February 11, 2008

Lancaster UAF becomes Lancaster Unity

Unite Against Fascism, like the former Anti-Nazi League, rightly began as a temporary alliance against resurgent fascism. However, since then, BNP councillors have unfortunately become part of the landscape. Various groups, including Lancaster UAF, have continued to oppose them between and beyond particular campaigns.

The shorter name, 'Lancaster Unity', will express continued opposition to racist division, reflecting our united work with other anti-fascist groups whose names and approaches differ, and points beyond anti-fascism towards racial unity. For these reasons, we will adopt the new name from today.

Please note: the blog will remain in the same location (at least for the foreseeable future).


Anonymous said...

Can a Londoner sign up to this? please.

Blair P. said...

Excellent idea.

LUAF has far outstripped the (little) work done by UAF central office.

Onwards and upwards.

Dave T said...

"Can a Londoner sign up to this? please."

What does that mean?

You should have done one of your polls on the name change. It would have been a laugh and it could have provided a better name (though there's nothing particularly wrong with it -I just think you've outgrown Lancaster and UAF too). UK Unity or something. Well, moaning aside, well done on the namechange.

Student Graham said...

"Onwards and upwards."

Too right. Well done Lancaster Unity. Shame it abbvreviates to LU but so does Lancaster University and you can't have everything.

Anonymous said...

Can a Londoner sign up to this? please.

I'm in Oxford and I read this blog every day. I don't think it matters where you are particularly.

Ben said...

Great. The name change works for me. :)

Kirklees Unity said...

Great move mate.

I much prefer the new name.

Denise G said...

@ "I'm in Oxford" - please email me. There might be something you can do.


Denise G said...

From the gullible Green Snotnose's site:

"In a desperate attempt to distance themselves from the financial shenanigans of the Unite Against Freedom(mob), Lancaster UAF have changed their name to Lancaster Unity.

With the net closing on Lee Jasper and links being established to the Stalinist Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, Chairman of the UAF, the muslim funded organisers of the LUAF site have decided it much better to realign themselves with the state sponsored Searchlight mob, run by Gerry Gable.

Another of their ploys is the creation of numerous blogs to give the illusion of much greater support then they actually have. These sites are easily identified as they all run the same stories but at different times, again given the illusion of activity.

I will be updating this article later in the day with links and more information."

Ooo, with the Snotnose on the case what chance have we got?

Ketlan, we've been rumbled.

Anonymous said...

By asking if a Londoner can sign up to this?

Its the Lancaster bit i suppose, i to have been a member of this community for some time now, and perhaps feel that keeping the Lancaster keeps the distance. But still never mind whatever pisses of greensnot nose is ok with me.

Anonymous said...

I notice that Green Arrow's zodiac year is the Rat! Now it begins to make sense.

Spug the Plug said...

The Great Green Arsewipe:- a lesson in how to cook up a right crop of shit when you do sweet FA except suck Griffin's virtial dick, spread shit on Scumfront and never put yourself in any more danger than breaking a fingernail on your keyboard. The Nutzis think he's a bigger joke than we do.

Anonymous said...

By agreeing to support Griffin I the GLA elections, the rebels are also sucking griffin's mold-infested penis.

With it being a leapyear, they might have to go one step further and marry him, if Dicky Barnbrook hasn't beaten them to it, lol

Anonymous said...

Dickys ballet dancer might enjoy and threesome.

Anonymous said...

We should applaud the work ethic of Lancaster Unity. The energy and dedication they put into our cause of justice is second to none. Judging by the comments made by a well meaning substantial minority, I just wonder sometimes if some people are fighting in the wrong direction with attempts to curb the BNP. The general public (the majority) are aware that most BNP supporters are not the violent skinheads type animals some people portray them as. By perpetuating this image, we are in gross danger of playing directly into the hands of this "uprising" by making ourselves look to the general public as if we are the "odd ball" extremists and with it loose our credibility. We need to tackle the greater issues head on and face the hard truth and that unless we change direction on how to fight the BNP they will continue to grow.