britishgrannyporn.com/movies/grannies-pierced-pussy/?nats=MTc1MjIzNjo2Ojk,0,0,0,184

Anonymous said...

What a strange pair, it's like calling the kettle black. I wonder what she will do in May?

Anonymous said...

BNP Internet Archive:



Courtesy of Bev's Brigade.

Anonymous said...

Wander if they are just mentioning the NF activity cos of the Democratic Nationalists throwing in their lot with the BNP.

The Democratic Nationalists led by Jim Lewthwaite were enemies of Cromie!

Anonymous said...

There's a local rivalry between the Cromies and Lewthwaite.

It's not rocket science.

Anonymous said...

The Cromies are into swinging club games, (allegedly) Paul gets his folk musician friends to play music in his living room then the performers would go upstairs for a bit of action.

Heard about this a few months ago from somebody who knows the local political scene.

Anonymous said...

It is barely credible that any English person would vote for the Cromies, let alone swing with them

Anonymous said...

The Cromies are into swinging club games(allegedly)

Why are swingers always ugly?.....(allegedly)

BW said...

I know Bradford politics, and I know Queensbury, and I can confirm *everything* stated by Anons #3,#4, and #5.