February 25, 2009

Another one bites the dust

The BNP are not having it their own way in the North West. After the humiliating climbdown in Liverpool it now appears that a planned meeting in Manchester has also been disrupted. This afternoon the BNP announced that it was holding a meeting in Manchester Town Hall on Saturday.

However, the meeting had already been cancelled!

We have learnt that a BNP member had indeed made a booking for a committee room on Monday but this was quickly spotted by eagle-eyed council staff.

The very fact that the BNP advertised the venue suggested that this was more a publicity stunt than anything else and by the time the story was posted on the website an alternative venue had been found. However, just to be on the safe side council staff will once again be looking at the booking forms tomorrow morning.

HOPE not hate


Anonymous said...

ha ha

Sanitory Janitor said...


Seems Hope Not Hate had the meeting cancelled long before anyone else knew about it.