January 09, 2011

BNP man quits party

Former Heckmondwike councillor David Exley, pictured leaving
Batley Town Hall as the first BNP councillor in Kirklees in 2003
Former Heckmondwike BNP councillor David Exley has quit the party, saying leader Nick Griffin is taking the party in the ‘wrong direction’.

Mr Exley, who was the first BNP councillor to be elected onto Kirklees in 2003, lost his seat in the 2008 elections but stood again as the party’s candidate in Cleckheaton in the Kirklees poll and for Batley and Spen in the general election earlier this year.

But the one time leader of the group in Kirklees said he was worried the BNP was not representing the views of the electorate. “We can’t go on as we are under the present leadership,” said Mr Exley. “Nick is taking the party in the wrong direction. The BNP is not representing the views of the people and I don’t want to be a part of that. At the moment, Nick is fighting lots of legal cases and it is costing the party hundreds of thousands of pounds. We should not be doing that. We should be concentrating on the issues affecting people.”

Mr Exley, who is chairman of Heckmondwike’s chamber of trade, said he thought Mr Griffin’s leadership had dwindled since he was elected into the European Parliament.

“We can’t have a man who is doing everything - party administration, political leader and a member of the European parliament,” he added. “He should have delegated the roles and resigned as party leader. We are 12 months down the line from him being elected and we are suffering the consequences.”

Mr Exley said he would never ruling out standing an independent or under the banner of a different party.

Spenborough Guardian


Anti-EDL said...

"Mr Exley said he would never ruling out standing an independent or under the banner of a different party".

Hopefully not the EDL if and when they become a political party.

Anonymous said...

According to the BNP website Derek Adams has been dragged out of a hustings meeting.

NewsHound said...



Ben Trunch said...

Just seen the good people of Oldham throw the odious Derek Adams out. Hopefully they will do the same on polling day!

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

In the absence of a separate thread for this:

Derek Adams was asked to leave as he had taken a seat on the podium when he had not even been invited to take part (He only had tickets as an audience member).
He was hardly 'dragged' out, rather escorted out.

more here:


Oh and Gri££in twattering: "Derek Adams has been physically dragged from his place on the panel at official hustings by police."

'Dragged', 'his place'..... need to get your eyes tested matey... err... Eye

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Anonymous said...

I heard about this a while ago.
It is good news especially as, I think I am right in saying, he has a certain amount of ability.

Anonymous said...

Roberta Moore, leader of the EDL’s Jewish Division despite defining herself as an Odinist Pagan, has weighed in on the Richard Price scandal and thrown the EDL’s credibility into turmoil again.

The Brazilian has performed an unexpected u-turn and made a string of bizarre excuses, in a series of posts that will further upset and panic EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who has spent the past 24 hours doing all he can to shake off his initial defence of convicted sex offender Richard Price.

In the posts, Moore reverts back to Lennon’s earlier stance of defending Price, claiming that the images found on his PC were not of an indecent nature, and implies that hew has been set up by the authorities.

In an astoundingly bad judgement call, Moore claims that another individual may have put the images on Price’s computer, implying that the police and CPS did not conduct a thorough and proper investigation. This claim is at odds with the fact that Price later signed the sex offenders register; a move he would almost certainly not have made had there been reasonable evidence that the pictures were not his.

She seems to offer no explanation as to why Price signed the register, and also overlooks the fact that if the CPS had been unsure of the originator of the images, no case could have been brought against Price.

Bloo said...

The EDL admin team come out on facebook and announce they are sorry that passengers from the Iranian air liner disaster survived......


Might be worth making an article out of this, Ketlan!

Looks like the EDL leadership want to see innocent Muslims including women and children dead, in-line with millionaire Alan lake's blueprint for an anti-Muslim Holocaust.

Evil scumbags!

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Anonymous said...

One of EDL's Zetaboards editors is called Wodin.

Does this mean they worship Odin?

Anonymous said...

"One of EDL's Zetaboards editors is called Wodin.

Does this mean they worship Odin?"

Is Odinism the new Satanism for those who want to start a panic?

Anonymous said...

Wigan Mike is a Racial Odinist. Racial Odinists worship Adolf Hitler.

Anonymous said...

The main reason that 70% of all BNP Councillors have left the party was the appointment of seedy Clive Jefferson. This man has all the top jobs in the party in order to COVER UP masive Fraud by Nick Griffin. He only as 3years membership. I can tell you that the BNP membership now stands at 3900. 90% of paid staff have all been dismissed from their jobs. The BNP are dying.