April 24, 2008

Foul-mouthed BNP attack Recorder

A Councillor launched into a foul-mouthed tirade of abuse today, branding Recorder news editor Sally Lowe "a Nazi".

Cllr Robert Bailey, deputy leader of the British National Party (BNP) group on Barking and Dagenham Council, was unhappy over the Recorder's coverage of the London Assembly elections. In a verbal attack peppered with four-letter words, the former Royal Marine accused the Recorder of bias and called Miss Lowe, 29, a "jobsworth".

The Barking and Dagenham Alibon ward councillor threatened to urge BNP members to boycott the Recorder.

Cllr Bailey said: "When we have control on Barking and Dagenham Council we are going to hit you where it hurts. You won't see a penny from us and we will tell everyone to boycott your paper."

After Miss Lowe protested about his language he then accused her of swearing and hung up when she challenged the assertion. Within half an hour of Cllr Bailey slamming down the phone, he turned up at the Recorder's offices in High Road, Ilford with a group of party members. After shouting garbled messages through a megaphone, Cllr Bailey also called the newspaper's head of classified sales a Nazi before being moved on by the police.

Recorder editor Chris Carter said: "I am shocked that someone who claims to be a member of a legitimate political party behaves in this way. It is not acceptable that a member of my staff should be subjected to abuse like this and I will be considering making an official complaint to the Standards Board for England.

Barking and Dagenham Recorder

Additional from the Press Gazette:

A spokesman for the BNP stood by Bailey’s actions.

He said: “The Recorder papers are astonishingly biased against us and they make no attempt at hiding that, there’s no love lost between us.”

Asked about Bailey’s language he said: “To be honest I wouldn’t blame him because the way that paper behaved – it’s scandalous that they should pass themselves off as an impartial purveyor of news when all the time they are undermining the BNP and propping up Ken Livingstone.”


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that the editor said he was only considering taking this to the Standards Board....but then again his company quite happily took the bnp money to run their advert.

It looks like a put up job to me the Archant group has been heavily criticised over the ad, and certainly the B & D Recorder do appear to have a more than friendly relationship with the BNP, perhaps this is Baileys smokescreen.

Egg said...

Cllr Bailey said: "When we have control on Barking and Dagenham Council we are going to hit you where it hurts. You won't see a penny from us and we will tell everyone to boycott your paper."

So that's what the BNP intends to do with its infinite power when it takes control - attempt to destroy any criticisms from the press. So much for the party that believes in freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

This is on Stormfront

"A spokesman for the BNP stood by Bailey’s actions."

Don't they always stick up for their thugs?

BNP = Bloodly Nasty People said...

What a psycho - turning up at someone's office just to harass them because they attempt to be partial: BNP = Bloodly Nasty People

Anonymous said...


Searchlight Cymru 'Thank you for being a bright beam of sanity'

by: Anon e-mail to Searchlight Cymru


Just been spending an hour reading through this great site.

Learnt lots that I didn't know the details of and I didn't know it was possible but am hating the BNP even more than I did earlier :-)

In a world going increasingly mad and deluded by the BNP values thank you for being a bright beam of sanity.


Barbaric BNP calls for birching said...

Date: 24 April 2008
Source: Searchlight

Barbaric BNP calls for birching

The BNP in Scotland has called for the restoration of the birch as punishment for minor vandalism. A story posted today shows a picture of a graffiti-sprayed phone box on which someone has scrawled, with several words double-underlined: "You lowlife scum should be birched".

The writer comments: "Spotted on a phonebox in Fraserburgh, now let me see, which political party has that very policy?" The article goes on to refer to this as a "common sense approach to restoring this nation to its former glory".

The article does not explain whether the birching would be administered in the traditional way in use up to the nineteenth century, which was to the bare buttocks.


Mick Temple’s Blog



With the local elections less than a week away, Professor Mick Temple of North Staffs University takes the temperature of Midlands voters. He sniffs some upsets next Thursday.

It can’t be much fun being a Labour councillor facing re-election at the moment. Think about just some of the obstacles in their way.

An increasingly inept leader, who this week succeeded in making John Major’s premiership look resolute. Opinion polls which suggest David Cameron can start planning his triumphant progress up Downing Street past adoring party hacks. Rising food prices which are starting to hit even the moderately affluent. Falling house prices affecting almost everybody.

And now, the first national teachers’ strike for 21 years.

Thursday’s Daily Telegraph said we seem to be returning to ‘an earlier political age, dominated by fear of economic decline and industrial strife’.

OTT? Maybe not.

All we need is for flares to make a comeback and it could be the 1970s all over again. And no Labour politician wants reminders of winters of discontent – any more than I want to be reminded of ‘Disco Duck’ by Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots.

One other spectre which dominated the 1970s might also create electoral problems for Labour. Racism.

The BNP has nearly 700 candidates standing in the local elections. They may not win many seats, but their very presence in such numbers indicates something significant is happening in British politics.

On the fortieth anniversary of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech, race is poised to become a central topic in political debate. We’ve swept it under the carpet for too long – an open debate would have exposed the moral vacuity of the racist argument. If the BNP have performed any useful function it is to channel the frustration of many voters who have felt ignored and vilified.

In Birmingham, 40 BNP candidates are contesting every ward, without too many expectations of a significant breakthrough. But elsewhere, the BNP seems to be targeting mostly those disaffected Labour voters in marginal seats.

Most worryingly for me, in Stoke-on-Trent, half the 20 seats have BNP candidates -including two real examples of Pond life – and they have a very good chance of winning at least three of those seats to add to the six they hold. The impact this will have on my city’s public image horrifies me.

So – Labour are doing badly and the BNP are poised to take advantage of it. Quelle surprise. When people feel insecure, unheard and threatened, extremism thrives.

Whatever those with rose-tinted specs believe, Britain today is a far better country than 30 years ago. We’re a more tolerant and intelligent country. And we may now be ready to have the debate on issues of multi-culturalism previous generations were too frightened to have.

Give the BNP and their ilk the oxygen of publicity – expose their fallacious ideas to examination. We can take it.

Not Elected said...

From Maryport Against Racism blog:

Not Elected

April 21, 2008

We’ve noticed that the BNP trying to capitalise on their two new parish councillors in Carlisle are going around boasting how they are elected. In fact in the election leaflet for Brian Allan he writes in his blurb “I am the elected councillor for Cotehill on Wetherall parish council”. Now correct me if I’m wrong but to be elected, doesn’t an election have to have taken place? In the case of all of Cumbria’s BNP parish councillors, none of them have faced an election but have been unopposed on councils which have always had spaces. Perhaps this is an insight into the BNP’s vision of democracy where you merely have to declare yourself elected.

This shows the BNP will say anything to mislead the public, they have not received the majority of the vote in any elections in Cumbria and just because they suggest they did doesn’t make it so.

The BNP are nothing but another bunch of anti-working class, lying, self-serving politicians who if given your vote will do nothing for there constituents.

If you even bother to vote in the elections, think twice before you give the BNP your X.


Empty threats said...

Also from the Maryport Against Racism blog:

Empty threats

April 15, 2008

Even when they’re threatening you, it turns out you can’t trust them.

Last week, the BNP put up a triumphant story on the front-page of their website declaring they were going to sue the trade union the GMB and win compensation that would fund their election campaign because of a ‘libellous’ leaflet handed out by Carlisle Against Racism.

Apparently, they were reporting the matter immediately to the police, going to their solicitors and sending letters to the GMB as soon as possible. Then, photographs of Labour councillors delivering these scandalous leaflets would be handed to the returning officer.

That was well over a week ago now. To date, no such letters have been received by the GMB and no Labour Party city councillors have been spotted, let alone photographed, handing out the leaflets. Enough said.

The editor of the BNP newspaper Martin Wingfield is claiming that this is because Carlisle Against Racism have withdrawn the leaflet. That’s news to us, some of us were putting them through doors yesterday!

apartheid killer in the UK said...

I saw the following article 'Namibian inaction leaves double killer free in Britain' (about an apartheid terrorist) in the contents of the March edition of Searchlight magazine.

I don't have a copy of the article. So, can anyone tell me who is the apartheid terrorist referred to?

Anonymous said...

I see the BNP's billboards in London show a picture of Nick Cass and family who live in Yorkshire. Could the BNP not find any family in London that would appear on their billboards?

Anonymous said...

I bet Robert Bailey put his army training to good use when he and his group of BNP hardman launched their tactical assault on the offices of the Recorder in order to get at one woman who sells advert space (in the BNP fantasy world she is the key cog in the vast anti-BNP conspiracy out there)

Gerry Gable said...

I really do object to the posting on your site from some ignorant person who clearly knows nothing about the Ilford and Dagenham Recorder's anti-fascist record which to my knowledge goes back to the 1960's.
The Editor Chris Carter has tried to do the right thing and that's why they have just seen the BNP in action against them.
Recently they carried a advert for our Together Group Rally on its news pages , whilst the BNP advert that was forced on them by the owners was stuck away on page 33.
When the Anti-Fascist Group Together was formed the paper's editorial page came out in support of us.
When the Holocaust Survivor and long time campaigner Leon Greenman passed away recently the paper devoted its front page plus news pages inside to his memory, and has been at the front of the queue to suggest a memorial be set up
to Leon and his work in our borough.
I know many of the journalists on these two editions of the paper that cover Ilford and Dagenham they are objective in their reporting often triple checking stories and because of that they have done the BNP a lot of damage.