February 11, 2009

Meet the BNP hijacker … or maybe not

As part of our service of keeping BNP members informed about what is going on in their own party, we pass on details of a Hounslow BNP branch meeting featuring the guest speaker Paul Golding, well known in the party as a "London super-activist" and driver of the BNP's lie lorry.

In an attempt to round members up for the meeting on Friday 13 February, Councillor Bob Bailey, the BNP's London organiser and leader of the BNP group on Barking and Dagenham council, says: "Paul is an excellent speaker and leading light in the south east and London. He is the candidate in a by election in Seven Oaks [sic] Kent. Polling day Thursday 12th so with any luck we may be greeting Councillor Paul Golding!"

This may cause consternation among BNP activists being dragged over to Swanley St Mary's ward, Sevenoaks, to carry on canvassing for their candidate right up to the actual polling day on 19 February. This latest blunder by Councillor Bailey follows his glowing endorsement of the BNP's candidate in the Waddon ward, Croydon, by-election on 12 February, Charlotte Lewis. When her animal rights terrorism conviction was revealed, Bailey told the local paper it would increase the BNP's share of the vote.

Why Bailey was acting as as a BNP spokesperson for Croydon, south London, is unclear. Party members are wondering what has happened to Bob Gertner, the south London organiser.

Members and supporters wanting to attend the Hounslow meeting in west London are told to make their way to the rendezvous point at Uxbridge underground station at 7pm and "look for activists with Union flag". Is that the Union Flag Golding claimed to have hijacked in his recent statement, widely publicised by Searchlight: "We have hi-jacked the Union Flag, now we must hi-jack the word ‘British'"?

Confused? Why not give the Hounslow organiser, Dan Finch, a call on 07722 166755?

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Anonymous said...

Well it is Friday the 13th, and no one ever said Little Bob was intelligent.

Just got a big nasty mouth.


webeatthebnp said...

"and this is my left hand"

Do I win the caption competition?

Anonymous said...

Careful who you incite people to phone, you never know who may phone/visit you.....

ask not for whom the bell tolls,,,etc

LeeBarnesIsAPrick said...

"Careful who you incite people to phone, you never know who may phone/visit you....ask not for whom the bell tolls,,,etc"


Is that a threat, Lee Barnes, you Odinist UFO worshipping weirdo?

Lee Barnes said...

I'm not Lee Barnes; I'm somebody completely different.

Yours etc

Lee Barnes

Anonymous said...

Is Paul Golding still beating up fellow BNP members on account of their suspect racial origins? Paul Golding does the BNP proud.