May 03, 2008

Barnbrook sets the tone for the future

Unaccustomed as I (hic) am...
Dickie's slightly slurry speech (and pretty embarrassing moment of forgetfulness) can be seen here.


Mr Knott said...

I've already seen this. I'm presuming he was pissed but if he wasn't and that's his usual standard, the BNP is in for some serious embarrassment over the next few years.

Peter said...

What a fantastic stirring Churchillian speach. You surely cannot be having a go at Richard for having a drink when Londons biggest alcaholic has just been booted out.

Says everything about you lot of filth.

Jack said...

Well it made me laugh but I have to say there's a nasty undercurrent there. He's been in the BNP since 1999 so he's pretty committed to its brand of racism. Yes, we can all have some fun at his expense but I don't think we should underestimate him.

Joe Chapman said...

Was it Hitler that used to start off calmly speaking then gradually get louder?

I not sure that Barnbrook is in control, snarling, growling and spitting down the microphone like that. Surely he should be sounding calm, focused and interesting instead he just sounded like some ranting forgetful drunken idiot even if the content of his speech was rather vague.

The usual guff about "PC" etc. He doesn't appear to be able to say "indigenous" properly, I wonder if he an define it any better?

I think the caveat (if that's the right word for it) in his speech is in the bit where he says something like "...people of any colour or race, so long as they are part of the British identity"

I wonder who would define what "British identity" is?

All in all, a bit of a pathetic speech which hints at the real Richard Barnbrook, the one he clearly has to surpress in front of the cameras.

Ian_QT said...

Did he really forget Boris Johnson's name, or was it some sort of joke (that fell flat)?

Ben Trunch said...

Pinch me, this must be a nightmare? A Nazi in City Hall? In London, my London? Drunk at that too! Hopefully all that he will do is provide some light amusement in the next four years or are we doomed for worse?

irishtony said...

Good heavens I never thought I would say this but I am actually delighted he is now on the GLA.

He will do so much damage to the already screwed up image of the vile BNP

Slurring his words, pathetic attempt at coming across as emotional and sincere, and best of all under the illusion that anyone other than his nazi cronies was listening to him without laughing.

He looked like he was high on power but I suspect when the realisation sets in that he has no power, is out of his depth politically and intellectually and continues to make an ass of himself, then his insecurity will shine through.

I am really looking forward to his catastrophes in the coming months.

I suspect he will help to spell the end of the BNP with his drunken ramblings

irishtony said...


where are my manners

Thanks to everyone for your fantastic reporting over the weekend. It was informative entertaining at times very funny.

Hopefully I can make another donation next week

Antifascist said...

'What a fantastic stirring Churchillian speach.'

Had to let that one through just for the laugh it gave me. Churchillian, huh?

Anonymous said...

in response to Mr Knott, yes he was pissed, that is how he is 24/7, but the bnp dont seem to mind the serious embarrassment.


Anonymous said...

Peter thinks Barnbrook's 'speach' is in any way comparable to one from Churchill? Just shows that he's never listened to a Churchill speech, doesn't it.

Just some bloke said...

Stormfront didn't seem to like his speech much either

"I just watched this. I thought it was awful. He was completely incoherent, and I wondered if he was drunk."

"I understand that he must be under immense pressure right now but that was an embarrassment, he was obviously drunk as a Lord and was incoherant."

"Many of his speeches are cringe worthy."

Anonymous said...

Watching that speech makes me want to curl up and die. It's nearly as embarrassing as Richard Madeley's Ali G impression.

Anonymous said...

That Peter writes in a remarkably similar style to the berk known as Always White over at Stormfront. Always An Idiot, it should be, or possibly Always Talking Crap.

Flakey said...

"Churchill" ?
More Manelsohn, a la "Im a fighter not a quitter".

Anonymous said...

One of those on Stormfront saying Barnbrook is drunk is none other than Chris Telford (raffles), the lacklustre and socially challenged former North East BNP regional organiser from some years back.

Fond of a drink himself and unable to pass a public house whilst out on BNP activities, which were few and far between when he ran the show in the late nineties, Telford should really hold his tongue when discussing other people's drinking habits.

Now estranged from the BNP, after following his meal ticket, Scottish troubadour, Steve Cartwright, in criticism of Griffin after the recent VOC troubles in the party (which Telford's girlfriend supported rather lamely by resigning as Sunderland BNP treasurer) he stupidly supported former Sunderland organiser, Ian Leadbitter, as an Independent candidate in the recent elections, despite Leadbitter departing the BNP following a difference of opinion with some of the VOC instigators themselves prior to the big row at the end of last year.

Telford is a congenital loser and scrounger who is regarded as a clown even by those who still collaborate with him on the Blood & Honour scene.

Talk about the pint pot and the kettle......

Anonymous said...

"Many of his speeches are cringe worthy."

Too true I don't think I've ever heard a speech so embarassing!

Possibly the best anti BNP propaganda - he could just do the job for us by making a fool of himself.

Anonymous said...

'That Peter writes in a remarkably similar style to the berk known as Always White over at Stormfront. Always An Idiot, it should be, or possibly Always Talking Crap.'

Always Shite you mean? Yes, that alcoholic moron is typical of the fat headed fascist fantasists on Stormfront.

crush griffinism said...

What a fucking joke he is!

warning from history said...

Whereas Rome's dangerous neo-nazi Lord Mayor chillingly threaten to go around murdering eastern european immigrants with rifles, with his supporters make stiff arm salutes calling him "Il Duce", British antiracists can rest assured the most we have to worry about bumbrook is whether or not he's too drunk to forget to put his make-up on.

Bumbrook had as much chance of getting elected as mayor of london in the mayoral elections as Elvis turning up riding Shergar.

It will take a thousand and thirty four years for the BNP to grow as big as the Liberal Democrats, (not allowing for splits and party disillusionment), thank god, so whatever's going on elsewhere in Fascist Europe (Italy, Netherlands, etc), there will never be any fascists in power in the UK.

No wonder the cretins on Stormponce have finally woke up and realised the BNP are as useful in fascist world domination terms as a chocolate fireguard.

Seriously, we must keep all eyes peeled on future Copelands as BNP members desert politics for violence and terrorism. If this doesn't happen now, it will a few years down the line, and anti-racists must never be caught off-guard.

We must sadly be vigilant at all times.

Remember how LeComber plotted to assasinate Tony Blair and Robert Cottage had the largest haul of chemical weapons found by the police?

Roddneigh said...

Is there some unwritten law that you must be ugly, brainless, a psychopath, a loner (can't get a girlfriend Collett), mentally disturbed, a pervert (also Collett), a drug dealer, gangster, alcoholic, benefits cheat (or police informer???), to advance within the ranks of Nick Griffin's BNP?

Or are the social misfits of british nazism mere coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Funny why a BNP nonce would want o compare Dicky Bumbrook to Churchill, when the BNP call Winston Churchill a "traitor" and a "war criminal" for waging war on their beloved Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler...

Anonymous said...

BNP wins London assembly seat

Matthew Taylor
The Guardian,
Saturday May 3 2008

The British National party won its first seat on the London assembly last night, but performed worse than expected in the capital amid a cross-party effort to dissuade voters from backing the party.

Richard Barnbrook, a councillor in Barking and Dagenham, received 130,714 votes, giving him an assembly seat as a London-wide member. As Barnbrook took to the podium to deliver an acceptance speech, the leading mayoral candidates and most of the audience left the hall in protest at his election.

The BNP made gains in the Midlands, northern England and Essex. It gained 11 seats but, with most of the 159 councils declared, appeared to fall short of its target of 40 new councillors.

Last night it was still possible the party could make gains in the London assembly elections, although a high turnout made this less likely than previously thought.

The Greens scored one spectacular success: the party became the second-largest on Norwich council. Green candidate Peter Tatchell said: "[We] outpolled Labour in the wards that comprise the Norwich South constituency."

Activists said they had a disappointing night elsewhere , increasing their tally of councillors by five to 116.

dinosaur senior said...

I have said this before and will no doubt get the usual arguments back for saying it this time but DURING THIS SPEECH, BARNBROOK IS NOT DRUNK. By insisting he's drunk you are implying that when he is sober he might be capable of making a coherent speech. I really wish this were true, but it is not. This is Barnbrook sober. This is worse - do you not see?

Anonymous said...

ok dino we get the can we get back to the interesting issue i raised a couple of weeks ago.....i was organising a whip round to get Dicky a new suit on ebay....but you lot for once have not been generous, the pot stands at £1.04p.....i have made several unsuccessful bids on ebay, but sorry just cant get one on this money, any chance you lot could check down the backs of your sofas for any loose change.


Mark Collett's au pere said...

LeBomber didnt plan to assassinate Tony Blair, his intended target was Greg Dyke. Try and get the facts right. Also have a thought for the victims of dyslexia - Richard is one such victim. He really struggles to read his speech notes.

Anonymous said...

He struggles alright, and its got nothing to do with dyslexia.......


Troll Slayer said...

Thanks Mister BNP troll. We all love a thick nazi loving troll, you twat!

Antiracists don't take the piss out of dyslexia, but the drink-induced inability to be coherent that the drunken bum Bumbrook suffers with.