June 26, 2008

Solidarity PayPal account frozen

The BNP's pretend trade union has suffered another financial problem. A notice posted on 25 June on Solidarity's website stated that PayPal had frozen its account, which is used to receive membership subscriptions and donations online.

"This is due to the fact that the level of payments have triggered an automatic process designed to prevent money-laundering," the notice said. "We are required to submit photographic ID of officials, bank statements and so on. We are in the process of doing this."

This comes a month after the Trade Union Certification Office opened an investigation into Solidarity's financial affairs. For more information, read the July 2008 issue of Searchlight.



Anonymous said...

Do we expect anything less from the Squalidarity union?

Allegations of money-laundering?

Sounds like Nick Grifin is somehow involved here.

The Paypal account is not the only likely fraudulent issue with Squalidarity. Patrick Harrington also seems to have opened up a new bank account after the original HSBC one was frozen.

The new Squalidarity bank account is with the ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, and all of the union's money goes there now.

Unity has over the last year shown conclusively how Patrick Harrington and Nick Griffin stole the union for its legally constituted executive and took with it the web site and funds. Clearly the new bank account could therefore only have been opened up through fraudulent means using fraudulent documents.

Patrick Harrington may well have deceived the Royal Bank of Scotland and this bank account is likely to be fraudulent.

Anonymous said...

According to sources the fake union Solidarity has a bank account at the Royal Bank of Scotland and, oddly enough, it's based in Edinburgh, home of the fake union General Secretary Pat Harrington.

Solidarity's bank details are:

Sort Code 80-11-00
Account No 06072921

It's address is:

Royal Bank of Scotland
38, St Andrews Square

All anti-fascists should contact the Royal Bank of Scotland Edinburgh's branch to complain why they are offering services to a BNP front and fascist trade union.

It would also be interesting to ask them why a fraudulent trade union using fraudulent documents has been able to deceive a major high street bank to access its services.

If you prefer to telephone here are some numbers:

Head of Group Communications Carolyn McAdam 0131 523 2055

Head of Group Media Relations Neil Moorhouse 0131 523 4414

For out-of-hours media enquiries please call 0131 454 1800 for the duty press officer.

Customer Relations Unit on 0800 015 5035

Protests can also be submitted online via the RBS website at www.rbs.com and the website page for online complaints is


The St Andrews Square branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland where Solidarity has its account can be contacted directly by telephone on 0131 556 8555.

Anonymous said...

We must try and ensure that Pat Harrington gets to receive the consequences of the trouble and lies that he so willingly and enjoyably gives out.

He tried to slime his way into the Electoral Commission by claiming that his fascist party, the National Liberal Party, is distinct from the Liberal Party and the Liberal Democrats, though baosting on the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum that the name was chosen to dupe Lib Dem voters.

The Commission took him at his word (naive thing to do!) and requested that his fascist NLP use the descriptive term 'Third Way' on its material.

Lancaster Unity has recently revealed that Harrington and his Third Way con men have duped the Commission and failed to use that end term 'Third Way' on their website.

We must all contact the Electoral Commission to complain about this deception by Third Way/NLP.

Follow this up with complaints to the Royal Bank of Scotland about the operation of a fascist front group and fraud and we may yet see us taking another fascist scalp.

Paypal have already suspended the Solidarity account because of complaints.

Now we must isolate and strangle Solidarity and the NLP.

Anonymous said...

I see that patrick harrington is now making threats of 'payback' against anyone who dares criticises him and his fake union.

Perhaps Unity should watch out as they may receive 'payback' from the fake general secretary as they have exposes him and his deception on numerous occasions - theft of the solidarity trade union, use of Accentuballs 'PR' company as a cover for grabbing funds from solidarity, fake 'moneybomb' donation squeeze, deception of electoral commission and public by use of their NLP party's name and using harringtons copyrighted pictures - amongst other things!

Maybe Unity ought to watch out as bags of shit may be coming your way from the Great Fantasist himself!

Anonymous said...

looks like there paypal problem is resolved! another LU scare mongering exercise?