May 09, 2008

BNP councillor fined for using his mobile

[Now we know why John Oddy resigned so suddenly as BNP town councillor on Colwyn Bay Town Council (as reported here). The only mystery remaining is why his two colleagues resigned at the same time.]

A BNP town councillor was yesterday fined for using his mobile phone while at the wheel of his car.

Last October a police officer spotted John Oddy, 51, driving along the promenade at Colwyn Bay while using his phone, a court heard. Oddy, of West Promenade, Colwyn Bay, did not appear for the hearing before Llandudno magistrates but was found guilty and fined £100 with three penalty points and must pay £75 costs.

Oddy – driving a Jaguar – was “speaking about a media matter to a friend or colleague,” the court heard.

Oddy has just become a member of Colwyn Bay Town Council, elected unopposed as there were not enough candidates in his ward for an election. But in a Conwy County Borough Council election he came bottom of the poll with 10 candidates for four seats.

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irishtony said...

This has to be seen to be believed
if Barnbrook is,nt pissedat the first GLA meeting we are in for some real treats

Check him out at approx 3 mins,
49mins and at the end.

he looks totally trousered and he is slurring his words. At the end he sounds like Hitler, looks a bit like him too in his silly suit.

watch him slur his words, get lost for words

he comes across as a kind of MYSTERON

Gary Glitter said...

Mark Collett will one day be fined for shagging his blow-up doll while driving.

Anonymous said...

In Queensbury in Bradford, the two "do-nothing" thick as pig shite Griffinite Cromie councillors actually bothered to turn up for a vote a few months ago, when Bradford Council were planning to invest a million pounds from their windfall in Leeds Bradford airport shares in the community of Queensbury.

So they turned up to rubber stamp the council's generosity, to help improve Queensbury's public amenities, just like any other elected councillor would, to serve their communities?


The BNP said Queensbury people didn't need the money. This was really quite amazing.

Like, in Rotherham, the BNP try to pretend they are a "party of common sense" working on behalf of their electorate, but when push comes to shove, the BNP would vote against measures to counteract local poverty, as they know that a happy and contented public at ease with the local authority wouldn't bother voting neo-nazi.

So BNP councillors are the worst sort of hypocrites going.

Put that in your bong and smoke it, Lee Barnes!

K Y Jelly (Bumbrook's Lube Tube) said...

Bumbrook is a laughing stock, and everyone within the BNP knows he is a tit.

If only the media would start making fun of this Griffin lackey, but like everyone else in the Griffin cabal, he is protected from all negative publicity, as if the establishment wants to keep Griffin at the helm of the BNP.

neonazinewsfeed said...

It's official, the challenge is on to Cyclops!

the battle of the hitler worshippers