February 19, 2008

Blind association 'horrified' at BNP meeting

Not content with attempting to mislead the general populace with its lies about its core policies and plans for the future (such as they are), the BNP played up to its usual standard last night when it held a meeting at the Hastings Voluntary Association for the Blind, by lying about the booking and claiming to be an organisation called 'British Heritage'.

For a party that purports to want to run the country, is supposedly proud of what it stands for and believes in truth at all costs (or so it would have us believe despite all the evidence) it's remarkably deceitful when it comes to booking meetings

A recent Trafalgar Club dinner was only allowed to go ahead after the hotel owner was informed of the truth about the Trafalgar Club's connections with the BNP because he believed it would be damaging to his reputation to cancel at the last minute. Even so, he was furious at being misled and vowed that the BNP would never return, under any guise.

Similarly the Hastings Voluntary Association for the Blind, who were shocked to hear the news that it was the BNP who had booked their venue last night and that the meeting was attended by the convicted racist Nick Griffin.

'To say we are shocked about this is an understatement. We are horrified. We would not have allowed the booking if we had known it was for this purpose', said one member of staff.

The BNP's current infestation of South African ex-Security Service personnel seems to be increasing the BNP's love of cloak and dagger operations. Supporters were told to meet outside a nearby Methodist Church before being directed to the venue, a five minute walk away. The password, apparently, was 'buffoons'.


K Y Jelly (Richard Bumbrook's Best Friend) said...

"Buffoons, indeed".

This is what Nick Griffin thinks of his rank and file members, who continue to support the Welshpool wanker.

The "so-called rebels" have been "blinded" by the fuhrer's false promises, which is why they have capitulated, and are now supporting Bumbrook in the GLA elections.

Anonymous said...

Next thing, they will be renting a cathedral to hold Odinist human sacrifices?

Troll Slayer said...

I find it strange that the Hastings Observer decided to do an interview with Nick Griffin as if he is some sort of hero.


And yet, no-one has spoken to the rebels. Perhaps Sadie is right, and Nick Griffin is liked by the establishment, possibly because he is such a "buffoon".

No-doubt, Griffin, Darby and Hannam will be doing their usual crafty trolling to pain the impression Hastings loves the BNP, as the newspaper editors are so gullible. ALl you need is a handful of different e-mail addresses per BNP nazi troll, and you can create hundreds of troll posts to follow a BNP article.

Perhaps the time has come for newspaper editors to stop comments about BNP stories, because they have been seriously abused by Griffin's Troll Army.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that the BNP have got officially recognised as media savvy, for the number of hits on the website. Me thinks plenty of these "hits" are from the BNP's own trolls like "thick-as-two-short-planks" Collett, eferring back to the BNP homepage to rememebr what the party's policies are, the dopey bastards!!!

Stoneybroke said...

"I find it strange that the Hastings Observer decided to do an interview with Nick Griffin as if he is some sort of hero."

That interview is shameful. Why the hell they interview that racist shit like he's just any old politician, and treat the BNP like it's just any old political party is beyond anyone with a brain.

MB said...

Maybe the rebels are right, indeed, Nick Griffin is funded by MI5. Maybe they helped Griffin escape the Islamophobia trial, helped damp down the Robert Cottage trail, in return for sacking the less thick members from the party.

So why are Voice of Change supporting gay-porno freak Bumbrook at the GLA elections?

You Tube Makes Me Puke said...

The most vilest bnp nazi trolls on the planet, are the scumtards who inhabit YouTube comments. Once posting on this American-owned website, they know that they can post anything as hardcore racist and nazi without PC Plod knocking at their door.

Thus, when the likes of Mark Collett and Hannam login to their dozens of fake identities on You Tube, they go wild, and post things which suggest people kill black people, Muslims, and Jews, and even reproduce paragraphs of Mein Kamph, and praise the likes of the Oklahoma Bomber, and deny the Holocaust happened.

Quite frankly, liberal-minded American media organsiations are acting just like Neimoller admitted to doing, turning a blind eye to criminal-minded hatred, (many comments posted from UK IP Addressed.

The managing directors of transglobal corporation Google who own YouTube should be charged with war crimes for inciting racis, white terrorism and murder, and locked up for life without parole.

The American constitution is no excuse for allowing hardcore racists to advise white British people to murder Muslims. There are dozens of such posts on YouTube, but they ignore all complaints. I myself have complained several times, and have even sent off letters to their headquarters, but Google haven't even got the courtesy to reply to any of my letters.

Anonymous said...

You could give physical instructions to British racists on YouTube to the mechanics of making bombs and setting up concentration camps, and Google Inc wouldn't give two fucking hoots.

(Unless you're an Islamic terorist, when George Bush and the American Government and the CIA would intervene - as according to the short memories at the White House, all terrorists must have black or brown skins, and must be Muslims - as if Timothy McVeigh didn't happen).

Corporations like this make my blood boil. They wash their hands of all corporate responsibility to suck up to the totally-abused American founding father's principle of free speech.

I don't like Coca Cola or McDonalds, but Google/YouTube are just evil headfucks in allowing people to post, praising Adolf Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan.

Anonymous said...

Google's got no conscience.

Anonymous said...

This from the BNP's main website (as opposed to the ten million rubbishy supporter websites)
"The BNP’s, Michael Barnbrook strikes again, and his time he has ‘Mr Speaker’ in his sights."
Michael Barnbrook?

Dave T. said...

The BNP's current infestation of South African ex-Security Service personnel....

Current infestation. I like that.

KY Jelly (Richard Bumbrook's Best Friend) said...

Maybe Bumbrook's got an equally as equal twin.

I wander if anyone knows if his "marriage of conveniance" was ever consumated?

No Platform said...

Michael Barnbrook is Dicky's alter-ego. He's the ego NOT out of the closet (yet)

Shimy Shoos said...

I reckon Bumbrook was pissed with brewers drop on his honeymoon.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t the Hastings branch of the BNP launch a homophobic attack on Bexhill's MP, Greg Barker, back in 2006?

Anonymous said...

Also, weren’t the BNP candidates who stood in Hastings back in 2006 described as 'Hitler clones'? Quite an apt description me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Results of a poll in the Hastings Observer asking readers whether Nick Griffin and the BNP are welcome in Hastings:

94% said no

only 6% said yes (I see BNP members were hard at work pressing the 'yes' button)