October 01, 2008

Cameron hits out over BNP

David Cameron has launched a stunning attack on the British National Party in Stoke-on-Trent.

Speaking from his party's conference in Birmingham the Conservative leader branded the BNP as "a threat to our country" and said the Tories intended to win votes from the far-right party.

He said: " It is incumbent on all parties – Conservative, Labour and Liberals – to make sure that we campaign so hard and represent people so well, that we work our streets, housing estates and council terraces so well, that we don't leave any room for people to feel disaffected and turn to the BNP. In Stoke we will do everything to stand up for local people to help them and represent them so we can make sure that these people have absolutely no part to play in our politics."

The comments come the day before Mr Cameron is to make a key-note speech to thousands of delegates at the party conference.

The Sentinel


Chatterton said...

Yes but are the Tories going to DO something about the BNP or just pump up the rhetoric?

Anonymous said...

chatterton, what do you want the tory party to do about the bnp. ban them?

freddo said...

I wander if Cameron's hopes to win votes from the BNP means to pander to its racist policies?

Please Mister Cameron! said...

I wander if David will have a quiet word in the ear of the right wing press to warn them about all of the neo-nazi trolling going on in papers like the Times, Telegraph and Mail on their online views pages, following all stories to do with race, the BNP, and the European far right.

These newspapers have been hoodwinked by gangs of bnp internet trolls, headed by Simon Darby, who instructs each person to use at least ten different identities.

For God sake, one of the trolls in the Daily Telegraph was praising the motherfeckin SS in Austria, calling them heroes.

The same limp as lettuce newspaper editors will later on in the year, pay lipservice to Holocaust Memorial Day.

Please, David Cameron, call a spade a spade, and warn the press and the public about the way that the BNP try to con people into believing the BNP support is more widespread than it it because of underhand internet tactics.

JJB said...

I can't quite see why but Mad Lee Barnes has posted this article on his blog with the title "The final Proof - whore politics
What did I tell you - Lancaster Unity / Labour Party / Conservative Party = CAPITALIST STOOGES."
What the hell is he on about???

jjb said...

"chatterton, what do you want the tory party to do about the bnp. ban them?"

Sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

jjb, doesnt sound all that good to me, asking the tory party to ban the bnp. and even if they did, presumably most of the members would still hold the same views and would find other ways to organise. i suppose there will always be a small number of these weirdos around no matter what we do, but id rather support a combination of working class community direct action on the streets along with education in schools and greater working class community cohesion than rely on the tories in any way whatsoever. my question still stands, what does chatterton want the tories to do about the bnp. i ask as i am genuinely interested in the his/her answer.

iliacus said...

What the hell does Cameron mean by "council terraces" ???

chatterton said...

"chatterton, what do you want the tory party to do about the bnp. ban them?"

That would do it for me.

Landale said...

There will always be a small number of odd balls, the task is to ensure that others are not drawn to associate with them.

It burns my heart to say it but the ordinary member of the BNP is misled rather than a fascist - they are misled by a fascist leadership which is exploiting their insecurities. It is hteir insecurities we have to address.

Anonymous said...

chatterton, i think its at best badly thought out to ask the tory party to ban the bnp. since this is what you want from them, will you be voting for them in the next general election? its looking reasonably likely they are going to win it. i believe that the tory party are a far greater threat to individual freedom and liberty (as are labour, dont get me wrong!) than the bnp currently are and probably ever will be. i also believe that many of the tory old guard are every bit as xenophobic as the bnp cadre, in fact, they probably have a lot in common. as it stands we dont really know what policies cameron would implement if he gets his carefully manicured mitts on the premiership, but its naieve to assume that he will be that much different from the tory party of recent history that many of us remember and despise. i believe that the bnp are a nice little side show for the real powerful right wing in this country and while its right to confront the bnp et al, lets not lose perspective - to (mis)quote chatterton, let us indeed judge the tories by what they do, not by the rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

"What the hell does Cameron mean by "council terraces" ???"

Council houses where more than two are joined together, in contrast to semi-detached or detached houses. Obviously his three terms "streets", "housing estates" and "council terraces" are not mutually exclusive. But it's a speech for goodness sake not an academic work.