May 28, 2008

Barnbrook shunned by London's youth

The British National Party's most powerful serving politician was stood up today by 100 young people he had arranged to meet at City Hall.

Last Sunday Richard Barnbrook visited Sidcup to recruit young people affected by the murder of Robert Knox. After returning from the visit he wrote on his Telegraph hosted blog that:

'I have invited all of the young people there to come down to City Hall this Tuesday for 9:30 in the morning. This knife crime has to be stopped. If I have to bring a 100 young people into Boris's office then that is what I will do.'

Yet as I stood waiting for the legions of Nazi youth to turn up, it soon became clear that nobody had taken him up on the offer. In fact from when I arrived at just before 9.00 until when I left at just after 10.00, not a single young person came to join Barnbrook and his aides outside City Hall.

Because the BNP have boasted that Barnbrook's election is the latest step of a 'quiet revolution' that will bring them to power. But as I saw Dick shuffle silently back into City Hall, it became clear that this quiet revolution had just got that little bit quieter.

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Anonymous said...

My faith and trust has always been in the young to beat racisim and once again they have rewarded that trust.

They saw through this ghoul in a brown suit, they saw that all he was trying to do was capitalize on the dreadful murder of their friend.

Our young people are not stupid.


Mr Fister said...

Let's be honest, even Adolf and Eva would not leave their children in the care of "Tricky" Dicky, so why would he think other decent parents would entrust their kids with him?

Anonymous said...

What a dickhead.

Many bnp members are already disillusioned with this griffin ass licker.

Anonymous said...

How many pints did it take to console yourself that you're a loner and a loser, Bumbrook?

Simone (with Mark hanging out the back of...) said...

See what happens when you gets pissed, Richard?