February 27, 2009

Coventry’s Champagne Charlies

With the European election fast approaching we can reveal the BNP's latest attempt at fundraising with a series of Champagne dinners based on a Battle of Britain theme.

The BNP hopes to have several of these dinners around the country, designed by Nick Griffin to persuade the party's wealthier donors to part with their cash. This Saturday 28 February sees the charade turn up in Coventry.

The regular meeting place for the BNP in Coventry, the Royal Warwickshire Club is no stranger to controversy. Back in 2007 it was revealed that the club intended to host a meeting by none other than the Holocaust denier and false historian David Irving. However the meeting failed to take place after Searchlight revealed to the local media that Irving intended to speak in their proud city.

The Royal Warwickshire Club pleaded ignorance claiming that Irving had booked the meeting under a false name, The Military History Book Club. Whether a false name was used or not, the club has continued as a regular venue for the BNP's meetings and fundraisers.

For those not familiar with the Coventry area the Royal Warwickshire Club can be found on Tower Street, Coventry CV1 1JS. Alternatively you can phone the club on 02476 220425.

HOPE not hate


Anonymous said...

He reminds me of Liberace.

George Smiley said...

Yes, he does look rather like Liberace, or even Martin Webster in his glory days thirty years ago!

In that waistcoat he might also be a gay gondolier, about to sing "just one cornetto!" (and I know that it's a Neapolitan song, not Venetian!).