February 14, 2008

Rightwing activist in court

The leader of a little-known rightwing political party appeared in court on Wednesday to deny a charge of racially aggravated public disorder.

Kevin Quinn, of the Britain First Party, was answering charges relating to an incident in South Oxhey on Saturday, December 1, last year. Watford Magistrates' Court heard Mr Quinn deny using racially offensive, abusive and upsetting language during an impromptu political address at the St Andrews Road shopping precinct.

Flanked in Court One by four party loyalists, Quinn, of Ouseland Road, Bedford, pleaded not guilty to an offence under Section 4A of the Public Order Act and was committed for trial by Crown Court at a date to be confirmed.

It is alleged that after setting up a small, Union Flag covered table, a megaphone-wielding Mr Quinn subjected passers-by to a stream of racially offensive comments, during which he branded all Muslims as terrorists and urged other minority groups to return to "their own countries".

Watford Observer


Anonymous said...

"Rightwing activist in court">
Shouldn't that be "nazi bastard in court"?

Anonymous said...

"Flanked in Court One by four party loyalists"

His whole party turned out? Such loyalty.

No Platform said...

This man is also nknown as the oxhey moron.

Anonymous said...

suprised he didn't turn up at court in his favoured nazi uniform.. sad bedroom weirdo

Bumbrook's Pimple said...

Can't the rebels join this party?

Seems like a nice and forward thinking place for them to end up with, after they are used up and spat out having helped the ungrateful Nick Griffin win a seat on the Greater London Assembly.