May 03, 2008

Auty mounts challenge to oust Griffin

If Nick Griffin believed that dressing up the week's less than impressive BNP electoral performances as a stunning success would be enough to divert the flak and stifle discontent in the ranks he was wrong.

A leadership challenge is to be mounted by Kirklees BNP councillor Colin Auty. The challenge is backed by Cllrs Chris Beverley, Joanne Beverley and Roger Robertson.

A website in support of Auty's challenge has appeared here.

More news as we get it.

(Thanks Flakey - we were dealing with this as your comment appeared.)


Flakey said...

Sure Chris Beverley, one of Auty;s named backers, was shown asking if anyone had "any weapons" to confront anti-racists on a TV documentary - maybe Secret Agent or Under the Skin - around the time of Le Pens visit.

Chris Beverly the voice of the new moderate BNP.

Anonymous said...

Another waste of space, time and effort!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news. Enough of them are seeing through the election smokescreen to make this work.

Note that the site appeared last night. Pity nobody found it during the live election updates.

beenacouncillor said...

love his claims that he was elected "back in 2006" (as though this was ten or fifteen years) and that he is experienced (after all, he's sat on Health and Planning Committees).

I've sat on the following committees:

Health & Works
Technical Services
Community Scrutiny
Public Transport
planning Policy

etc etc

Am I equipped to lead a national party ?

No way.

That two years on a council makes you the "experienced" candidate says a hell of a lot about the BNP !

Anonymous said...


We have ex-Teachers, PR Execs and Upper Class Twits walking into Parliament and having power and say over a multi-trillion pound economy with no experience of Government or politics, better to be rid of Griffin and his cronies.

Anonymous said...


With respect experience clearly counts for nothing in politics.

We need to push forward our ideology in a different form.

Rebels Suck! said...

what ideaology's that???

Talking of fascist nobodies, losers and trolls, the rebels suck to lowest hell, as they spinelessly supported drunken bum bumbrook in the london elections, and thus, in so doing, helped line griffin's pockets with money - plenty of it!

Anonymous said...

How does fascist BNP troll Colin Auty differ from fascist BNP troll Nick Griffin? Can't tell. All I know is that both insult voters. Nick Griffin calls people who on housing estates 'scum' and Colin Auty slags off voters in his area and brands them 'ignorant'.

Anonymous said...

Colin Auty is an insensitive publicity hungry BNP prick. There was the issue about Dewsbury Crematorium suffering from vandalism and as a result the crematorium had to close the gates linking the crematorium to Dewsbury park. This caused distress to relatives wanting to visit family memorials or attend funerals. Now, when Colin Auty was asked his opinion on the matter, and remember we are talking about a crematorium here said, he said:

"We always chase the smoke and never put out the fire."

Well, this is Colin Auty then, hoping to the new BNP leader. What an insensitive twat. Read the full story here

Colin Auty admits BNP stigma said...

A good letter by someone who has picked up on Colin Auty's admission that the fascist BNP is tainted by 'stigma':

Dear Sir

Members of St Paul’s Church in Hanging Heaton are well within their rights to refuse to allow political meetings on their premises and should be supported for refusing to allow the BNP in.

Colin Auty says the BNP has a stigma, and crikey he’s got that one right. This is one political party that should not be normalised or welcomed simply because they have the odd concillor here or there.

Decent men and women should be closing doors on these people, not opening them. The BNP are not an ordinary political party. They have always been, and remain, the lunatic fringe of the right wing in this country.

From: Mr R J Morris, Thornhill

Anonymous said...

Colin Auty wrote/performed a shitty song called, 'Christmas Is A British Thing'. Two things come to mind:

1) Christmas is a Christian thing and celebrated by many nations/societies worldwide. So, it's hardly a British thing and trying to claim it as such is just taking things a bit too far.

2) Does Colin Auth regret putting the person he's now trying to dispose of, Nick Griffin, on the front cover of his song?

Anonymous said...

Does the BNP really need a Chairman who snorts coke?


Anonymous said...

Does the BNP really need a Chairman who snorts coke?


I think the allegation that Colin Auty takes coke has been implicitly made on Stormfront by a nazi poster called ‘Purging The Droid’ (the odious NorthWestNationalists blog, representing the Tyndallite wing of the BNP, claim that ‘Purging The Droid’ is the BNP leader Nick Griffin. But, I’ve read that ‘Purging The Droid’ could be Patrick Harrington, now leading the BNP’s fake trade union, Solidatory and is Nick Griffin’s old chum from the National Front).

This is what Purging The Droid posted yesterday on Stormfront under a thread discussing Colin Auty’s leadership challenge against Nick Griffin:

If Colin Auty becomes Chairman, will he have the same policies on hard drugs as at present? Cocaine, for instance?

Against Purging The Droid, a poster called ‘bulldog 69’, retorted an hour after the above posting with the following:

Same policies on hard drugs, if thats the case how come barnes has been tolerated?”

(Obviously, bulldog 69 is making an issue about Lee Barnes’ [BNP legal officer and one of Nick Griffin’s main supporters] alleged drug taking).

It looks like the pro-Nick Griffin wing of the BNP is prepared to play a dirty game against its internal rivals. But, who cares. The supporters of both Nick Griffin and Colin Auty play a dirty game against those they perceive to be the external (i.e. imaginary) enemies of the BNP.

Anonymous said...

"Garden Gnome Colin Auty paraded around calling people tossers as he passed,making sure he was a safe distance away first."


Kirklees BNP Humiliated-Again!!

Anonymous said...

Classic posting on Stormfront yesterday by a BNP troll calling himself ‘British Fascisti’:

Colin he the one who thinks he's the Bob Dylan of Nationalism?

What a dilemma we would be in if he won.

We wouldn't know whether he was going to make a speech or sing us a song!

BNP members are at their best when they are insulting one another.

What was also funny was Lee Barnes, the BNP's legal officer, posting under the name 'Brighton Pebble'. He claimed that 100% of all the postings on Stormfront criticising the current BNP Führer, Nick Griffin, are made by Communists! Paranoia!

What is also interesting is the nickname ‘british fascisti’ adopted by an anonymous BNP poster. It shows outright support for fascism, given that the term 'British Facisiti’ was the name of the first avowedly fascist organisation established in the United Kingdom. It was criticised back then and accused of being in the pay of a foreign leader, the Italian fascist leader Mussolini who went to war with Britain. But, I’m not surprised to learn of a BNP member supporting foreign fascists. After all, Lee Barnes recently declared his support for the recent fascist victory in Rome and the BNP invited neo-nazi anti-Jewish Holocaust deniers from Austria to the UK shortly before the 1st May elections.

Anonymous said...

If someoune supposrts griffin they are a griffinite?

so what they if they support Auty?


Antifascist said...

Thanks to our old chum for the info - emails would be easier though. Even so, anything you have that you think might be of interest, feel free to sling over.

Anonymous said...

Purging the Droid isn't Harrington in my view. His lot - the Borglike Third Way - have always favoured making even hard drugs legal (though regulated). Harrington doesn't appear to be into drugs himself (power is his drug!) but he (alledgedly) had one girlfriend who took heroin when he was younger and has ever since taken a different tack to most on the Right.