October 16, 2008

MP attack's BNP's 'racist' agenda

The British National Party is attempting to drum up support in north Manchester and has launched a scathing attack on the Labour party.

The controversial party has slammed Labour for being in ‘free fall’ and claims the UKs current leading party is betraying working class communities. And the BNP says north Manchester is no longer a ‘no-go’ area for nationalist politics which is reflected through the party winning between 25-30 per cent of the vote in Blackley and Charlestown wards over the past two years.

Both Blackley and Charlestown are said to be long established white British and Irish communities and are areas the BNP feels are under severe pressure from the alleged immigration invasion under Labour.

A statement on the BNP official website said: "Political support for the Labour party is in free fall, as ordinary people at last recognise the extent of Labour's betrayal of white working class communities. There is a now a tangible sense of despair among Manchester’s local Labour ‘mafia’. In a last desperate attempt to stave off rising support for the BNP, the Labour Party has enlisted the support of their political fellow-travellers in the ruling politburo of Greater Manchester Police.

"Following the humiliating departure of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, Greater Manchester Police, under Chief Constable Peter Fahy, have now taken on the mantle of Britain’s most blatantly political police force."

Blackley Labour MP Graham Stringer has hit back at the BNP’s criticisms and branded their comments 'racist' and instead stresses the desire his party has to support the Blackley community during the current financial crisis, which is also an attempt to rubbish the BNP’s remarks.

Graham Stringer, said: "North Manchester does not need the BNP causing racist trouble from outside to help destroy our community as they have done in other areas in the past. Especially during these difficult and uncertain times of the credit crunch, Labour councillor are not complacent and do not take people's support for granted. We are willing to work harder to try to ensure that there is as much time to involve ourselves in the community as possible."

Middleton Guardian


celtic fan said...

I hope the "long established Irish community" are reminded that the BNP supports Unionist terrorists and have conducted hate campaigns against Irish Catholics in the past.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you reproduce this rubbish article that treats the BNP like a valid alternative political viewpoint.

Flakey said...

The BNP may well be aiming to "drum up support in Manchester" but it might be better for it to try and drum up support in the wards it decides to contest. The BNP fought 3 by elections this week and I look forward to Iliacus' analysis, for the time being let's just say their votes were less than impressive. In Dewsbury where the BNP was defending a seat vacated by rebel and leadership challenger Colin Auty, its vote almost halved in just 5 months. Attempting to defend the BNPs slump some posters on SF said Auty had a "personal following" but Daffy Duck claimed that was unlikely and that people vote for parties. In which case Daffy's attempt to pour scorn on Auty's charisma (or lack of) suggests even he admits the BNPs popularity is shrinking and the name now repels even former voters rather than attract new ones.

Nice one Daffy