June 21, 2008

Join the fight - join the forum!

If you joined in our "live" blogging experiment on election night you'll remember that we had a lot of fun, and that we said we'd repeat the experience in the future.

Well, it set us thinking - elections and breaking news (like the BNP rebel expulsions) are real anti-fascist crowd-pullers, and while we can blog news and moderate comments in near real time, the process is cumbersome, especially for you as you need to constantly hit page refresh to keep up.

There is a better way, of course, and sometimes visitors have asked us to provide a regular forum for continued, more flowing discussion - so we have!

It's simply called Unity - because that says it all.

The forum is complementary to Lancaster Unity (and other Unity and anti-fascist websites), and we hope it becomes a major weapon in the fight against the far-Right.

We'll post the address of the Unity forum here at 10.00 a.m. on Sunday morning, and there will be a permanent link in the sidebar.

Self-registration is currently enabled, but we intend to move to Admin-approved registration soon after launch, so come early and get on board.


Anonymous said...

Hope the website weeds out the nazi trolls from the likes of Lee Barnes and Simon Darby's Trolling Army!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what took you so long.

Only joking. It's just what's needed to go with the Lancaster main site.


Anonymous said...

brilliant, sign me up


DT said...

Excellent. Another great resource.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're ready for the trolls! I hope this works out.

Chris B said...

Great news. Exactly what we need.

Anonymous said...

Well done guys. Even if it doesn't work out, its brilliant that you're making the effort. Let's face it, the national organisations don't seem to be doing anything like this. At least Lancaster Unity engages with its supporters.

john k said...

Fab. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

A lez and a jew?

Your fucking mad if you thinck your going to ge away with this.


Sami said...

Great stuff. This should be an interesting and useful addition to LU, as long as the nazis don't interferere too much.

Antifascist said...

'A lez and a jew?

Your fucking mad if you thinck your going to ge away with this.


I thought it might be interesting to have a reminder of the kind of moron we're up against.

Joe B. said...

"A lez and a jew?

Your fucking mad if you thinck your going to ge away with this."

What is this idiot on about? Get away with having a forum? And how does being "a lez and a jew" make any difference?

You go for it. Lancaster Unity is doing a good job and I'm sure a forum will do nothing but make it better.

Anonymous said...

Nice one chaps.

irishtony said...

feck !!

More reason to stay on the laptop !!

Looking forward to it

Dismantle Simon Darby's Trolling Army said...

Hopefully, if the Hitler worshippers will infiltrate the forum come out with clear racism and homophobia, they will be spotted a mile away.

So much for the half-baked efforts of Simon Darby's Trolling Army lol.

As we all know, Indymedia neo-nazi trolls have for a long time brought in the topic of Zionism off-topic while the discussion is about unrelated matters, hoping to pit anti-Semitism against Islamophobia in the hope to destroy anti-racist consistency (to try to force accusations of double-standards and hypocrisy), but Lancaster Unity has nothing to worry about there, as it is against all racism.

Just make sure all conversations remain on-topic.

Another trolling device, is posting misinfo, nonsense and libel, but you will be waiting for this tactic also.

Finally, some nazi trolls are more clever than others (by a single brain cell, or so, I mean - still being thick as two short planks for thinking fascism and racism has a future), in going along with the flow, maintaining their disguise, poised to cock things up somewhere down the line, "sleepers" as I call them. these are the most dangerous form of troll, and by keeping tight rain over the formation and approval over new threads, by insisting all new topics must be rubber-stamped, so they cannot get out of hand, any "sleeper" who goes native, (i.e., from criticising the bnp, suddeenly plays up their chances of winning), should be limited in the damage they can do!

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