September 10, 2011

The party is almost over

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...
BNP facing a winding up order

We are hearing that the BNP are facing an urgent winding up order in 14 days, should they fail to pay the courts £45,000.

Andrew Brons on his website “BNP Ideas” claims that an application was heard this week in the Court of Appeal brought by Nick Griffin and Simon Darby against the order of execution which led to the seizure Nick Griffin’s prized Skoda.

If the money is not forthcoming within the 14 days an immediate application to wind up the party will be made, which will place the BNP into administration.

This must leave party manager Adam Walker with a bigger headache than the one he already had, following the order to pay Mark Collett £21,000, a sum Adam Walker was deemed personally responsible for by the courts.

With money already desperately short in the BNP it looks highly unlikely that the party will help Walker in his hour of need, this news will only add to his worries.

With debts mounting on a daily basis, this has to be seen as just the tip of an incredibly large iceberg.

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

Ex BNP Member, I could see this 12 months ago with the appointment of thick cunts running the BNP.

Anonymous said...

"Encircled by his enemies, Griffin retreated to his bunker. Surrounded by his few remaining loyal henchmen, he descended deeper into denial, issuing orders to counter-sue to lawyers who were no longer there.

"Finally, with the bailiffs advancing on all fronts, he contemplated the pistol and cyanide capsule before him. Trembling with fear, he pushed them away. Instead, he ripped off his clothes and leapt among his pigs, hoping to blend in and avoid discovery."

Anonymous said...

Fraud squad should investigate Jackie GriffPIG griffin she holds all the BNP money. Griffin transfered it all to her.

Anonymous said...

"It's coming to light that Senor Cortiglia worked as a journalist and was working undercover for his country as a type of spy during the period of military dictatorship back in the 1970s."

Does anybody know anymore about this?

Anonymous said...

Im sure the 45,000 will suddenly turn up.Griffin is just delaying paying for as long as possible, thats how he works

Anonymous said...

Interesting as well that Griffin now only has Salford and Liverpool branches of the BNP to rely on, in particular Gary Tumulty and the Tierney brothers, the biggest set of cranks in the whole of the BNP. 2 years ago Der Fuhrer wouldn't have been seen dead with such reprobates, but today? They're all he has left

Delroy Booth