November 10, 2011

Hobson's hatred.

A former senior member of the English Defence League who was once linked to the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik and investigated over threats to kill George Galloway, has joined a secretive facebook group set up three months ago to post death threats to the Irish and Catholics in general but in particular, Celtic manager Neil Lennon.

Daryl Hobson aged 43, who is no stranger to the courts and controversy was disowned by the far-right EDL earlier this year after he allegedly boasted of the group’s links to Anders Breivik, the right wing Norwegian terrorist who murdered 77 people in two terrorist attacks in Oslo dring July of this year. In the same month as the attack, Hobson was then investigated over death threats posted on the internet about the former Respect MP George Galloway.

Hobson, from Worthing, Sussex only last week had an appeal turned down relating to a conviction he received in Aylesbury last year after EDL an demonstration where he was arrested for abusing police officers. The court heard how Hobson was also chanting and glorifying Harry Roberts who is an infamous London bank robber jailed for the killing of three Police officers.

Hope Not Hate can now reveal that Hobson has continued posting hate messages and threats on facebook and even joined a secret facebook group of just two hundred hardline neo-nazis and Loyalists administered by other former members of the EDL. The seretive group is dedicated to promoting and encouraging sectarian hatred and violence. “Orange Order & Loyalists” which is accessible by invitation only, is administered jointly by Max Graham, a Scotsman living in Merseyside, and former crack addict and Llama farmer John “Snowy”. Shaw from Knaresborough, a market town in North Yorkshire, runs a rival group to the EDL known as the “Infidels” who broke away from the EDL criticising its leaders for among other things, their Irish heritage and Catholic faith.

Shaw, who plays the flute for a Yorkshire based Flute band, “Leeds Crown Defenders” is also a close associate of former London UDA boss Frank Portanari and is one of a number of former EDL members that has drifted towards the hardline Loyalist National Front as the EDL begins to fracture and show signs of fatigue.

For Hobson however, there appears to have been no let up in his hateful activities on or off line no matter what group he is involved in. Posting on the group’s secretive wall Hobson wrote last Sunday that “the only way to cure a man of catholicism (sic) is a good burning. FGAU” [for God and Ulster].

Hobson also wrote last month “Kill all Taigs” (Catholics), and posted up an image that he had created himself of Celtic manager Neil Lennon with the message “Target The Taig, one magazine is not enough” peppered with what would appear to be bullet holes.

Celtic manager Lennon has been living away from his family and under police protection after receiving death threats and bullets through the post. He was even physically attacked on the pitch by a football supporter during a Celtic match away at Edinburgh based club Hearts in May.

Another member of the group is Gina Adair, the former gun-toting wife of former Loyalist terror chief Johnny Adair. Last month Gina was photographed with a group of well known English neo-nazis who had been previously associated with the neo-Nazi terror group Combat 18.

The hatred of Irish Catholicism is nothing knew to the British far-right. For years and years the NF, BNP and C18 gave support, money, members and arms to Loyalist terrorists, but not always with great success. Although the BNP in particular has attempted to play down its history of sectarian hatred, that organisation has seen a small number of hardline deserters move into the previously moribund National Front, which shares as well as a hatred of the Irish, a hardline anti-Semitism.

There have been a number of cases recently of people being prosecuted for inciting hatred on social media. The police in Scotland have also reacted to threats against Lennon and the wider and growing problem of sectarianism with a series of arrests.

The likes of the EDL, "Infidels" and the National Front are a repetition of some of the darkest and most dangerous days of British fascism.

Hope not Hate


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B31 Antifascist said...

Have we all seen this video??:

To the 16yo Brummie bloke who made this, you're my pal. Threats when encountered by somebody with a simple question. That is fascism in the raw.

Anonymous said...

Most of the people running the EDL are catholics

B31 Antifascist said...

Most of the people running the EDL are catholics

...and so we have the Infidels splinter group. The EDL are starting to do what the BNP are well in the process of doing, factionalising and (violently) splitting.

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How come Hobson's not been arrested like Muslims Against Crusades were, and the group not hence banned by the Tory Coalition?