April 01, 2008

The BNP's Nick Eriksen bites the dust

You can always tell when the BNP has shot itself in the foot - it wriggles around for hours in a vain attempt to throw off the current disaster without having to look too bad, then acts all shocked and horrified and claims complete ignorance of the fact that its candidate was running a blog that was much admired by the usual suspects in the party right up until the day it was noticed by the wider world.

The Evening Standard, as we have seen in the article prior to this, has blown the lid on Nick Eriksen as a misogynist shit with appalling ideas on women, rape, beating children and all kinds of other disturbing stuff. Tonight, after several hours of ignoring the problem and hoping it'll go away, the BNP, in the form of its dismal Mayoral candidate, pornmeister Richard Barnbrook, the party has finally had to bite the bullet and throw Eriksen to the wolves.

In a brief interview for BBC London, Barbrook said that Eriksen's views were not those of the BNP and that he had overstepped the line by publishing them. Considering Eriksen's blog ran from April 2005 to September 2007, the BNP sure took its sweet time to condemn him.

In reality of course, the party did no such thing. Simon Darby, the BNP's deputy leader, posted on his blog at 10.03am. In his post (which he titled 'Smear Time') he derided the expose on Eriksen, complaining that posts had been taken out of context from his 'satirical and provocative blog'. Presumably the BNP no longer regards the statements on Eriksen's blog as 'satirical'?

The last word (for the moment) will go to the Green Party's Sian Berry, who said; 'Eriksen's comments are a timely reminder of the true values of the BNP - destructive, hateful, and violent. The disgust that he feels towards women is unmistakeable, and characteristic of his organisation's attitude to so many other people in London'.

Too damn right.


Anonymous said...

Too little, too late.

Barnbrook has only done this on the orders of Griffin to look as if they are doing something.

They all realise that they made a huge mistake here.

Griffin, Darby and Barnbrook will never live this down.

JH said...

I bet he still stays London organiser though.

Anonymous said...

Fucking good riddance!!!

webeatthebnp said...

Do we have a sympathiser who works in the field of domestic abuse/ victim support?

A letter from such a person contrasting the reality of such matters with the vile nonsense of Nick Eriksen could be a hugely powerful weapon in fighting the BNP electorally.

I'm not going to go into detail (too many nutzi trolls on here) but there are ways of targetting such material in order to dent BNP prospects.

Oh, and I see that some idiot on Stormfarce has spotted Ketlan trawling the site under his Gary W moniker. Except, I know Gary W - and he didn't look much like Ketlan last time I saw him !!!

Prats !!!

Antifascist said...

'Oh, and I see that some idiot on Stormfarce has spotted Ketlan trawling the site under his Gary W moniker. Except, I know Gary W - and he didn't look much like Ketlan last time I saw him !!!'

I was reading the post about me trawling under the Gary W name - but I was actually there under another name. Very confusing.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what those men were doing in Richard Barnbrook's porn -sorry- art flim. They were forcing feeding each othe chocolate.

Anonymous said...

How will this affect the BNP's London election efforts? Given that Richard Barnbrook and Nick Eriksen were the two vaunted to gain seats for the BNP in the GLA, does this mean, if successful, the BNP can only get one seat?

I know that Richard Barnbrook refuses to submit to a Criminal Records Bureau check on his background, which points to something dodgy about him - time to investigate this issue??? Anybody got any info on this issue?? Perhaps time for another nazi BNP troll to go.

bickie said...

Your average BNP-type is a reaciionary who wants to turn the clock back to about 1950 in the forlorn belief that everything was perfect then.
This joker seems to want to go back to about 1750. Unsurprisingly, his rants have been cheered on by the 'turn-back-the-clock' brigade.
Buried somewhere in his hate is a point worth debating. People with his views will gradually become extinct. The hate will not go away.

Anonymous said...

in response to ...webeatthebnp

yes can do that, if you contact Ketlan direct he can pass onto me.


Dave said...

Now that's what I call a result! :)

Ketlan said...

Looks like Robert Bailey goes up to second position (under Barnbrook - eurgh). This just posted on Sturmfront

"I have been told (from a reliable source)that the BNP are going to expel [Eriksen] from the party."

Anonymous said...

"I know that Richard Barnbrook refuses to submit to a Criminal Records Bureau check on his background, which points to something dodgy about him - time to investigate this issue??? "

Drunk and disorderly

Anonymous said...

Looks like Robert Bailey goes up to second position (under Barnbrook - eurgh).

In January Robert Bailey was requested by the local council not to attend a Holocaust Memorial Day due to the BNP’s history of anti-Jewish Holocaust denial. Specifically, the leader of the council, Charles Fairbrass, requested that Robert Bailey not attend. But, despite Cllr Fairbrass writing to Robert Bailey saying his attendance would be inappropriate, Robert Bailey still attended the tree-planting ceremony.

Interestingly, Robert Bailey’s brother, Alan Bailey, was the sole BNP councillor in Havering who resigned due to the councillor job being too much pressure. Alan Bailey was convicted of beating up a white man who had a black wife shortly before his election.

Anonymous said...

Pssibly all this guff about rape being trivial might have something to do with the alledged lack of a "Girl Friend"

Is this Nutzie preparing his defence foe Rape or GBH in advance ?

And in response to the enquirer as to my warebouts - remember strange things happen at Sea - Tho if Dicky B took a turn in the barrel I dare say the barrel would have gone over the wall.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Looks like Robert Bailey goes up to second position (under Barnbrook - eurgh).
Robert Bailey, despite being the BNP’s deputy group leader on Barking and Dagenham council, was found to be living in an illegally parked caravan.

Further, Robert Bailey supposedly shared a flat in the borough with Richard Barnbrook, despite both of them not living there. Under election rules, candidates must live or work in the borough where they are standing. But, Barnbrook has an address in Blackheath, south London, and Bailey in Havering.

Tyndall established BNP misogyny said...

John Tyndall, BNP founder, in his June 2003 article, Some Definitions: A sample from the 'Politically Aware Vocabulary' series, wrote:

“The role of women is to complement men and not to compete with them. Sadly, when men cease to be men, some women are apt to assume male roles, however inadequately ... No man worthy of the name should accept a subordinate role to a woman in those occupations obviously better engaged in by men than women; for example, heavy industry, the police, the armed forces and top business management.
There will always be some women unsuited to marriage and motherhood for one reason or another, and these can of course seek fulfilment in other ways. But those women besotted with gender issues are driven not by concern for natural justice but by private resentments arising from childhood traumas or unhappy personal experiences with men (see RP Syndrome)”.

In another article, The Degrading of Women: John Tyndall on what women should and should not be (November 1999), Tyndall writes:

“Britain is becoming a feminised society - feminised at least in respect of those spheres of life which have traditionally been seen as the domain of men. One symptom of this tendency has been the downgrading of masculine qualities and the proliferation of so-called 'males' in which these qualities are manifestly lacking. Another - equally repulsive - has been the attempt to induce women to play masculine roles - to become, as it were, ersatz and second-rate males instead of first-rate representatives of their own sex.
Nowhere has this latter tendency been pursued to the point of insanity more than in Britain's armed forces - up till recently admired throughout the world for their toughness, discipline and professionalism, but now increasingly becoming just another experimental ground for social engineering, including the nutty theories of human equality - both racial and sexual.

Penny Rushton (24), from Cannock, Staffs., with her crew-cut, back-pack and rifle, is not a picture of femininity. She has served in the Royal Artillery but is now trying to get into the Royal Marine Commandos, one of the toughest military units in the world”.

In the same article, with regards to Penny Rushton, John Tyndall writes:

“She will have gone a long way towards sacrificing those unique feminine qualities that make women special - and which in fact make the world go round.

Which no doubt would delight Tony and his 'New Labour' Government. This crew seem bent on turning women into half-men just as they want to turn men into half-women (some would say setting an excellent example themselves!)”.

John Tyndall then says:

“And an essential part of this difference is that women should not be called upon to perform combat roles in the armed services. This is not because women have any the less courage than men, but only because their courage is of a different kind, also because the physical and psychological hardships of life in the front line in wartime are hardships best suited to the male species - just as women, and women alone, are equipped to cope with the unique hardships of childbirth.”

Adding to this Tyndall reminds us that:

“What the feminists (male and female) of New Labour seem incapable of understanding is that this kind of nonsense, far from raising the status of women and 'liberating' them, simply degrades and insults them by casting them into an environment in which they cannot possibly compete on fair terms with their men-folk. This is the same as degrading and insulting men by casting them into those areas of life that are the natural domain of women and where women perform best”.

Further, John Tyndall “announced, as recently as 1990, that he could not stand the sight of women wearing trousers in public” (John Tyndall obituary, The Guardian, July 20 2005).

Aren't you glad that this Hitler-lover is dead!!! Tyndall really set the ground for that horrible idiot Nick Eriksen. John Bean who is/was the editor of the BNP magazine Identity and writers regularly for the BNP website (as well as a BNP candidate), also has some equally stupid views on women. Maybe that can be the topic of a separate post.

Kirklees Unity said...

Alan Bailey isn't Bob Baileys brother.

Bob Bailey is originally from Lincs

Alan Bailey is from London

Slotr said...

Interesting comment on the North West Nationalist blog

From Simon Darby's blog

Not to be put off though Mr Gilligan and The Standard would have us all believe that, taking completely out of context samples from Nick's former satirical and provocative blog, this Party is somehow soft on sex crime.

What Simon Darby has posted here is one of the biggest tactical error ever committed by the party. All BNP members should wake up and demand heads to be rolled. Do BNP members, both men and women, want to ne led by such incompetent, misogynistic, despicable people who justify and excuse such hate-filled and extremist, if not downright evil, mmaterial from a BNP official - and a leading London candidate?

The BNP deserves the eladers it gets - and if the BNP do not wake up out of its paralysis and start asking for disciplinary action and indeed change at the top, tyhen the BNP will deserve to have such clowns as Griffin and Darby leading them.

Though "eading them to disaster" would be more appropriate as this cavalier reaction to such senseless and despicable rantings is so damaging that the consequences have not begun to register to the extent that they will - and this will be felt at the polls.

At one stroke these clowns have damaged the credibility of the BNP. Damaged the credibility of nationalism. And damaged the credibility of decent BNP men and women everywhere.

These clowns have delivereda major own goal against the BNP and wrecked the hard work of all those BNP members who have done so much for the London elections.

Who needs the Reds and anti-fascists when you have these clowns at the helm?

Erickson, Darby, Griffin...

Be ashamed at yourselves.

Be very ashamed.

Anonymous said...

in response to Old Sailor, sorry i wasnt enquiring into your whereabouts, just a friendly welcome back.

Can i please set record straight regarding Barnbrook and Bailey, in B & D neither of them live in the borough.....although the bnp have now taken possession of a house which has 2 rather large flag poles attached to the wall which is really upsetting the neighbours.

It is true Barnbrook will not submit to CRB check but not known why.

Bailey as far as we know lives out in Lincolnshire........but did for a time try to camp out in a caravan in Barking town centre until he was caught by council officers.


Anonymous said...

Someone able to examine criminal records will discover the words "Clapham Common" in Barnbrook's file.

Anonymous said...

Barnes has come out in defence of Eriksen's right to "free speech".

Anonymous said...

Not one bloody word of condemnation of Eriksen by the leadership of the bnp....what a massive own goal...and to now push "friendly" Bob Bailey as Dickys no.2, well that will please Dicky cos these two are really very close. i mean very close.


Dicky Is Gay said...

Bumbrook's marriage is a scam... just designed to make him seem straight before the elections.

This isn't rocket science.

Didn't the BNP's sop-idol Hitler also hide his sexuality?

Anonymous said...

Clapham Common?

Anonymous said...

in response to anon post at 4.20pm having carefully analysed Barnes post today i would strongly suggest that Barnes is a victim of Domestic Violence, he could even be a victim of male date rape, so angry and biased towards the male victim in his post he leaves no one with any medical qualification at all in any doubt Barnes is a victim......he really should not go out on the tiles with Dicky.


iliacus said...

re Dicky and his reluctance to be CRB checked (quite why did this become an issue anyway ?)

Perhaps there should be a campaign for local government candidates to be CRB checked? After all, we are sometimes placed in positions of trust with vulnerable people.

I have baby sat for parents when they've gone to vote [wouldn't dare do it now !]; sat with weeping constituents; been with groups of children etc etc

It wouldn't bother me in the least, and could weed out some iffy characters.

Just a thought.