June 27, 2008

BNP Parish Councillor Faces The Crunch

Deacon (facing camera, to the left of the person giving salute)
on a National Front activity before his election

Bedfordshire campaigners are organising to confront the racist politics of British National Party Parish Councillor Simon Deacon and will be scrutinising his response to the Equal Opportunities Policy being laid before the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 1st July.

On Tuesday 1st July Simon Deacon, British National Party (BNP) councillor for Markyate Parish Council, will be asked to give his assent to the body’s Equal Opportunities Policy. This will create an impossible situation for Deacon, the former leading National Front activist who told the St Albans Observer (25.4.07) on his election

'England was a white country – we think it should be returned to that.'

The Equal Opportunities Policy contains many statements that stand totally opposed to his racist ideology, particularly the clause on cultural diversity that states:

'the council recognises that we live in a multicultural society and believes that cultural diversity should be viewed positively.'

Apart from Deacon’s personal prejudice, this very mild and reasonable statement stands against the policy of the national BNP, which calls for “an immediate halt to all further immigration...and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here.”

You can hardly value another culture if you want it moved out of town.

The Policy sets very high standards for councillors, stating that “the principle behind the statement must be reflected in all of our behaviours and practices.” Three Counties UAF feel that belonging to a Party that undermines a policy in its everyday business is a practice that is incompatible with being a Parish Councillor.

It is Deacon’s declared intent to get the BNP active in Hemel Hempstead and campaigners feel that his activity on the parish council is merely a smokescreen to further his wider electoral ambitions.

Markyate has shown itself to be a village free of prejudice in the manner that it returned an Asian woman, Jayshree Patel, onto the Parish Council long before Deacon walked into the post last May.

Three Counties UAF say that if Deacon agrees to the Policy then he should resign from the BNP, but if he disagrees then he should resign from the Parish Council. This action is the first in a campaign of action by Three Counties UAF to raise awareness of the threat posed by the BNP to the well-being of the village.


1. The attached photo shows Deacon (facing camera, to the left of the person giving salute) on a National Front activity before his election. The person doing the salute is Stuart Hollingsdale, an NF member who was jailed in 1998 for smashing up the Stephen Lawrence memorial plaque in Eltham, South London.

2. Deacon was elected unopposed to the seat in May 2007 when only 9 nominations were made for the 10 vacancies on the parish council.

Three Counties UAF


Anonymous said...


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Daily Mail Website A Haven For Fascists said...

I just came across the most sickening pro-nazi rants on the Daily Mail website where 99% of BNP supporting posters approved of the persecution (and even the repeat of the Holocaust) upon Roma people in Italy.


Be warned! Just reading these far right racist comments made me physically sick.

Unfortunately, the Daily Mail was the newspaper known for supporting Adolf Hitler and Oswald Mosley and they refuse to censor the most vile racist comments posted on their website.

anti nazi said...

BNP members doing Hitler salutes.... lol

Didn't someone say the Pope's Catholic?

Mr Fister said...

This Dick head is a bigger piss head than Dicky!

Welshpool Wankers Social Club said...

This freak looks like he comes from the same ilk as Paedo Boy Collett.

Why does the typical BNP loser resemble a football hooligan who can't handle his shandy???

Cyclops must be held personally responsible for the rabble of shady characters infecting the bnp.

Anonymous said...

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brightahomes said...

Enough is Enough blog is back up again, and is snapping at the heels of griffin like an angry yorkshire terrier.

Why if they hate griffin so much do they carry a link to that "project iona" bullshit sponsored by Brightahomes, the bastard double glazing scam cousin of avocado mortgages?

Do the rebs still carry a torch for Griffin?

shergar said...

Anyone knows what happened to "Horse Matters", or was this website abandoned after equine-loving Walker ("Mister Horse Porn") fell out with his forer chums.

I think Lancaster UAF ought to present a serious of awards called the FASHTAS, and give the most nominations to Walker for his love of horse bestality. Downloading horse porn had to be one of the sickest yet funniest actions of the last year by the BNP, and goes to show that the British far right is well and truly buggered, thank god!

Anonymous said...

the only difference between the person/knuckledragger named in your post and the prat with his arm in the air, is the hair cut.


webeatthebnp said...

terrible stereotyping alert !!!

BUT, have you noticed that you can always recognise a pair of BNP leafletters ?

One looks like a football hooligan, and the other always looks like a child molester.

As I say, terrible stereotyping - but it's remarkable how often it's the case!!!