June 29, 2008

Leading BNP member resigns stating 'the party is corrupt' and undemocratic

Scottish BNP webmaster Paul Johnson has resigned from the BNP, citing the party's corruption and lack of democracy among his reasons for leaving. His resignation statement (completely unedited) is reproduced below:

'What have I learned about the BNP in almost a year of being a paid member and as a BNP Scotland official, that a lot of the rumours are true and the party is corrupt, and is not democratic in any shape or form. Infact one might go as far to say that its not necessarily British but more of lets follow Griffin and blow smoke up his arse!

The party is full of a lot of lemmings that think Nick Griffin/ Mark Collett are some sort of 'Gods' in the making. I suppose when you surround yourself with lemmings it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you are the greatest person who walked the earth.

I had a person that wanted some answers with regard to the parties constitution. I didn't have a copy so I thought I would contact other officials for advice or to obtain a copy. The first person I contacted was Mark Collett who said he has never seen a copy and wouldn't know where to get one from. In the end he suggested that I contacted Nick Griffin as at the end of the day he was the one who wrote it.

Before I went that far up the official line I thought I would contact the deputy party leader, Simon Darby. His words on the subject were why do you want it? Just tell him to "F*$k Off!" He is only a 'red' trying to wind you up!"

I could add more to this but I will only be called a 'Red' or a 'Traitor'. Would I reccommend joining the BNP? As it stands with the current lineup It would be a resounding NO! If the party changes its current team leadership and how its run then Yes! Only time will tell if the party changes for the better as currently it is stuck in the dark ages.'


Anonymous said...

It seems that the BNP is really a left-wing front masquerading as a Nazi party!

So many BNP members are being thrown out or becoming disillusioned and then being described as 'reds' and 'traitors' by the leadership that I am hesitant to say that perhaps the BNP have become in effect a party whsoe membership are in to a large extent anti-fascists!

It's a weird world.

Especially in the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate him, and I only wish I'd had someone like that around within my first 12 months of membership. Instead, it took me years to realise what a bunch of thoroughly nasty, evil, and corrupt wankers they all are.

Ex BNP member, fighting to keep Griffin out of Europe.

Anonymous said...

from http://scottishbritishandproud.blogspot.com/

"I read with interest your article on the BNP news section about Glasgow and the West of Scotland’s Summer Solstice and BBQ and I’m wondering if you could tell me if it was the same Summer Solstice that the notorious, proscribed, ex C-18, neo-Nazi, holocaust denier Stevie Cartwright attended?"

"I had heard tell that Mr Baillie sings sectarian songs in Bingham’s Bar in Glasgow while giving Nazi salutes. At the time I dismissed this information as it came from a loyalist acquaintance who was not supportive of the BNP; however I now believe this person did actually witness what he claimed to have seen. What a disappointment."

It seems that the BNP in Scotland are still open about being Nazis.

Anonymous said...

It took him a year to find this out?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same person who has the House Of Johnson blog?

joe said...

The BNP sing inflamatory sectarian songs in Scotland about the Pope and irish catholics, because they hope to get Rangers foorball hooligans involved as well as hardline nazis and white supremacists.

Antifascist said...

'Is this the same person who has the House Of Johnson blog?'

It appears so.

Anonymous said...

things missing the point here.the downfall of the bnp will be paranoia ? one example is birmingham.split into 3 groups north,east and south and they are at each others throats.you can see why someone as intellegent as rob purcell left the party.they are that paranoid if somebody goes for a piss twice in half an hour,they are a stich.