October 05, 2008

Armed racist Ellis Hammond's police links 'kept from court'

The Metropolitan police have been accused of withholding the fact that a racist fanatic prosecuted for stockpiling illegal weapons was one of their own officers.

According to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), officers failed to disclose in a prosecution dossier that Ellis Hammond was a serving police community support officer (PCSO) after he had been found with a cache of arms including a CS spray, a stun gun, combat knives, a knuckleduster and a replica AK-47. He was also a member of the far-right British National party (BNP) and had a collection of racist literature.

Hammond, who had lied about his BNP membership on joining the police, was given a conditional discharge after pleading guilty to two firearms charges when he appeared at Bexley magistrates’ court in March. After his arrest in December last year he was also permitted to resign his post rather than face disciplinary procedures.

Largely because Hammond’s connections with the police were not publicised, the court case was not attended by any media. The Sunday Times did, however, report on the case shortly afterwards and the lightness of the sentence given out to Hammond led to further inquiries being made by the Independent Advisory Group, which oversees the force’s handling of race issues.

In a letter to an IAG member, Nazir Afzal, the director of the CPS for south London, confirmed: “The prosecutor presented all the relevant information available at the time to the magistrates’ court. This did not include any reference to the fact that the defendant was a PCSO at the time of the offences as those details were not disclosed on the prosecution file when submitted to the CPS by the police.”

A CPS spokeswoman added: “We would have used the information if we had had it. It is fair to say it would have been helpful.”

A member of Hammond’s family said: “The Met have been very good about this. They gave Ellis the option to resign, which was good because if he had been dismissed it would have been on his CV. There were people from the Met at court to support him, which was nice too.”

The matter has now become the subject of an internal police investigation. Although a CPS lawyer was told of Hammond’s police role at the time of his being charged, that fact was apparently later omitted from the prosecution file, which was processed by a different CPS official. A Met spokesman said: “We are aware of the CPS’s comments and are looking at the issues involved. But we did inform them prior to the trial that he [Hammond] had been a PCSO at the time of the offences being committed.”

Sunday Times


Mr Bean said...

Must have been a nice surprise for the plods when they raided his house.

1 CS tear gas canister.
1 police-style ASP retractable baton.
1 pair of Metropolitan Police issue Handcuffs.
1 knuckle duster.
8 combat knives.
DVDs containing hate material.
Various items of British National Party literature.
Some obscene material.
25-30 mainly imported T-shirts from the USA bearing nazi and white power group symbols and hardline racist and nazi slogans.
4 BB guns.
1 replica AK47 assault rifle.
1 copy of The Turner Diaries, the US publication that has served as a blueprint for nazi terrorism in the USA, written by the late William Pearce, a close friend of the BNP who has played host to them at his National Alliance HQ in the USA and was guest of honour at a BNP annual meeting in east London some years ago.
And finally, to top it off, a BNP membership card.

Fooking hell!

Anonymous said...

He'll be Nick Griffins right-hand man soon. Know what I mean, nudge nudge.

GG said...

"He'll be Nick Griffins right-hand man soon. Know what I mean, nudge nudge."

Thanks. I just threw up all over my keyboard. ;)

life behind bars said...

Sounds like another Robert Cottage, a racist nutter timebomb waiting to go on a murder spree, and yet, he escaped the police discplinary tribunal scott-free.

Makes you wander if infact racist Life On Mars policing has infact ended?

Anonymous said...

Hammond will be leading the BNP one day, once he has developed weird sexual urges, (if he hasn't already).

Nick Griffin's BNP really are a party of losers and maniacle psychopaths.

And yet, the rebels have decided to sniff Cyclops's arse like their lives depend on it.

rebels suck! said...

Anyone know what happened to the lily-livered rebels?????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

I've been following your capers with the bnp on the web for months now.I honestly believe you lot are the extremists,your a bunch of bloody nutters.The bnp are also honest enough to put all comments on thier sites positive or negitve unlike you.

Antifascist said...

'Anyone know what happened to the lily-livered rebels?'


'The bnp are also honest enough to put all comments on thier sites positive or negitve unlike you.'

If you believe that, you'll believe anything - the BNP dump 90% of the comments they get, especially the ones concerning Nick Griffin's antics. Oh, and it's 'their' and 'negative', by the way. Do learn English or they won't let you join the master race.

maris peer said...

Funny how Simon Darby and his barmy army of internet trolls still think they can cause chaos and disruption by posting bullshit comments on this blog, the dickheads!

Canny Bis said...

Wandering if that prick of a troll calling this an "extremist blog" was non other than Lee Barnes himself. If so, it's a case of kettles and pots, eh, "Mister My-Brain-Has-Been-Abducted-By-Aliens-Barnes"!

Keep smoking the ganja, LLB!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure reading a book makes you a terrorist. To be honest, I would be interested in reading the Turner Diaries - there is nothing quite like reading the key texts of your enemy.