May 29, 2008

Good cash return for the absent councillors

Poor attendance means that some councillors are raking in more than £1,600 for every council meeting they attend. Some have only been to six meetings since last May. When that is divided by their annual £9,810 allowance, it works out at £1,635 a time.

The situation has got so bad that the council's Remuneration Panel is looking at steps to recoup part of the allowance from persistent absentees. The panel has asked officers to look at the legality of imposing a 'claw-back' system during the 2009/10 council year.

Figures obtained by the Post show that the worst non-attendee was Jamie Jarvis, BNP member for Village ward. Of 27 meetings he was required to attend he showed up for just seven - a ratio of 26 per cent, and a payout of £1,401 per meeting. Cllr Jarvis was not available for comment when the Post tried to contact him.

BNP members, Ronald Doncaster and Darren Tuffs, both Parsloes Ward, and Tracey Lansdown, Goresbrook, all attended only six meetings over the year.

Cllr Tuffs told the Post: "A lot of the reason is that I run my own business, and don't always know what I'm going to be doing during the day. I would have to apologise to my constituents. I do try and get to the meetings, but various circumstances stop me. I go to my surgeries every month; I never miss one of those. And when I get queries I sort them out."

Cllr Lansdown said she had been unable to attend meetings because of a serious illness to a close family member.

There are eight councillors who attended less than 50 per cent of their meetings. But this includes Valence Ward Labour councillor, Don Hemmett, who was hospitalised for nine weeks after suffering a severe stroke.

Sandra Doncaster, BNP for Valence, attended eight meetings, a ratio of 44 per cent; while the BNP's candidate for Mayor, Christine Knight, Mayesbrook, went to 13, a ratio of 45 per cent. Jeffrey Steed, BNP for Eastbury, attended 21 meetings, which works out at 44 per cent.

He said: "It's down to work commitments. I work on the railways, and I'm on nights at the moment. It's not stopped me from doing the work that needs to be done in the community."

Bob Little, Labour for Eastbrook and member of the Executive, attended 20 meetings, a ratio of 49 per cent. He said: "I've got a very big executive portfolio, and I'm also chairman of the Broadway Theatre. I do a minimum of three meetings a week, which do not show up on the figures."

Cllr Richard Barnbrook, leader of the BNP group, told last week's annual Assembly that he accepted responsibility for his councillors who failed to make the 50 per cent target:

"I appreciate that my own councillors don't have great attendance" he said.

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Dicky's Arse Dildo said...

Bumbrook himself only attends meetings so he can get sozzled in the subsidized councillors bar afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Neo-nazi BNP councillors aren't bothered one bit about local poitics, and it's about time they packed in this stupid charade once and for all.

Dagenham Resident said...

Frankly I'm surprised that this isn't at the top of the page. Everyone needs to know how useless these bastards are.

Anonymous said...

sorry, dicky's arse dildo....there is no councillors subsidized bar....very occasionally the Mayor may invite members into the parlour after an Assembly meeting, BUT that invitation is never extended to the BNP.

Where you will find them is in the Capt Cook pub 5 minutes walk from the Town Hall, one of Dickys second homes along with the Denman in Dagenham.


Ben said...

"Frankly I'm surprised that this isn't at the top of the page. Everyone needs to know how useless these bastards are."

I'd agree with that if it wasn't for people posting with names like "Dicky's Arse Dildo". For Christ's sake, grow up.

Anonymous said...

Bumbrook needs to grow up, and not behaving like a spoilt brat who has thrown his toys out of the cot.

Anonymous said...

'raffles' on stormfront britain is ex-bnp organiser Chris Telford

Anonymous said...

'raffles' on stormfront britain is ex-bnp organiser Chris Telford

Is Chris Telford still in the BNP?