February 07, 2008

BNP councillor Alan Bailey resigns

Word has reached us that Alan Bailey, the BNP's councillor in Gooshays ward, Harold Hill, in the London Borough of Havering, has resigned, it is claimed, due to 'pressures of work'.

Although the elections office at his local authority had no idea why he was really leaving, they were able to confirm this morning that he had announced his departure.

We'll print more information as it comes in but for the moment we'll leave you with the assurance that Bailey is well and truly in the BNP mould. During his election campaign he was presented as a wholesome family man but as we find so often with BNP councillors, the truth is a little different. Arrested for an assault, he chose to plead guilty at Havering Magistrates Court not from remorse but because he wanted to get the case out of the way before the election. Bailey was fined £350 plus £50 compensation and £51 costs.

Good riddance to yet another BNP thug.


Anonymous said...

More on nazi troll Alan Bailey's criminal conviction:

He assaulted a white man married to a black woman in 2004, kicking him to the ground. Bailey described his crime as "quite minor".

Anonymous said...

Article about nazi BNPer Alan Bailey from ‘Harold Hill: A People’s History’ website.


A leaflet about a meeting
Minding my own business whilst working on my PC the other day a leaflet was shoved through my door.

Headlined ‘IMPORTANT: Tenant’s Community Meeting’ and issued by the ‘Gooshays strong caring action team’, it advertised a forthcoming public meeting at the Community Centre. The topic was the state of the flats around Gooshays: ‘we are appalled at the condition of the flats, at various locations in Gooshays’, it read (note: their grammar mistake, not mine). It continues: ‘There is an unacceptable level of dampness and condensation evident in many dwellings, which pose a serious detrimental health issue for residents. The local Authority have been invited, the Arms Length Management Organisation, and the local press.’

Hmm, I thought, sounds interesting. Being a local council tenant myself I can sympathise with this. Looking closer though it is quite obvious that the ‘Gooshays strong caring action team’ is actually the British National Party.

This was evident by the name and mugshot of Cllr. Alan Bailey on the back. It always makes me smile to see a photo of a BNP councilor as they all seem to have the same cross-eyed inbred look – and Cllr. Bailey is no exception to this rule.

Hold on, I thought, Bailey isn’t a council tenant. What’s more he doesn’t even come from or live on the estate – he lives in the posh part called Harold Park. Dampness and condensation is certainly not a daily feature of his home life.

Most strangely it didn’t even have the name British National Party on the leaflet. I can understand why they are coy with some of their policies, but even denying their name seems a strange and sinister way of publicising themselves.

This is the same Alan Bailey who, by the way, was convicted a year ago of assault after attacking a man in Harold Wood because… his wife is black! What a charmer.
(See http://conservativehome.blogs.com

At least Bailey attends the various committees that a councilor is expected to attend – although he’s never been known to actually open his mouth and contribute anything.

The BNP have jettisoned much of their fascist past (although not all their fascist members) and are now very much Tory popularist in appearance and policies.

They know how to play the game – that is, win elections. To do so you have to be as manipulative as the rest of the bastards. Beware of men in suits bearing false hopes.

Anonymous said...

There was a black family who suffered a campaign of racist violence against them whilst they were living in the ward of nazi BNP troll Alan Bailey:

“The family spoke to their local councillor Alan Bailey (BNP, Gooshays ward) about the abuse.

But Havering council told me they have no record of any complaints being made”.

Here’s the article from which the above quote came from:


Looks like Alan Bailey, in true nazi BNP fashion, kept the family’s plight away from Havering council. The BNP are fascist, racist scum! I’m glad nazi Alan Bailey has gone. But, I doubt that will bring much comfort to the black family in Bailey’s ward who had to endure that awful racist violence.

Anonymous said...

I keep asking myself:

a.) Why to me do they all look like thugs?

b.) Why to me do they all dress so badly?

Is it no matter how well you dress them up, thugs is thugs?

Dave said...

Nick Lowles has posted on his blog

"BNP councillor quits

I can now confirm that the BNP has one fewer councillor after Alan Bailey resigned from Havering council citing work pressures. A by-election is set to be held in what appears a tight three-way fight between the BNP, the Conservatives and Labour.

Running the BNP campaign will be local organiser and longtime football yob Jason Douglas who, it would also appear, lives in Bailey's house, although he registers his black cab at a different address.

One of Searchlight's reporters was in the back of his cab the other day and wondered how he has been able to obtain a licence from The Public Carriage Office in London. Maybe the rules have changed but normally convictions like Jason's used to rule you out. (Perhaps a reader could enlighten me?)

Douglas has had problems remembering his address in the past. During one previous election in Redbridge he appeared to be living in two places at once. Mind you he has so much on his plate these days he could be forgiven for making the odd 'slip' in filling out forms. When he is not brawling at football or driving his cab he is running three East London BNP branches."

Anonymous said...

I'm losing track of all this. How many councillors have they got now? Real councillors I mean.

Mark Collett said...

How many councillors have they got now?

Who cares? The number is going down rapidly, that's all we need to know!!!

Anonymous said...

So, the nazi BNP have appointed one of its many resident football hooligans, Jason Douglas, to run its Havering by-election campaign.

In addition to being a convicted football hooligan, nazi BNP troll Jason Douglas was also convicted and jailed for his part in a fascist mob attack on an Irish pub in Kilburn, north-west London.

It seems that Jason Douglas’s criminal convictions make a mockery of the "law and order" ticket he ran on as a nazi BNP candidate in Redbridge. Same old BNP, same old hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

To answer Nick Lowles’s query as to The Public Carriage Office’s take on criminal convictions (in light of Jason Douglas’s convictions), the following is a useful guide:

“The Licensing Authority must be fully satisfied that you are competent to hold a license. This will be done for every applicant, this is done by way of a criminal record check and will carried out before a taxi cab driver's license can be issued. if you have any convictions it is advisable that you disclose all of them on your application form. If you do have convictions this does not mean you cannot hold a license, it depends on the offence and sentence imposed. You must disclose all current convictions, ie those which have not become spent under the rehibilition of offenders act, 1974, and any charges/sommonses outstanding against you. If you fail to disclose current convictions this will most likely result in your application being turned down”


“Once a candidate has successfully completed all of the above criteria to the satisfaction of the Public Carriage Office and providing that they have not sustained any criminal convictions whilst on the Knowledge they are then presented with their "Badge and Bill" and can go to work as a London Taxi Driver”.


From Hansard: written answers to parliamentary questions on London Taxis (from 28th April 1998)

“Dr. Cable: To ask the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions for how long records of court convictions are retained by the Public Carriage Office in a licensed driver's personal file. [39487]

Ms Glenda Jackson: Such records are
retained on a driver's personal file for as long as the individual remains licensed”.


Anonymous said...

Griffin is now dismissing this latest setback as being of no consequence on Scumfront. He believes seats on the GLA will sideline his councillors and with them their lamentable track record.

webeatthebnp said...

When I've seen the BNP "out and about" they've always been in pairs -

one who looks like a football hooligan


one who looks like a child molester.

Might be stereotyping, but it happens to be my experience !

Great news that they're down onbe more - let's make sure the by-election is won by a human being !!!!

Anonymous said...

Havering is a big target for the nazi BNP:

"The BNP focus now moved to Barking and Dagenham and the neighbouring borough of Havering, where the party identified a number of winnable seats. Support for the BNP and Combat 18 in Havering is well documented with a bad record of racial violence. Alan Bailey, a Havering resident, appeared on the BNP list in both the European and London Assembly elections in June just three months after he had been convicted of assault. The BNP has built an active branch which holds regular leafleting sessions and paper sales in Romford’s lively street market and shopping precincts. Joint meetings with members from Dagenham, Redbridge, Epping, Southend and Basildon have been well attended .... Mark Blunden the BNP candidate lives in Harold Hill, scene of much racist violence and activity by Combat 18 and the extreme nazi British Movement".


Given that Harold Hill is where the nazi BNP won their first Havering council seat and Harold Hill was the scene of a lot of awful Combat 18 (the neo-nazi terrorist offspring of its creator, the BNP) violence against Asian (and it seems now Black) families, is there any link between Alan Bailey and Combat 18?

Anonymous said...


When they go around in threes the third will be keeping an eye on the two intellectuals :-)

Anonymous said...

Griffin reckons wins in the GLA elections will sideline his councillors let me tell him in Barking & Dagenham "his" councillors are not even on the track.

iliacus said...

Can someone answer a question for me?

How many BNP members have been elected as a councillor, served a period of office, and then been successfully re-elected ????

The ONLY example I can think of is Len Starr in Burnley, but surely there must be others . . . . or is Pink Sparrow misleading me when he squawks about the BNP's greatness?

(And being a Conservative, defecting to the BNP, and then being re-elected under that label doesn't count)

Denise G said...

@ iliacus

Off the top of my head, eight out of nine who refought last May failed to win re-election.

There was a by-election in Loughton's Alderton ward in early September, where the sitting BNP councillor resigned. The BNP did win the seat by the skin of its teeth and with a 5% vote loss - "an unprecedented victory" according to them.


Anonymous said...

How many councillors and parish councillors are the BNP down by since May?

Anonymous said...

Doesn’t nazi BNP troll Alan Bailey look so much like a dodgy salesman. You can just imagine Alan Bailey shuffling up to some old age women at the local community centre bar: “Alright darlin’, you want a Northern Rock mortgage? Knock down rates, don’t have to pay back. No, what do you mean no! That’s it, I’m putting your picture up on Redwatch. You better watch out, it’s only a matter of time before Combat 18 nick your ZOG pension book and misdirect your television licence. 14 88!’

dishytrishy said...

David Exley was also re-elected - some say twice