October 06, 2008

Fascist meeting disrupted

East London BNP - not welcome in East London
News reaches us that the re-launch of the East London BNP group got off to a less than successful start today. After what can only be described as a gathering of the Darby and Joan club, the assembled geriatrics met at the Salmon and Ball pub on the corner of Bethnal Green Road. This it turns out was just the re-direction point as it soon became clear that the grey-haired security team we're shepherding the old folk a mere one hundred meters away to a church hall opposite! Well done on the planning there people!

A quick call to the church uncovered that the poor old vicar had no idea his hall was being used by the fascist filth as it had been booked by a 'book club', that old chestnut! The 'Vic' assured the concerned caller that he had spoken to the encamped knuckle draggers and told them that they would have to leave as God was none too happy with their choice of politics. The police arrived soon after and encouraged the somewhat downhearted oldies to leave as they were no longer welcome. They had been inside for little over an hour which we believe would have given them very little time to re-launch their sad little group.

As the gaunt and the grey hoard Shuffled out from the hall in single file the anti fascist gathering (that had by now swelled to twice the size) decided to let the fascists know how welcome they really were. As one group followed the main body of fascists up the road, closely followed by the police, a smaller group went over to have a 'chat' with five or six 'men' still stood outside the hall.

They were told in no uncertain terms that they were not wanted in East London and that they would be hounded at every opportunity. The aryan brothers were strangely quiet and the look on their faces said it all.

All in all a pretty good day for anti-fascists with plenty of photo opportunities and a fascist meeting stopped! The old heads of the East London BNP including the likes of Derek Beacon and Richard Edmonds must tonight be scratching their shiney domes wondering what went wrong. Maybe stick to taking the old folk out to bingo in future eh chaps!

Thanks to apple123 at Indymedia


Mr Fister said...

I bet Kate Dermented is shitting her (large) incontenence underwear.

Antifascist said...

Seems like some of her own have an equally high opinion of her as you, Mr F. This was posted over at NWN.

'I blame Dermody and the big gobs at the BPP (interesting to note how their swastika wearing secrutiy team has run off on them too over their bog gobs and police links). BPP, stay the fuck away you Hollywood clowns. You're picking fights you do not even have the bottle to show up for.'

Mr Fister said...

Just had a look over there. Seems like they have her and her cronies pretty well sussed out too.

Saga Nazis said...

The BPP are a crock of shite, and thankfully, cannot organise a piss-up in a brewery.

The BNP not the BPP is the natural home for racist geriatrics.

Three years ago, Cyclops called the BNP "the trendy party in politics"!

Trendy for racist senile over-70s, you meant???

30 Bob said...

Notice how they the BNPers all have pure white aryan hair?

I guess "rights for whites" means the BNP are standing up for the right for geriatric BNP losers to walk around without the use of Grecian 2000.

This BNP meeting puts the term "white supremacy" into comical context.


iliacus said...

Perhaps, instead of talking up the BNP's Euro prospects, Cruddas should be highlighting the fact that :

the only way the East London BNP Group can get a room in which to meet, is by telling lies to vicars !!!

[Sorry to harp on, but it terrifies me that anti-fascists could be doing the BNP's work for them]

Mr Fister said...

How can it be doing the BNP's work, and further more how is it "talking up" the BNP?

The statistics speak for themselves. These statistics come before the results are published.

Get out of your ivory tower and actually do some antifascist work and see for yourself.