April 20, 2008

Fascist party aims to con LibDem voters

Nobody ever accused Patrick Harrington of hiding his light under a bushel.

His towering self-regard and assessment of his own importance have long been a source of mirth to anti-fascists used to dealing with the inflated egos predominating on the extreme right.

Nobody does more to maintain his own Wiki page than Harrington (he prefers to be called "Pat"), the mystery being why he, Wiki, or anybody else should imagine the serial failure to be worth 2,571 words, and why Harrington thinks anybody could care enough about him and his obscure doings to read the self-penned personal bio he seems to paste at the drop of a hat in various places on the web.

As we've often noted, to read anything penned by Harrington is to step outside hard reality. His personal bio gives the impression of a man of political substance and achievement; his writings on the fake union Solidarity's website are of what you might charitably term the overblown variety; and over on the Third Way website we could be forgiven for believing that this fifth-rate National Front successor organisation, of which Harrington accounts himself a "Director", really is some vital think-tank throwing up ideas essential to the good of the nation.

The truth is rather more mundane.

"Success" and "Harrington" are words rarely found in close proximity. The "militant fighting union" Solidarity is largely reduced to issuing General Secretary Harrington's pompous and unremarked press statements and making appeals for funds (a telephone "hotline" - with answering machine - being the latest Must Have for the One Big Union and its 211 members).

And of the Third Way - what does one say about a "party" of 20 members that bores the Electoral Commission to tears with its windy account of its local election performances (successes = 0), admits to having only £88.17 in the kitty (2006), but which allegedly raised £1400 from membership subs (yet £15 x 20 = £300! - go figure), somehow managing to spend £560 of that on vague "internet services" (we thought Wordpress and the Masterplan theme - the very same as used by the BNP - were free).

Harrington is very much a man who rose without trace to lead organisations that campaign without trace.

The Third Way, of course, goes by the dishonest name of "National Liberal Party".

Many entirely honourable and respectable political parties use the word "Liberal" in their titles - most obviously, the Liberal Democrats and the rump Liberal Party. Quite why the Electoral Commission ever came to allow Harrington's "National Liberal Party" to contest elections under that name is a mystery, since the EC normally refuses to allow sound-alike parties to campaign when they believe a title has been adopted with the intention of confusing or misleading voters.

The name game may soon be up, however, for the "National Liberal Party".

On Stormfront Harrington uses the moniker "Doublethink", and - we believe - that of "Completely Blank". On the Green Bigot's forum the poster "Completely Blank" denies being Harrington, despite "Completely Blank" managing to sound in every way like Harrington, even down to the evasions and inflated claims regarding the bogus union Solidarity. At any rate, when Norfolk Unity insisted that Harrington was "Completely Blank", the great man took the matter no further and contented himself with trying to force Blogger to remove a picture from their website.

Giving Harrington the benefit of considerable doubt, we'll say no more on the provenance of "Completely Blank", but go on to highlight a declaration recently made by that entity on the Nazi Stormfront website:
The National Liberal Party intends to contest ten marginal Lib Dem seats at the next general election. In some of these the Lib Dems have a majority of only some hundreds.

There was a National Liberal Party in the early part of the last century so the Third Way's claim to the title could be said to have some historic basis. There is a Liberal Party and a Liberal Democratic party so why not a revived National Liberal Party. After all, in Ulster there is an Ulster Unionist Party, a Democratic Unionist Party, a UK Unionist Party a Progressive Unionist Party and until recently a Northern Ireland Unionist Party. As the EC allows all these varieties of unionism I can see no reason to prevent a liberal nationalist party from using 'Liberal' in its title.
Ignoring the feeble attempt at self-justification as to why a fascist party lays claim to the title "Liberal", the first paragraph of Completely Blank's posting leaves no doubt whatsoever that the National Liberal Party intends to go into the next general election purposed on conning votes away from the Liberal Democrats by confusing itself with the mainstream party, and - they hope - losing the sitting Liberal Democrats their seats.

There can be, and is, no other reason for the NLP to target itself so specifically - only against Liberal Democrats, and only in marginals where a small number of votes will decide the sitting MPs' fates.

No other no-hope party, to the best of our knowledge, has ever gone into a general election fixed purely on unseating MPs by use of deceit and obsfucation.

In our opinion this amounts to a clear intention to mislead voters and to abuse the democratic process on the part of a nasty little organisation made up of no-hopers and fantasists closely connected with the BNP and complicit in the running of the racist party's bogus front groups.

It is also reason enough for the Electoral Commission to strip Third Way of the right to campaign under the spurious "National Liberal Party" title.

We have already alerted the Liberal Democrats to the underhand intentions of the squalid NLP, but visitors (of all political persuasions) to this website can help by complaining to the Electoral Commission, and by bringing this post to the attention of Liberal Democrat MPs and LibDem organisations.

Follow this link to the Electoral Commission's contact web-page, where complaints can be made to each national EC outpost in writing, by email, or by telephone.

Harrington and company may well have over-stepped the mark with their premature blustering. Let's ensure it comes back to haunt them.


Chris B said...

Nice work.

...And of the Third Way - what does one say about a "party" of 20 members that bores the Electoral Commission to tears with its windy account of its local election performances (successes = 0), admits to having only £88.17 in the kitty (2006), but which allegedly raised £1400 from membership subs (yet £15 x 20 = £300! - go figure)...

That's interesting. They obviously didn't get £1400 from membership subs, so somebody is telling lies to the Electoral Commission.

Bung that one in your complaints too.

Anonymous said...

Well some of us with longish political memories can recall the original "National Liberals" - the rump of the Lloyd George "Liberals" who followed the flag of Ramsey Mac into the "National Government"

There were a handfull left in Parliament by 1935 General Election. 1945 saw thier complete and utter demise.

Perhaps somebody should remind those usless b's in the Electorial Commission that trying to impersonate a defunct political party is an attempt to decieve the public.

My God ! is it really 30 years since "Rock against Racialism" started ? Suddenly I feel very, very, old"

What a pity it was that "Folk against Facists" never took off !


PS "Did you have a brother on the "Rueben James ?"" A "Virtual Pint" to the comrade who can identify and explain that above quotation !

Anonymous said...

Harrington is very much a man who rose without trace to lead organisations that campaign without trace.

Harrington in a nutshell.

The aim must be to con LD voters into thinking the NLP is really a liberal party, not the fascist outfit it is.

John P said...

Did you have a brother on the "Rueben James
Having grown up in a country and folk loving household and being named John after Johnny Cash I've got a feeling this is about the first American boat sunk by the Germans in WW2. It's been many years since I've heard the Woody Guthrie but this version is on folkusa by the Kingston Trio who I loved as a kid
Being an old sailor you can not possibly be talking about the other song by the same name which is dreadful. As much as I have a guilty pleasure for crap Country artists from the 70's it has got to be the worst Kenny Rogers song of all time.

Getting back to a more serious point. The Electorial Commission seem to be another toothless tiger when it comes to enforcing the rules.
Anyway, email sent.

Anonymous said...

Their 2006 accounts on the EC site are hiding something. No way did they get £1400 from membership fees from 20 people.

Email sent.

Anonymous said...

"And of the Third Way - what does one say about a "party" of 20 members that bores the Electoral Commission to tears with its windy account of its local election performances (successes = 0), admits to having only £88.17 in the kitty (2006), but which allegedly raised £1400 from membership subs (yet £15 x 20 = £300! - go figure), somehow managing to spend £560 of that on vague "internet services" "

The figure of £560 spent on "internet services" is interesting. This is almost certainly spent on Patrick Harrington's telephone and internet connections at his home in Edinburgh for his own personal and political use.

Third Way subsidise his telephone/internet services as he is voluntarily self-unemployed and as a Director of Third Way they pay for these services essential to his political work for Third Way and the Solidarity Trade Union.

Third Way also allegedly subsist on a figure of several thousands of pounds donated to them from an former NF individual who supported them when they disbanded the NF and set up Third Way.

Their "Judge Learned Hand" foundation should also bear attention as it is claimed to be a charity, yet is not registered as such. It is a private body run from Belfast where Third Way/Solidarity Executive member and Director of Ulster Nation, David Kerr, resides. It's sole purpose is to act as a channel for funds and to allegedly evade the tax system.

These Third Way/National Liberal Party clowns are a real subset of cunning players.

Anonymous said...

Third Way? More like Wrong Way to me. Perhaps Harrington took a wrong turning when he left the NF?

So on top of stealing a trade union and impersonating its General Secretary, we now have Patrick "Call me Pat" Harrington attempting to deceive the public and the Electoral Commission.

Are there no boundaries and limits to this man's guile and contempt for the law and honesty?

He may fool some of the Third Way/BNP and some of the public but he sure won't fool the majority of people who can see through his pale shadow of a man.

Any man who has use such deception and fraud is no man. They are showing to the world the lack of substance that they truly are - and their lack of integrity.

They are also showing that they truly have no real belief in what they are doing as if they did they would have gone through constitutional procedures to fight to clear their names within Solidarity union, or sought the help of the Certification Office for Trade Unions, or - in the case of their National Liberal Party (the political wing of Pat Harrington) - would have stood on their own merits on a name that would have clearly marked them out as different to any other party. The fact that Harrington's party's name is so close to the Liber Democrats ( and something which he has actually boasted about on the Naxi forum Stormfront) shows his true intention.

Every anti-fascist should complain to the Electoral Commission and bring this Great Fantastist down.

Wayne said...

What Pat does not like are questions regarding his father.

He and his sister Lorna both get quite upset about it.

And it gets worse still if you ask him about his ex-missus and the dungeon in Scotland.

Such a wholesome family life our "Pat" lives.

Anonymous said...

John P said...

Getting back to a more serious point. The Electorial Commission seem to be another toothless tiger when it comes to enforcing the rules.

If the rumours that Third Way and Pat Harrington are true that they are linked in with the extreme Roman Catholic fundamentalist group, Opus Dei, then this might explain why the NF/Third Way/BNP have so far escaped censure from the Electoral Commission and other authorities.

Maybe someone should start asking questions of the Electoral Commission as to the political and religious membership of the Commission. And of certain members of the Met too who failed to proceed with prosecutions against Nick Griffin over his criminality against his rebels. MP Jon Cruddas should perhaps start asking questions of his Ministerial colleague, Ruth Kelly, who is a prominent Opus Dei member.

And while we are on this subject it is a well-known fact that Pat Harrington has some cranky religious views and has dubious lunatic religious associations, such as Scientologist relatives in the USA. Maybe that would explain the discrepancies in Third Way's finances and the funding that they have procurred from anonymous sources.

Does anyone have any further details on Pat Harrington's Scientology connections?

Also any information on Harrington's mother who is allegedly a pagan witch? (strange combination of having a mother who may be a witch and there being alleged associations with Opus Dei (Third Way are a known Catholic organisation)).

Harrington's sister apparently produced and sells her own brand of tarot cards too!

Last but not least are suggestions that Harrington's late father was a Freemason. This allegation has recently surfaced as a colleague of Harrington claims that he has seen masonic regalia in the Harrington household.

Any information on the above would be interesting.

The National Front, from which Third Way is the bastard offspring, was anti-masonry so if these claims are true it begs the question of what Harrington was up to in the NF.

Has anyone got any information on any links between Nick Griffin and Freemasonry, or indeed any other cult or religious organisation?

Anonymous said...

John P - Spot on - have a virtual pint. Woody Guthries guital carried the slogan "This Kills Facists"

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

John P - Spot on

Everything he has said is contradictory e.g. Scientology-Pagan witches vs Catholism, Freemasonary vs anti-masonary? Is this guy making it up as he goes along? Its an old troll trick to promote rumour as fact and exagerate everything. Old Sailor must have already had that virtual pint to support such trollish? giberish!

Anonymous said...

Seems that Pat Harrington has been to the Griffin School of Lies and Deception! Though to be fair both individuals graduated from the National Front who were skilled in deceipt and propaganda.

Harrington was at one time the NF's Counter-Intelligence Officer who spent most of his time infiltrating leftist groups and trying to confuse them with counter-propaganda and lies.

No change there then.

Anonymous said...

I have just figured out the Grand Plan of the Great Fantastist himself:

Third Way - the Think Tank of Pat Harrington, set up to hoodwink the intellectual classes that he is part of the intelligentsia and educated, and one of the middle classes.

Solidarity - Harrington's efforts to turn himself into a "brother", and to ingratiate himself into the working-class consciousness of which he is most definitely not a member. In this role Brother Pat is able to "lead" his worker members on assaulting the capitalist-socialist system, acting as the "representative" of his members so he can blow his own horn and act big. Ultimately Brother Pat can appear as the (very) juniour version of a TUC leader (like Bob Crow), whose wealth and power Brother Pat can only drool over. Since Comrade Bob of the RMT expelled Brother Pat some years ago for using a false name Brother Pat finds this very irksome and wants to get even with Comrade Bob.

National Liberal Party - the political wing of Pat Harrington's Huge Big Massive ego. This is the vehicle for Harrington's hyper-ego and massive imagination so that he can master-plan the political takeover of the government, first by getting his comrade, Brother Graham (Williamson) on a local council in Harold Wood for starters.

If the Master Plan fails Harrington can always call on the services of his former NF colleague, Nick Griffin, to get him a job within the BNP.

But then again, he'll just be a small fish in a large pond, not the huge fish that he currently is within his very small (and stagnant) pond, that's rapidly turning into a swamp.

At this rate Harrington will have to evolve and grow feet and gills and crawl out of his tiny pond and back to the stone from where he originally crawled out from).

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Patrick Harrington has recently posted on his Third Way website a thinly veiled pro-BNP article (BNP set for London Breakthrough? - 8 April 2008) in which he complains of “Establishment efforts to prevent a BNP breakthrough focus on increasing voter turn-out”. I don’t see fascist Harrington complaining about the BNP’s recent failed legal attempt to have postal votes banned in parts of northern England in order to reduce voter turn-out (which would help the BNP).

Also interesting are some internet postings by Third Way organiser and candidate, Jeannie Trueman, who claims that (without any evidence whatsoever – but, has this ever been a problem for fascists?):

“the rise of the BNP is not really that suprising, labour and the lib dems appeal to minorities” (11 March 2007 - http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article1496782.ece).

Sounds like thinly veiled racism from Jeannie Trueman there.

More hilariously Jeannie Trueman claims that the fake Solidatory trade union (a BNP front organisation headed by BNP leader’s ex-NF mates in the Third Way “has nothing to do with links to political groups” (27 September 2007,http://www.robmarris.org.uk/index.php/?p=379).

Jeannie Trueman must think we are stupid to believe fascist lies and propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Harrington still has a lot to answer for.

It seems that David Kerr, another ex-National Front loon, who runs the Ulster branch of the Patrick Harrington’s almost non-existent and crypto-fascist Third Way (and also edits its appalling bad Ulster Nation magazine), continues to pursue the Third Way’s fascist and racist agenda.

Under David Kerr’s leadership, the Third Way in Ulster/northern Ireland is affiliated to the US-based ‘American Council of Conservative Citizens’ or ACCC (no doubt with support and consent of Patrick Harrington). Kerr addressed the ACCC in 1997. The ACCC is against non-Whites. It attacks non-White immigration, racial integration and inter-racial marriage. The ACCC has been listed as a racist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the League of United Latin American Citizens, the Anti-Defamation League, and even some conservative groups, such as Conservative Political Action Conference.

Under David Kerr, the Ulster Third Way website carries links to the ‘League of the South’, also classified as a racist hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Further links are to the nazi BNP’s fake cover groups such as ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Civil Liberty’.

Further, the Ulster Third Way website praises the racist and fascist book The Eleventh Hour by John Tyndall, the convicted neo-nazi terrorist and founder of the BNP:

“In thoroughly recommending this book to all those looking for alternative political thinking”.

In addition, David Kerr on the Ulster Third Way website has written some very silly and racist articles. For example, in the January 1995 article, South Africa today - Ulster tomorrow?, Kerr makes ridiculous claims, even going to the extent of portraying Nelson Mandela (who fought for democracy and freedom) as a tyrant:

“The ANC has denied the right of the Afrikaner people, the Zulus and the other nations in the territory of the former Republic to determine their own political destinies. They must bow the knee to Mandela's new order or suffer the consequences”.

What utter nonsense David Kerr and the Third Way write - everybody knows that under the ANC (African National Congress) there has been a successful transition to democracy unlike the oppression under the previous racist apartheid regime.

Again on the Ulster Third Way website, in a 1996 article, Living Alternatives - neither racism nor 'multiculturalism', David Kerr goes to the desperate extent of denying the fact that there has been an increase in racist violence in northern Ireland against the tiny non-White population there. Despite the statistical evidence and media reporting, Kerr calls the increase in racist attacks in northern Ireland a “sweeping claim” and “unsubstantiated claims”. Further, that “racial attacks are virtually unheard of here”! Obviously, David Kerr doesn't live in the real world. In the same article, David Kerr strangely asserts that northern Ireland is threaten by the “imperialism of the United Nations”. Then finally, Kerr lets the cat out of the bag: “We oppose mass immigration” i.e. non-Whites.

Same old fascism, same old racism – doesn’t matter whether it’s the BNP or Patrick Harrington and his Third Way, it’s all the same.

Anonymous said...

"John P - Spot on

Everything he has said is contradictory e.g. Scientology-Pagan witches vs Catholism, Freemasonary vs anti-masonary? Is this guy making it up as he goes along? Its an old troll trick to promote rumour as fact and exagerate everything. Old Sailor must have already had that virtual pint to support such trollish? giberish!"

Yer you anon Charly Uniform November Tango - since when does this post support Facist Trolls ?

As an Ex Marine Radio Op you have my permission to reply in Morse - If you can !

Old Sailor

Antifascist said...

That'll be Harrington, OS. We always let his posts through because he's so damned clever.

Anonymous said...

"...And of the Third Way - what does one say about a "party" of 20 members ...admits to having only £88.17 in the kitty (2006)"

How then are the 'NLP' going to fight ten seats at the General Election in Lib Dem marginals - that's not cheap? It is all very curious!

Anonymous said...

There is a fascist party in Russia called the Liberal Party (sic!. They are racist, anti-semitic, xenophobic and have an authoritrian fascist leader.

Seems like the National Liberal Party in the UK!

Emails sent to the Electoral Commission.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Harrington of Third Way/National Liberal Party/Solidarity Union says that if you bad boys and girls don't leave him alone he'll get his 211 Solidarity members and 20 Third Way members and stage a putsch in Cleethorpes, or some other strategic outpost of the working class.

He will get his "mass" nationalist, "independent" trade union , and march down Cleethorpes High Street waving his big red Solidarity banner with the "Great Fantastist" ( sorry, leader) himself leading the One Big Union.

The local post office, pub and local branch of Lidl will be taken over as well as other places of strategic importance.

Copies of Solidaity's "The British Worker" and copies of Third Way's turgid pseudo-intellectual magazines showing the importance of Tolkien to the working class consciousness will be given out to the Cleethorpe's populace.

Herr Harrington will run the council with the democratically run council chosen by Harrington himself as well as BNP compatriot, Nick Griffin.

The council's PR strategy will be run by Harrington's pal, Graham Williamson as Accentuate and everyone will be expected to join Solidarity (as that is Harrington's main income).

Solidarity Executive member, Simone Clarke, will be the human face of the Harrington putsch and will occasionally perform her ballet at the end of Cleethorpe's pier ( particularly the "Sugar Plum Fairy" with part-time lover Richard Barnbrookes).

All counter-revolutionry elements, such as those who dare to criticise or to poke fun at the Great Fantastist will be locked in a dungeon under the Amusement Arcade where his ex-wife Jacky will see to any punishment.

This is a warning and we will respond!

Taken on the orders of Patrick Harrington - the Great Fantastist.

Anonymous said...

Just taken a look at Pat Harrington's new blog set up to counter-attack Unity. What a hoot!

This final paragraph says it all about the Great Fantastist...

"This blog has been created on the orders of Patrick Harrington. Patrick Harrington is the General Secretary of the Solidarity Trades Union and a Director of the Third Way think-tank. He became concerned at the disinformation being spread by some blogs of the infantile left and felt that their arguments and reactionary positions needed to be analysed, deconstructed and replied to".

Created on the orders of Patrick Harrington?

You can't satire this man any further. He is a satirical representation of himself! He is a manifest art-form. A real life Expressionist portrayal. A psychiatrist would have many years of work if they made a study of him.

As for Harrington's claim that he will "deconstruct" the arguments of the "infantile left" on his new tatty blog I will now attempt to "deconstruct" Pat Harrington.

He's a nut.