February 04, 2008

Day trip to Auschwitz for pupils from every school to learn about the Holocaust

Two sixth-formers from every school in England are to visit Auschwitz to learn about the Holocaust, under a government-funded initiative to help to ensure that the lessons of the Nazi genocide live on with a new generation.

Jim Knight, the Schools Minister, wants the teenagers who take part to educate their classmates and communities in turn by giving them their own accounts of the death camp in Poland where more than one million Jews, Roma, Sinti, gay, disabled and black people were put to death. The Government will fund the greater majority of the cost of each student’s trip. While their school must find £100, the Education Department will find the remaining £200 per trip over the next three years.

Teenagers selected for the visit will meet an Auschwitz survivor, be shown around the camp’s barracks and crematoria and see the registration documents of inmates, piles of hair, shoes, clothes and other items seized by the Nazis. They will also hear first-hand accounts of life and death in the camp and end the visit at a memorial service.

“The Holocaust was one of the most significant events in world history,” Mr Knight said. “Six million people died, not for what they had done, but simply for who they were. What strikes me is the sheer scale of it and how industrialised and mechanised the process of killing people became at Auschwitz. It was not hot-blooded brutality, it happened in a very planned way, with some people designing the process of death and others carrying it out. Every young person should have an understanding of this.”

Students taking part will fly to Poland and back in a day, leaving at 5am and returning at 10pm.

The visit takes students first to Oswiecim, the small town next to Auschwitz death and concentration camp, where the local Jewish community lived prior to the start of the Second World War. They will then see the remnants of the gas chambers at Birkenau, where the vast majority of victims were murdered.

The visits will be preceded by a seminar in the UK, where students, aged 16 to 18, will hear testimony from a survivor of the camp. Following their return, they will attend a second seminar to reflect on the experience.

Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, which runs the visits, said that the project aimed to turn the educated into educators.

“We are very aware that there’s going to be a time where there aren’t any survivors left to go into schools,” she said. “The young people on these visits themselves become eye witnesses. For a lot of them it’s life changing. They suddenly realise what they value and they see it is important to challenge prejudice today. We don’t want young people wandering around the camp and sobbing. It’s not about making them cry, it’s about helping them to reflect on what it means.

Ms Pollock said that some students who visited were inspired to distribute leaflets protesting against the British National Party candidates standing in their local council elections. More usually, students gave talks about their visit to their schools and other groups.

Critics have suggested that the visits might act as a smokescreen to disguise present-day atrocities. But Mr Knight is determined that this will not happen. “We want them to see it, not as an isolated period of history, but as something real and something that can happen again and again if we let it, like it has happened since then in the Balkans, in Cambodia and in Rwanda,” he said.

This is why today he will confirm that the scheme, which has been piloted since 2006, will now be on a permanent footing receiving £1.5 million of government funding a year until 2011, with a promise of further funding in the future.

In preparation for the time when there are no survivors left alive, the Holocaust Education Trust has produced a DVD containing the testimonies of survivors. The DVD, which took four years to develop and which schools can order, contains testimonies from 18 witnesses to the Holocaust and survivors of the eugenics programme including Jewish, Roman and Sinti people, Jehovah’s Witness survivors and political prisoners.

Aristides Bernard-Grau, 19, from Graveney School in Wandsworth, South London, visited Auschwitz on an educational trip in November:

“ It felt a bit like going to Price’s candle factory. I felt very ordinary. It was when I saw the collection of human hair, literally tonnes of it, that I realised where I was standing and what I was witnessing.

It started to rain and we were freezing, even though we had our thermals on. And we thought how cold the inmates must have been as they hardly had anything to wear.

It isn’t like being in a history lesson where you are told that six million people were slaughtered. You witness it and you feel it. It was like getting into a cold bath and being incredibly shocked. I had expected to cry. But it only really caught up with me when I got home at 11pm and was talking to my mother. Then it hit me like a slap in the face.

At school you get caught up with exams and your friendship groups and you can forget about what is really important. In Auschwitz I learnt about humanity. The trip made me more respectful of others and understanding. It was life-changing. If I had my way, every single child would go.”

Grim toll

— Auschwitz started as a prison camp in June 1940.
— Mass murder began in 1941-42.
— About 1.1 million people died at the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp
— In total, the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps covered 40 sq km
— Rudolf Höss, the commander of the camp, was hanged in front of the Birkenau crematorium

Times Online
Holocaust Educational Trust


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder: the nazi BNP produced a newspaper called 'Holocaust News' in the early 1990s, a four-page broadsheet which denied the Holocaust. Issue one was headlined: "'Holocaust' Story an Evil Hoax". Issue Two was headlined "Auschwitz not a Death Camp". In both editions the Anne Frank Diaries were dismissed by the nazi BNP as a forgery. The nazi BNP in this newspaper referred to the Holocaust as the “holohoax”.

Anonymous said...

Let’s not forget what one of the nazi BNP’s most senior officials, Tony Lecomber, said about the
Auschwitz and the Holocaust:
“The sick minds who would have us believe that Jews were gassed at Auschwitz are completely twisted.”

Tony Lecomber also called Hitler "peace-loving"!

This is the same Tony Lecomber who, as the Propaganda Director of the nazi BNP, was jailed for three years for attacking a Jewish teacher in east London.

The same nazi Tony Lecomber used to be editor of the anti-Jewish magazine ‘Young Nationalist’.

Tony Lecomber is BNP through and through:

• He was the nazi BNP’s deputy leader

• He was the nazi BNP’s Group Development Director

• He was the nazi BNP’s Propaganda Director

• He was a founder member of the nazi BNP.



In addition to receiving a wage from the nazi BNP, Tony Lecomber used to claim £250 per week in tax credits! Is this because his 12 criminal convictions have rendered him unemployable by any sane employer outside of the nazi BNP?

Anonymous said...

BNP councillor exposed as holocaust denying, jewish conspiracy believing racist misoygnist. (and this is news?)

The next time the BNP appear on television and try to say that they're not racist, or when someone tells you that they're now a "respectable" party, point them to the example of Simon Smith. He was recently elected as a councillor for Great Bridge on the Sandwell council in the West Midlands. Like many members of the British National Party, including their candidates, he has a "secret" identity on the internet, where he shares his real foul views in the comfort of other like minds on the white nationalist (aka racist) Stormfront forums.

The Ministry of Truth has patiently and brilliantly went through the over 2,100 posts of Steve Freedom, Simon Smith's Stormfront alias. They expose the man as a fraud.

Some of his "choice" posts:

I wrestled with this subject for a long time….I didn’t want to accept what you may could call the "WN postion on the subject" just to fit in with everybody else…

The "Holocaust" is the biggest lie of all time….

I know where you are, so to speak..You will need to carry reading on the subect to put your mind at rest…

Here's a letter he sent to the Daily Telegraph, then owned by Conrad Black, about an article over Nike dropping their "Zyklon" shoe:

Umbro drops its Zyklon shoe after Jewish protests

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main…numbro29 .xml

I sent this email to the Telegraph in response

"Dear Sir,

With regard to the “Zyklon” trainers article…

After doing quite a bit of reading on the "Holocaust" , I must say I don’t believe in the "Received Version" that is put out by the mainstream media. I believe we are living in a "Pre Copernican" era on this subject, and whilst it may be painful for vested interests to get to grips with this subject and call me an "Holocaust Denier", "Nazi" etc the truth will eventually stand by itself.

I believe that people who promote the "Orthodox" version of the "Holocaust" i.e. 6 million and mass executions by gas either believe in it as an article of faith or actually know they are propagating a myth whose demise would have consequences for Jewish interests.

I’m not stupid, I know that the Daily Telegraph is controlled by a Zionist lobby and I know that there is no way you would publish this letter in your newspaper. My hope is that this email may be seen by at least one truthfully minded individual before it’s consigned to the trash folder.

The six million figure is not even believed by Jewish “Holocaust” researchers. They do keep quiet on the matter so as not to dispel the myth. In fact the six million is in mathematical terms 6 times 10 to the power 6, a significant mystical Jewish number. The six million was being predicted way before 1945. It doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

The 1988 Zundel trial allowed independent execution expert Fred Leuchter to demonstrate that the crematoria at Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II could not have been used for execution purposes.

Zyklon “B” is not a fast acting gas. You are wrong. Even the article you link to refers to half an hour. The amount of Zyklon “B” used at the so-called “extermination” camps was no more or less than the other concentration camps. Cremation in 20 minutes is impossible. Germany wouldn’t be able to provide the coke for the crematoria for the number claimed.

The pictures of the emaciated corpses we see are of starvation and typhus victims and were taken in the western camps of the Reich. The tragic events occurred towards the end of the war when supplies were being cut off. British autopsies showed that none of the victims died of cyanide. In fact it was still claimed until the early sixties that gassings took place at Dachau and Belsen etc where the witness testimony (which has been debunked) was in no ways different to the witness testimony put forward at the IMT trials with respect to the eastern concentration camps….

I could go, but what’s the point ? You either believe the “received version” or you might have a slight doubt. If you have a slight doubt then research the topic…"

He also came up with 13 similarities between a certain German leader and another reasonably famous Biblical character:

These are some comparisons that came to mind between Jesus Christ and Adolph Hitler:

1 Both vilified by the major ruling powers of the world

2 Jesus killed by Romans because of Jewish lobby – Adolph affectively killed by Allies because of Jewish Lobby

3 Followers of Jesus persecuted after his death – Followers of Adolph persecuted after his death

4 Both drew attention to the lies of the Jews

5 Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple – Adolph threw out the Jewish bankers from Germany

6 Both were courageous men

7 Both were orators who connected with the “common folk”

8 Both came from fairly humble lower middle class families

9 Both have attracted devotees who would die for their respective causes

10 Jesus vilified by the Talmud, Adolph vilified by the (Jewish) media

11 Arguably both have attracted distorted ritualistic/fetishist behaviour from their fans that may have missed out their essential philosophy driving them (Truth/Salvation ?)

12 Neither had offspring – their legacy was who they were and what they stood for.

13 Both spoke the Truth and were willing to suffer the consequences for it

Much, much more is over at the Ministry of Truth's post. Smith does however has his own blog, where he's on his best behaviour but where even he can't help dropping some of his more bat shit crazy ideas:

Links:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8260059923762628848 - This amazing video shows that 911 was an inside job . The PNAC document -"People for a New American Century" describes how the American Neo Conservatives had said that they needed a new "Pearl Harbor" to foster American expansion in the middleast and beyond. George Bush and lapdogs like Blair are War Criminals. More than that - they are evil people.
http://members.tripod.com/~lyne4lyne/ - Flying saucers have been around for a while. They are secret government projects. The "alien" mythology has been created to disguise this. I am very angry about this.


The moon landings were a hoax

He also has a councillor website, no doubt funded by taxpayers, where he spends some of his time pointing out how other parties' councillors have criminal records, as well as explaining that there's more anti-white racism than there is of the non-white variety. This is of course because the media is owned by persons who benefit from uncontrolled immigration, despite the right-wing media's hostility to exactly that. This is to deflect attention from how many of the British National Party's prospective candidates have had previous incidents with the police. Indeed, according to Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs column, the only reason that the BNP did not field a full field of candidates in the Barking and Dagenham council elections was that not enough local members could be found who didn't have a conviction which had resulted in a custodial sentence of 3 months or longer in the last 5 years. This information was acquired from Robert Buckley, one of the successful candidates who boasted about the fact to anyone who would listen.

Not that everything is going swimmingly down in the appropriately named Barking for the BNP. Three of their number have been taken to court over owing thousands in rent and council tax. And after trying to get an amendment passed which would have condemned "discrimination against the indigenous majority", only one of their councillors had the brains to raise his hand to support it. They later complained that they thought they had to press buzzers. The BNP aren't idiots, they just sometimes act like it.


Anonymous said...

Ken Booth, the nazi BNP’s Tyneside organiser, caused a lot of offence in Nov 2007 when he compared Auschwitz with a theme park and claimed too much focus is placed on Auschwitz! Fascist BNP scum!


Anonymous said...


The BNP organiser who turned his back on racism: An interview with Andy Sykes

Andy Sykes has seen his life transformed. Four years ago he was Bradford BNP organiser, now he is touring schools warning youngsters about the dangers of fascism. He talks to Searchlight about a trip he made to the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz and why no one should be fooled by the BNP.

Andy Sykes has a lot on his mind. He's got to walk his dog, have his evening meal with his wife and young son, fit in a bit of bedtime reading, do the usual domestic chores and return my call, before he can even contemplate his own bed time.

July 2004 was when Andy's life changed for good and, you may be surprised to hear, the better.

It was then that Andy helped the BBC expose life inside the BNP, a decision Andy made in conjunction with Bradford Trades Council and Searchlight, just so the people of Britain would know what kind of political party the BNP really is.

Within hours of the programme being aired, the supposedly "decent" people of the BNP were phoning and texting Andy to threaten him, although some, so shocked by what they had seen, were congratulating him on his courage.

"I'm meeting people, decent people who actually do things with their lives. People come up to me and tell me how proud they are that I have stood up to the haters and the liars of the BNP.

"I'm going to schools and talking with school kids who are really positive about the future, their futures, and it's made it all worth while because I'm able to warn them about the sort of lies that the BNP say to people."

It's not just been a process of him teaching others. A short time later, Andy went with a group of school children to visit the former Nazi death camp, Auschwitz. The trip was organised by the Sefton Holocaust Project which aims to educate youngsters to the horrors of racism and fascism.

It's not the sort of place he would ever have dreamt of going to when he first became involved with the BNP, because the BNP does not want people to know the truth about what the sort of things it preaches can lead to.

When Andy was in the BNP, many BNP members were convinced that Auschwitz was a fake place, a figment of postwar propaganda to make the Nazis look evil. BNP leader Nick Griffin has dismissed the Holocaust as the "Holohoax".

But unluckily for the BNP, Andy can take the memory of Auschwitz with him to the schools he now tours.

"What I saw at Auschwitz was incredibly moving. It was just so difficult to come to grips with the enormity of the horror that happened there. A Holocaust survivor came with us, to talk to us about his memories and his life.

"He is still living with those memories of beatings, murders, starvation and the endless barbaric cruelties. No one should ever have had to live through that, and I'm determined that by campaigning against the BNP, no one will ever have to again."

And indeed he is. Andy Sykes is absolutely determined not to let the BNP bring the politics of Auschwitz, Rwanda or Bosnia to this country. "I've got a son, I would not be doing my fatherly or my civic duty if I did not say or do something to stop the BNP polluting children's minds with nonsense about skin colours or religions. Who in their right minds would ever want their kids growing up believing BNP lies?"

Anonymous said...

In 2006, the nazi BNP’s party's deputy chairman Scott McLean was shown on the TV documentary "Nazi Hate Rock" making Hitler salutes at a neo-nazi cross-burning ceremony where hardcore racist songs were sung and jokes made about Auschwitz.

In fact, you can see fascist troll Scott McLean and other nazi BNP members sing racist and pro-Nazi songs at the following:


Here you’ll see nazi BNP members glorify the Holocaust, and call for blacks to be killed. They give nazi salutes as they chant the names of Hitler's henchmen.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, the nazi BNP’s anti-Jewish publication, ‘Holocaust News’, was published by hardcore nazi Richard Edmonds, a leading member of the nazi BNP’s Croydon branch and former deputy leader of the nazi BNP (in fact, Richard Edmonds also attended the inaugural meeting of the new BNP breakaway faction held at Brinsley in January 2008, which is headed by BNP Nottingham councillor, Sadie ‘Sniper’ Graham).

Relevant article to read is: "Holocaust hate sheet alarms British Jews" (Sunday Times, 6 March 1988).

Dave T said...

Some interesting quotes from Mark Collette

"National Socialism was the best solution for the German people in the 1930s."

"I honestly can't understand how a man who's seen the inner city hell of Britain today can't look back on that era [Hitler's Germany] with a certain nostalgia and think yeah, those people marching through the streets and all those happy people out in the streets, you know, saluting and everything, was a bad thing."

"Honestly now, would you prefer your kid growing up in Oldham and Burnley or 1930s Germany? It would be better for your child to grow up there."

"I'm going to level with you. I'd never say this on camera, yeah, and you can say this to whoever you want, 'cos it's true. The Jews have been thrown out of every country, including England. There's not a single European country the Jews have not been thrown out of. And let's face it, David, when it happens so many times it's not just persecution. There's no smoke without fire."

Nazi scum.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a picture of nazi BNP wonderboy Mark Collett giving a nazi salute:


Scroll down the right hand side and you’ll see it.

Just to remind people of who Mark Collett is:

• He’s the nazi BNP’s Director of Publicity

• He’s former head of the Young BNP (the youth wing of the nazi BNP, according to Simon R Smith, the BNP’s former Midlands Elections Officer in 1991/94, is modelled on the Hitler Youth).

• Stood as a nazi BNP candidate in Leeds Central and Richmond Hill council ward in Leeds.

Here’s Mark Collett making an absolute twat of himself on Russell Brand’s show:


Anonymous said...

Well, this is Marlene Guest’s (nazi BNP candidate in Rotherham) explanation of the Holocaust on the recent Sky programme on BNP wives: “to put the Germans on a guilt trip”. Says it all doesn’t it.

Anonymous said...

Last year Barking & Dagenham Council made the decision to send 1 pupil from each of its Comprehensive schools to visit Auschwitz with the Memorial Trust. The first group will be going in the next couple of weeks, i am really pleased that the government has come on board with what our Council has started. The benefits to the young people will be enormous.

On a lighter note the Diva Dicky did not even pick up on the decision being made.

By the way Denise i see you are getting some coverage on the poison arrow today, in fact one comment says you are a "real pain in the a...e" keep it up girl.

Anonymous said...

The BNP and Holocaust denial

The BNP denies the Holocaust ever took place. It claims the "Holohoax", as the party refers to it, is a clever trip by Jewish people to gain sympathy and justify the State of Israel.

Under the current leader, Nick Griffin, the BNP has attempted to repackage its image and politics in order to remove the unpalatable label of 'Nazis' that inevitably follows it wherever it goes. The imagery of the Holocaust is seen by many to dampen any chance of success for far-right parties, showing, as it does, the horrific but logical culmination of their ideology in graphic terms. As such, the BNP has seen that questioning the past is the best tactic for advancement in the future.

In 1998, Griffin was tried and found guilty of distributing material likely to incite racial hatred. The incident related to his publication, The Rune, which, in the issue in question, denied that the Holocaust ever took place. At the time of the trial, Griffin wrote:

"I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that 6 million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat... I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria." (Carlile Two Defence Fund Bulletin.)

Issue 11 of The Rune, the basis of the race hate trial, launched a vicious attack on David Irving, the leading British Holocaust denier, for daring to admit that some people might have died in the Holocaust. Griffin wrote, "True revisionists will not be fooled by this new twist to the sorry tale of the Hoax of the Twentieth Century.

"Back in the 1960s the Jews quietly shifted the alleged sites of the mass gassings from the no longer believable German camps such as Dachau and Belsen to the sites in Communist Poland such as Auschwitz and Treblinka. Now that the very idea of Zyklon-B extermination has been exposed as unscientific nonsense, they are once again re-writing bogus history, playing down gas chambers and talking instead of 'hundreds of hitherto unknown sites in the East where more than a million Jews were exterminated by shooting." (The Rune issue 11.)

Griffin received a two-year suspended jail sentence for his part in the distribution of The Rune, and for inciting racial hatred under the Public Order Act:

"Imagine you are a Jew. Not just any ordinary Stamford Hill diamond dealer or Crown Heights tailor, not even a Hollywood media mogul, but a staunchly Zionist member of the Defence Committee of the Board of Deputies of British Jews or a leading light in the even more powerful Anti-Defamation League... You and your colleagues know better than anyone else in the world how important the holocaust story is to your Cause - and salaries, not to mention keeping enormous subsidies from Germany and the USA flooding into Israel... As your Hollywood friend is fond of remarking, (provided he is safely in select company) 'there's no business like Shoah business'." (The Rune, issue 10.)

The very same issue of The Rune advertises revisionism on the Internet: "It's really very simple and kills ignorant faith in the Holocaust Hoax as effectively as Zyklon-B killed lice and bedbugs".

The notorious Holocaust denial pamphlet Did Six Million Really Die?, written by Griffin's colleague Richard Harwood, aka Richard Verrall, has won much praise from Griffin: "It was a shattering book, it was a superb booklet or magazine. I've done an update of that, which is not only all the material which has come out since, it also a much more modern style."

The star witness testifying at Harrow Crown Court on Griffin's behalf was Robert Faurisson, the French Holocaust denier.

The BNP was also responsible for distributing Holocaust News in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The headline on one edition proclaimed, "'Holocaust' Story an Evil Hoax". At the David Irving libel trial at the beginning of 2000, a number of BNP members attended regularly, voicing support for Irving and his beliefs with regard to the Holocaust.

In the 1990s the BNP hosted a number of revisionism seminars that were addressed by some of the world's most infamous Holocaust deniers. They included David Irving.


Anonymous said...

Let’s not forget that the now deceased nazi BNP candidate Jane Birdwood was convicted of inciting racial hatred for writing and distributing anti-Jewish Holocaust denial materials. And, let’s not forget all those nazi BNP members who turned up at her trial to support her.

Anonymous said...

I can’t believe what I just read! THE BNP SAYS IT IS RACIST TO TEACH THE HOLOCAUST!!! This is what the nazi BNP said:

“Further to elevate just one of the many atrocities Man has inflicted on Man is in itself discriminatory and racist. Emphasis on the lessons to be learned from the horrors of the 1940s concentrates one peoples’ suffering and implies that only Europeans can be guilty of such atrocities. It is racist because it minimises or completely omits from the school curriculum the lessons to be learned from the massacres of Christians in Armenia, the butchering of Serbs in Kosovo, the slaying of Christians (including many of our own forebears) at the hands of Islamic pirates as well as the ongoing ethnic conflicts in Rwanda, Sudan and Burma”.


The BNP are insane.

Anonymous said...


The BNP, and especially Nick Griffin, are close to many of the world’s leading Holocaust deniers. Robert Faurisson, one of the foremost Holocaust deniers, was a star witness at Griffin’s trial for racial hatred in 1998. The German Gunter Deckert, who has been to prison for denying the Holocaust, spoke at a London BNP meeting in 2001. Even the British Holocaust denier and antisemite, David Irving, has addressed BNP meetings and his recent imprisonment in Austria sparked protests by BNP members in London. When Irving was jailed in Austria for denying the Holocaust a number of people including the BNP’s Richard Edmonds staged a demonstration outside the Austrian Embassy. Amongst them was Irving’s chief cheerleader Lady Michele Renouf. Although officially barred from addressing the Croydon BNP recently many BNP members still flock to hear Lady Michele Renouf speak at other far right events.

Anonymous said...

What's a nazi cross burning ceremony?

Anonymous said...

Here's Nick Griffin, leader of the nazi BNP, denying the Holocaust on YouTube:


To be accurate, it's the Cook Report's 1997 expose of Griffin and the nazi BNP.

Anonymous said...

A Panorama TV programme showed a nazi BNP rally in Wales in 2001 at which members were seen making the raised arm Nazi salute and a CD of SS marching songs was played.

The Young BNP use an SS symbol as a logo. At their annual rally in 2002 a Young BNP member was filmed for TV wearing a tee shirt with 88, code for Heil Hitler (h is the eighth letter of the alphabet).

Anonymous said...

David Hannam, the nazi BNP’s former Hull organiser and head of the BNP’s music arm, Great White Records, was prosecuted for producing and distributing an anti-Jewish leaflet during the BNP’s 1999 European election campaign.

Anonymous said...

Colin Smith, the nazi BNP’s one-time regional organiser for south east London and a BNP candidate in Beckton (east London) was photographed wearing a swastika armband at a neo-nazi rally. As I understand Colin Smith a key member of the nazi BNP.

Anonymous said...

Joe Owens, who was a nazi BNP candidate in Merseyside and former bodyguard to the BNP’s leader, was jailed for served eight months for sending razor blades in the post to Jewish people.

Anonymous said...

Nazi flag shame of BNP man

Sunday Mirror, Apr 29, 2007

A BRITISH National Party activist who claims he is a respectable
businessman is a Nazi fanatic who dresses in German uniforms and flies a swastika flag.

Window firm boss Karl Newman, 47, a candidate for the far-right BNP in Thursday's local elections, denies he is a racist or Nazi sympathiser in campaign leaflets.

But he dresses in World War Two Wehrmacht uniforms and has a fascination with Hitler.

He has spent years restoring two wartime troop carriers built by Jewish concentration camp labour.

One has a giant swastika on the bonnet and he flies another of the flags from the back.

Pictures on his website show him in Nazi uniform. In one a cardboard cut-out of Hitler is driving one of the vehicles.

Newman, standing in Greenlands ward of Redditch Council in the West Midlands, said: "OK - so the BNP is only for white people, but that does not mean I am a racist."

He claimed that his obsession with the Nazis was "just fun".