January 14, 2011

British National Party leader forced to run from journalists' club debate

BNP leader Nick Griffin and his security team face demonstrators.
One of the team is spraying blue paint on the protesters. (Pic: Guy Smallman)
One of Griffin's security team lifts a flowerpot,
from outside a restaurant by the club (Pic: Guy Smallman)
Protesters stopped Nick Griffin, leader of the Nazi British National Party (BNP), from speaking at meeting last night.

About 30 anti-fascists assembled at short notice after Unite Against Fascism (UAF) heard of Griffin’s invitation to the journalists' Frontline Club in Paddington, West London. The club was screening the More4 documentary, The Battle for Barking, about the election battle between Labour MP Margaret Hodge and the BNP during the May 2010 local elections.

It planned to follow this with a question and answer session featuring Griffin. Documentary director, Laura Fairrie, and Darren Rodwell, organiser of the Labour Party election campaign in Barking, were also invited to the event which was to be moderated by journalist Sarfraz Manzoor.

Anti-fascists had urged the club not to give a platform to Griffin, but they refused to withdraw his invitation. A determined protest confronted Griffin and his security team outside the venue.

Despite trying to force their way to the entrance of the club by attacking protesters and spraying them with an aerosol dye, Nazi Nick and his minders were forced back. Looking visibly shaken they briefly took refuge in a local hotel before fleeing the area entirely. The documentary showing went ahead without a platform for the BNP.

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Phrenologist said...

What the fuck happened to Martin Reynolds' head???

Anonymous said...

One of Griffin's security team lifts a flowerpot

Let me guess, his name is either Bill or Ben.

Anonymous said...

Spraying blue paint on protestors? What's that all about? Surely that's classed as assault. And what's with the flowerpot? Threatening behaviour, anyone?

James said...

That picture of Reynolds with the flowerpot says it all about the BNP thugs. Nothing has changed, they're still violent nazis.

Anonymous said...

"What the fuck happened to Martin Reynolds' head???"

Its full of shit.

Ant said...

"Spraying blue paint on protestors? What's that all about? Surely that's classed as assault. And what's with the flowerpot? Threatening behaviour, anyone?"

Yes to both and what's the betting it will be ignored by the police.

By the way, isn't that Slimy Darby in the bottom picture?

Anonymous said...

Spaying protestors with blue dye or anything else is appalling. What if one of them had got the dye in their eyes or had asthma and breathed it in? What a fucking outrage.

ex-bnp said...

What a disgusting collection of morons. Gri££in the coward, surrounds himself with his aging ‘security’ just to visit the pie shop. Interesting how the big fat swinging ‘hardman’ needs a fucking pot and a can of spray paint just to fight his way out the room – pathetic!
Reynolds you’re a c***

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Nick Griffin off supporting his lapdog in Oldham?

Anonymous said...

Call me a Dickhead, but didn't the BNP have a platform at this event anyway. The film was about them FFS!

No point in screaming 'no platform' when they clearly have one. Wouldn't it be better to let fat Griffin make a fool of himself - which he always does anyway.

By persisting in these antics the SWP/UAF just point to their own irrelevance. When stuff like this was really happening they wanted nothing to do with it. Now that it's role playing everything seems fine eh?


Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

what does reynolds care.... 'security' for prick pays better than a night club bouncer and as prick is an mep for quite some time, the job security is better..... as soon as prick jumps ship, reynolds will be off the the NF or EDL faster than prick left this shindig.

Well done UAF for screwing over this one!

Anonymous said...

Just like Yaxley Lennon and his cronies, the BNP security team always get away with commiting crimesn without being charged, whereas other thugs would get charged.

Anonymous said...

If you went to the police station and reported it, you would still get your complaint totally and absolutely ignored.

No arrests for state-sponsored facsism, be it BNP or EDL.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck happened to Martin Reynolds' head???

Lobotomy scars ?

Anonymous said...

Its not Reynolds and its not Darby..

Anonymous said...

thats twice the BNP security team have been found wanting, Parliament and here. Goons without a clue. Reynolds is too slow to be effective asa s ecurity guard. What else does he do for griffin to keep his job even though he's useless

Anonymous said...

Excellent, well done!

Anonymous said...

"Its not Reynolds and its not Darby.."

It's not Darby but it's definitely Reynolds.

Antifascist said...

'It's not Darby but it's definitely Reynolds.'

It's Martin Reynolds. No-one else is that ugly.

Echelon_g26 said...

Something odd here.

The Frontline Club was founded by Vaughan Smith, the owner of Ellingham Hall in Norfolk. This is where Julian Assange is staying. His previous contact address was The Frontline Club.

Assange is the founder of Wikileaks, which carried the leaked BNP membership list.

Ellingham Hall is in Daveney District Council area, a former Tory councillor of which area was Edgar Griffin. Nick's father.

Anonymous said...

Well done for stopping this, and shame on the Frontline club for arranging it. I've just written to them and will cancel my membership if they can't guarantee they won't invite a Nazi again.

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

And I thought that was a pie Reynolds was trying to scoff.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck happened to Martin Reynolds' head???

A Doctor Writes
The arse graft hasn't taken - surgery was initially successful, but the arse rejected his head

Anonymous said...

From the reply I've just received from the Frontline club regarding this event, I don't think the Nazis will be invited back, ever.

Anonymous said...

Is Reynolds wearing his brain on the outside of his skull?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous comment from a BNP supporter on Eddy Butler's blog say it all:

Griffin is an MEP - democratically elected by British people. That means he has status and is democratically legitimised. He is, literally, a democratically-appointed representative of the British state.

The tragedy, though, is that he has yet to GROW UP and understand that fact!

Rather, he still insists on comporting himself like a common mafia hood, who has to "sneak about" and surround himself with his minders.

He was invited, in good faith, by a journalist, to a serious journalist's club debate at a prestigious venue. Yet he turns up surrounded by his "security team" and attempts a direct frontal assault on the reds! Why? All he had to do was phone the local police, tell him who he was, why he was attending, and coordinate his visit with them. He could then have turned up on his own, if he had properly arranged it. He would then have gained access, albeit after a little bit of a fracas. If his visit had been reported publicly then everyone would have seen the British state properly protecting one of its own MEPs - and the reds would have come off as the anti-free speech fascists.

Rather we now have pictures of Reynolds throwing a plant pot at someone (!!!), and Griffin legging it down the street like a common crook who's just nicked a handbag. What an absolute joke he is! Griffin brings the entire party into disrepute. The terrible thing is, I actually think he likes to behave like this! He doesn't even seem to know any other way. I think he actually likes the running about, and "street fighting (and always losing against) the reds".


Anonymous said...

From what I gather Griffo wasn't invited at all. He contacted the club when he found out they were showing the doc., and the club agreed, mistakenly in my view, to allow him to attend as there were many people who could challenge his version of events who were already scheduled to be there.

Griffo then leaked his impending appearance so as to create publicity. And that's one of the reasons why he'll never come within a sniff of the place again.

Anonymous said...

Griffin legging it down the street like a common crook who's just nicked a handbag. What an absolute joke he is!

Griffin spouts off about being a boxing blue at Cambridge but he is a physical coward.

He legs it at the first sign of trouble. I hate them but at least Oswald Mosley back in the thirties and Le Pen today would actually stand up to their attackers. Griffin scarpers at the first opportunity.