October 18, 2008

Neo-Nazis Murder Schoolgirl in Irkutsk

Neo-Nazis killed a 16-year-old girl in Irkutsk, Russia because they thought she was a member of an anti-fascist group, according to an October 17, 2008 report by the Jewish.ru web site. On October 18, three neo-Nazis beat Olga Rukosyla to death after noticing that she had red laces on her shoes, a sign of membership in an anti-fascist group. Witnesses, however, assert that she merely wore the laces as a fashion statement rather than as a sign of any political affiliation. Neo-Nazis and anti-fascists often clash violently in Russia; it is not clear from the report if police have made any arrests in connection with the murder.



BBC News Stupidity said...

Another sickening EuroNazi rise, to add to Italy and Austria as nazi hotspots.

Thank God the UK isn't a naturally racist place. When Cyclops pops his clogs, there would be no state funeral or even a tear shed.

The most fitting way to remember Gri££in would be to take a dump, bend down and take a deep sniff of the pungent fruit of your own bowels. A shitty turd is the most fitting way to pay tribute to the swindling BNP crook.

The crazy BBC news tam has just broadcast the Austrian Nazi Drink Driving funeral of a racist criminal with the reverence of the loss of Princess Diana.

They put this video up on the BBC news website, without a single piece of commentary.

Looking at the video, if you didn't know he had been a hardcore Nazi, you would have thought with the Austrian army in tow, that he was a war hero who had died in combat, not a racist Hitler-loving scumbag.

Take a look yourself at this strangely silent and pointless) piece of BBC broadcasting.



Has the supposedly liberal BBC been comandeered by Scumfront, or what?

I hope decent-minded people boycott Austria for their skiing holidays.

LorMarie said...

These neo-nazis are absolutely disgusting! There's no other way to describe them. Sorry for my rant.

Anonymous said...

Revolting cowards. Not a BNP connection at all but you can make of it what you will.