October 03, 2008

Cop resigns over BNP badge

A policeman has been forced to resign after wearing a British National Party badge at an England football match.

Stuart Janaway, 36, wore the badge while off duty at a game against Hungary at Old Trafford two years ago. He had also worn it at a charity England versus `the rest of the world' celebrity match held a few days earlier at the same ground.

An investigation began after Greater Manchester Police received information that Mr Janaway had items relating to the extreme right-wing party at his home. Badges were recovered after a search of his house and photographs showed him wearing them at the matches. A misconduct hearing into claims that Mr Janaway was wearing an `inappropriate' badge while off duty was held last week. Following the hearing he was asked to resign and did so.

Mr Janaway, of Rixtonleys Drive, Irlam, had served in GMP for 14 years and worked as a Pc based at Longsight. He joined the police after first training to be a priest. A police spokesman said there was no evidence that he was a member of the BNP.

Acting Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney, head of the Professional Standards Branch, said: "The Chief Constable's Order of 2004 makes it clear officers are banned from being members of the BNP. This requirement extends into the private lives of officers.

"All officers and staff are aware that non-compliance will likely result in dismissal. The officer failed to live up to the high standards we demand."

One source said: "The swiftness with which this matter was dealt with indicates that GMP will not tolerate such breach of police regulations."

In 1998 Mr Janaway hit the headlines when he helped treat a shooting victim. He also saved a number people intent on committing suicide.

Manchester Evening News


Anonymous said...

Looks like an idiot.

Is an idiot!!! lol

You need to have a low Aryan IQ to join the masterrace.

rickeeee said...

He was obviously a good officer once but lost his way when seduced by Nick Griffin's lies and hatred.

Following the Secret Policeman BBc documentary, it's refreshing that the GM force is being cleaend up from its "Life On Mars" racist and sexist days.

Spense said...

He looks like a younger, thinner and much better looking Paul Cromie!

Anonymous said...

36? He looks more like 56, the poor old ugly bugger.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate the BNP and their 'policies'. You can't help but feel sorry for those caught up in their train of hate, lies and more lies.

Sefton S.

St Helener said...

Is he trying to do a poor impression of Johnny Vegas, knowing he can't pull it off cos Vegas is a decent man and not a racist twat!!!

Anonymous said...

What an absolute numpty.

BB said...

Lee Barnes has got a real bee up his arse about you lot. LOL

"No doubt Melanie Phillips and her Zionist network in the media and Lancaster Unity would already be penning a missive for her spectator blog and frothing
their venom across the internet."

Anonymous said...

He was obviously a wannabe member because he took enormous risks being seen in public with a badge but I thought it was only 'illegal' to be a member rather than sympathiser?

Also am I the only one to see something sinister about the police raiding his home to check for badges? We seem to be sleepwalking into a quasi-fascist state?

Landale said...

That is or was a policeman? - somewhere the selection procedure leaves a little to be desired!

Ex Copper said...

To the troll (Lee Barnes), posing the question about the infringement of individual and human rights during special police searches of the homes of serving officers: -

Intrusion into the personal lives of officers is especially poignant when you watch a documentary about a Greater Manchester police recruits that have slipped through the net, despite the vetting proceedure, evil racist monsters who express a wish to hidden cameras of murdering Asian people by chucking them in-front of trains (when no-one's looking), if they get the chance.

Infringing oersonal rights is a necesary evil, if all sections of our police forces are to win the public's trust. With stop and search at an all-time high, and logging proceedures reduced to save admin time, it's all the more necessary that the police are whiter than white, but are not white supremacist, so they can police all communities firmly but fairly.

It's the only way for the police force to shake off the remaining vestiges of the pre-Brixton riots institutional racism, to weed out racists.

Anyone criticising this, on the aspect of the infringement of human and personal rights should ask themselves, just as we cannot trust a racist copper to be impartial when laying down the law to all races and communities, would you also agree that social workers who were suspected to be paedophiles have their houses searched for downloaded images of child pornography?

Both social workers and the police are public officials with enforcement powers, and to exercise these powers, requires a greater level of screening than required for the general public, if they are to exercise their duties fairly and justly.

If you choose to work as a surgeon, you must, for insurance and safety purposes, submit to infection tests.

If you wish to work with children, you must have a CRB check.

If you are a nightclub bouncer, you must also be criminally checked.

If you are a soldier, you must undertake rigourous fitness regimes, and can get disciplined for excessive drinking and bad behaviour (even if non-criminal), when off-duty in the services, in your own time.

If you are a policeman, you must strictly adhere to the rules of political and societal impartiability, which require that you must guarantee that you do not belong to an extremist political group.

One of the worst things about the hypocrisy of people like Lee Barnes (who could well, despite any denials have written that last neo-Nazi troll post), is that he is fully in favour of possible Al Quaida terrosists having their houses searched and computers confiscated.

Quite rightly, terrorists are prvented from spreading terror, but more often than not, they are students, kids, or young people downloading extremist literature, while not in positions of authority.

Members of Her Magesty's Police Force are, on the other hand, paid civil servants who have signed up to special responsibilities and duties that come with the job, which was their decision.

ralph said...

Indeed! That secret policeman show was chilling.

And little or no action was taken against those GM police trainees who expressed a wish to murder black and asian people.

Reminds me of the regular tales of racial harrassment in the services, in paticular the Royal Marines against black and Asian recruits.