April 05, 2008

BNP candidate: 'The Asians are rubbish...'

The BNP is currently making a great deal of fuss about the selection of Derek Beacon to fight in the Orsett ward on Thurrock, tucked away to the east of Greater London.

According to the BNP's deputy leader Simon Darby, Beacon 'is the chap that turned British politics on its head when it [sic] was elected in Millwall in 1993'. He certainly did, for he is possibly the only politician ever to declare shortly after being elected via a by-election that he had no intention of working for a large proportion of his constituents. On September 17th 1993 he told the Evening Standard;

‘I am only going to represent the white people. I will not represent Asians. I will not do anything for them. They have no right to be in my great country.’

No great surprise then that he was resoundingly booted out the following May.

Nor will it come as any great surprise to our readers to learn that Beacon is a Holocaust-denier. On the day before he came out with his notorious statement about Asians, he appeared in the Today newspaper with this little gem;

‘Well no, I don’t think anybody was deliberately exterminated by the Germans. It certainly wasn’t six million Jews - maybe a couple of hundred thousand, but so what? Lots of others died in that war, didn’t they?’

Just a couple a days later, he had this to say to the Daily Mirror in reply to a question about rubbish collection on the Isle of Dogs;

‘The Asians are rubbish and that is what we are going to clear from the streets.’

And this was followed up the next day by an article in the Observer, on being asked about his views on crime;

‘I don’t care what the Bengalis think. We are here for the white people.'

On the same day that Beacon, then a virtual illiterate who clearly had trouble understanding his role as a councillor, came out with that last statement, September 19th 1993, police used riot shields and horses to break up fights between BNP and anti-fascist activists who had met in the East End. Twenty-seven people were arrested. A subsequent council meeting was postponed because violence was feared.

Beacon, whose name was formerly spelled 'Beackon', is friendly with BNP election guru Eddy Butler, and used to be the party's chief steward, which included the task of ensuring order at BNP meetings. As chief steward he was given the job of leading the party's bodyguard group set up in 1992 (and now headed by the creepy Martin Reynolds). Made up largely of skinheaded thugs, the group proved difficult for the middle-aged Beacon to control, and before long, real control moved to drug-runner and murderer Charlie Sargent and his brother Steve. Following Beacon's election, the group became disillusioned with the electoral path and broke away from the BNP, adopting the name Combat 18.

Beacon was kept well away from the Press following his appalling comments, and was eventually removed from office in May 1994. Assuming the BNP is stupid enough to allow him to speak except via a spokesperson, the media would do extremely well to ask him if his views on Asians, Bengalis and the Holocaust have changed in the past fifteen years and if, in the unlikely event of his being elected, he will do what he's meant to and represent ALL the people in his ward, not just the white ones.


Anonymous said...

Someone should post the picture of Derek Beacon giving a nazi saluate in public! BNP scum.

Name/URL said...

Isn't he the silly bastard who was doing the Hitler salute all over the place?

Old anti-fascist said...

I remember Derek beackon. He was a thug then and he's a thug now. Get him talking in an interview and he'd soon revert to form.

Anonymous said...

There's an up to date picture of him on Simon Darbys page. I saved it just in case he takes it down.


Marco Colletti said...

According to NWN Beacon was recently heard of in the National Front. Do I hear the scraping of BNP barrels?

Anonymous said...

"I will not represent Asians"

He'll lose a lot of votes in Thurrock for that.

Spud said...

Derek beackon? I thought he was dead?

K*** said...

"Derek beackon? I thought he was dead?"

Me too.

Anonymous said...

i to remember Beacon very well, though i don't think he liked the last time me and a few friends introduced him to the pavement at west ham station...............

Illiterate Beacon’s nazi salute said...

Here's a small picture of the Derek Beacon's famous nazi salute. The picture is about halfway down the page:


Derek Beacon is literally a nazi retard. Due to his lack of capability he couldn’t even distinguish between the housing and social service departments in a newspaper interview despite being on housing benefit himself!

When Beacon was a BNP councillor it was even suggested that Beackon was virtually illiterate and was unable to read council documents, although he denied the allegations, but admitted that he had trouble understanding their meaning. He couldn’t follow the council agenda and did little if nothing whilst a councillor.

Derek Beacon: Nazi occultist? said...

I just found an article that reveals a little bit more into the disturbing mind of Derek Beacon. It claims that Derek Beacon is a ‘dedicated Nazi occultist’ (it also states that vetern BNP nazi crazy Richard Edmonds is an occultist as was Ian Stuart, the leader of the ultimate Hitler worshippers, Blood & Honour). Below is an extract from the article:

The life and times of Derek Beackon (August 03, 2007)


My question as to the whereabouts of Herr Beackon was answered in an article from a publication of the London Psychogeographical Association (an organisation wonderfully described on Wikipedia as "largely fictitious"). The headline reads 'Nazi Occultists Seize Omphalos'. It appears that Derek Beackon is now a "dedicated Nazi occultist". Confused? You will be. The full article lies below. Enjoy:

The election of Derek Beackon as a Councillor on the Isle of dogs caused shocked outrage across the Establishment. Beackon is a dedicated Nazi occultist . He graduated to the British Nationalist Party after serving his apprenticeship in the British Movement. Beackon is an adept of Enochian magic. Devised in the sixteenth century by John Dee, it was this magical system which laid the basis for the conjuring up of the British Empire. Like every other form of nationalism, British nationalism is a psychic elemental which drains energy from living people in order to maintain itself as a sickly caricature of life.

From his home at Mallon House, Carr Street, Limehouse, Beackon was able to tap into the powerful leyline running through his front room. This leyline is readily visible from the Observatory at Greenwich. It goes through the macabre Queen Anne House, and guided by the symmetry of the Naval College it crosses the Isle of Dogs clipping the corner of Canary Wharf complex before exactly passing through the tower of St. Anne's Limehouse. Then it passes Through Beackon's lair before going onto Queen Mary and Westerfield College.

This leyline has been in the hands of the Establishment for years. They used the Greenwich section for astrological purposes. Time and space are measured from here. The British Establishment have now gained universal recognition for their hermetic system. Meanwhile, the other section at QMWC, has been the centre of sub-atomic research. Thus Greenwich accounts for the macrocosm, while the alchemical processes north of the river account for the microcosm.

Many people believe that Greenwich is in fact the Omphalos--or spiritual centre--of the British Empire. However those with a deeper understanding of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of land divination,will recognise that the actual Omphalos must be on the Isle of Dogs, protected by water on all sides. Those who visit the Mudchute--a piece of park mystenously built as an exact replica of an ancient hill fort will find a special staircase leading to a cobbled circle. This is the Omphalos, Ihe spiritual centre, where the Magus John Dee conjured up the British Empire in the presence of Christopher Marlowe, four hundred years ago this year. However, using the leyline for such evil purposes necessitated the sacrifice of a human life. A psychic attack on Christopher Marlowe and his friends in a Deptford pub lead to a brawl in which the famous playwright died.

In more recent years the Canary Wharf tower was uilt very carefully. It is in fact a column supporting a pyramid at the top. This pyramid serves to represent a much larger pyramid which would be formed if the lines at each corner were stretched down to ground level. This greater 'virtual' pyramid lies with its South West comer upon the leyline. The use of such street names as Cabot and Chancellor, and Churchill clearly show the intention to make Canary Wharf a powerful totem to resist the revival of German imperialism .Wren's name is used in deference to the architect who organised the building of the Naval College, and supervised the erection of St. Anne's tower as a U-Wave conductor. The building of Canary Wharf involved several human sacrifices, passed off as 'accidents .

However the British establishment did not think that the pro-German British Natiollalist Party would challenge them on this power line. But the BNP knew what price they would have to pay. Having conducted his obscene rituals to gain electoral success, Beackon fled his home fearing the negative Karma which would result. The BNP cynically pretended that he was in hiding from some unspecified allti-racists. Richard Edmonds, another cowardly BNP occultist was so worried he arranged for some BNP moles in thepolice to keep him out of harm's way locked up in a cell. However the karmic law is remorseless. Having used the power of the leyline, a human life had to be sacrificed.

As the principal culprits had protected themselves from psychic attack, another top Nazi occultist would be the victim. It was lan Stuart, lead singer of the cult band Skrewdriver. The offcial story is that the car he was travelling crashed, and that the two passenger in the back escaped befone the car became a ball of fire However the truth is that the driver succumbed to demonic possession before spontaneously bursting into flames.

The BNP may feel safe now that their demonic master has sated its hunger. But the BNP are mere amateurs at occultism when compared to the top experts who run the British Establishment. The more they proceed with their occult nightmare of ritualistic sadism, they more they become victims of masonic mind control.

The British Establishment is now using them to conduct an expenment on the people of the Isle of Dogs. Using the Island as crucible of social engineering, they want to test what role race riots can be used to prop up the decadent masonic system. If the experiment goes wrong, the island can be sealed off and the inhabitants isolated. If it succeeds, the state will have a new weapon in its arsenal of terror.

Already the East London Advertiser is running a competition where readers are invited to ring different phone lines as to whether they think it was right that the BNP were elected. This is simply another wing of the establishment experimenting with the Nazi impetus. We cannot expect the press to expose the evil of which they are in fact a part, albeit a different depanment.The same goes for the rest of the establishment, whether the police, the church, or the political apparatus. We can only move forward by having nothing to do with any of these evil organisations"

Well? My particular favourite line: "From his home at Mallon House, Carr Street, Limehouse, Beackon was able to tap into the powerful leyline running through his front room." Fantastic.

iliacus said...

"I thought he was dead"

only his brain . . . .

Anonymous said...

he couldn’t even distinguish between the housing and social service departments in a newspaper interview despite being on housing benefit himself!

Well, in a television interview when Derek Beackon was asked about the BNP’s housing policy, he said "Mm, Mm, what do you mean? Housing?"

Says it all.

Anonymous said...

According to the self-appointed vanguards of the BNP gestalt down at the semi-literate Northwest Nationalists blog, Derek Beacon (Mr Magoo’s evil fascist twin), was in the National Front until recently (despite the BNP banning its members from holding National Front membership):

“Last we heard was Derek was in the NF in London, and that is recent news.”


Further, Lee Barnes, the BNP’s clinically sane legal officer, posting yesterday on the neo-nazi troll heaven Stormfront under the nom-de-guerre ‘Walk towards the light’ claims:

Derek [Beacon] is a nationalist of the highest order and a credit to the BNP.

(If Derek Beacon is a ‘nationalist of the highest order’, then the BNP set the bar really, really low).


I have been out leafleting with Derek in recent times. Derek always gets around of applause at any BNP meeting.”

Can anyone substantiate Lee Barnes’ claims? I was under the impression that this unemployed dope-smoking fascist never left his taxpayer-funded council flat. Is Lee Barnes telling porkies?

Anonymous said...

I remember Derek beackon. He was a thug then and he's a thug now.

I remember watching a TV documentary/show back in the 1990s that showed Derek Beacon attending a David Irving holocaust denial conference. Half way through the conference Derek Beacon and loads of other attending fascists came out of the conference hall to intimidate anti-fascist activists outside.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget what BNP leader Nick Griffin wrote following Derek Beacon's election in 1993:

"The electors of Millwall did not back a post-modernist rightist party, but what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan "Defend Rights for Whites" with well-directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate".

We've been warned.

Anonymous said...

Well if Beacon has problems reading his paperwork he and Dicky are going to get on just fine, Bob Baileys workload as prompter will double.

Another far more serious matter though - Ive had enough i just cant stand seeing Dicky in that Brown suit, in one more video or photo or press - i think its now time to organise a whip round, his party obviously are not going to help him out, and as he is having to pay rent on his council property in Lewisham, and also the rent on the flat in Barking Town Centre, and also the housing in Arden Crescent in Dagenham, and also his liquid diet, there is no money left to buy himself a new suit, so im starting off the whip round put me down for 50p please.


Anonymous said...

More BNP bullshit.

"The British National Party has failed to find any representatives to contest the Exeter City Council elections next month.

The far-right party told the Echo earlier this year that it would have members standing for election for some of the 14 seats in the vote on Thursday, May 1.But no BNP representatives are included in the list of candidates announced today."


JD said...

No doubt the pro-grifinite BBC will keep all cameras focussed away from this ignoramus, so as not to give the impression that the BNP are as thick as two short planks.

Anonymous said...

I'd think that Griffin would be putting the spotlight ON Derek Beacon, at least for internal consumption.
He is a major figure on the hard-right of the BNP, the wing that still dominates the London activist base, and some of them (led by Bob Gertner and Croydon BNP) are making friendly signals to the Voice of Reason group, and many others, probably led by Edmonds, are very shaky in their loyalty to Griffin.
By publicising Beacon as a BNP (and Griffin BNP) candidate, they must be hoping to keep the foot-slogging leafletters, mostly young men who are more close politicaly to Beacon than to Griffin, on-side, at least until the London elections are over.
The occultist stuff is, I think, something of a red herring. Richard Edmondse has always laughed at this sort of weirdness, and I would be very surprised if Beacon had any more interest in the occult than reading his horoscope, if that.