February 12, 2009

One Flew Over The Pig Farm: the BNP and us in 2008 - August

Summer arrives with a vengeance and a nicely sarcastic series of articles by our friend Iliacus, who begins the task of inspecting and analysing the BNP's accounts for 2007 - delivered to the Electoral Commission late, as usual. Iliacus points out the highlights, which to the untrained eye, show a party in great financial trouble, as shown by the auditor for the accounts who states 'the financial statements do not give a true and fair view of the state of the party's affairs'.
  • Donation Income falls by 32%
  • Membership income up by 38% (?)
  • Income from commercial activities down by 68%!
  • Deficit for year is £50,000 (against £18,000 surplus in 2006)
  • Current cash accounts in chaos
  • Balance sheet shows net liabilities of £85,000+
  • Party owes £20,000 + in PAYE and VAT - (that's £20k less for schools and hospitals!)
Who is to blame for all this? The party's chairman? Its incompetent treasurer? Perish the thought. Nick Griffin has the answer and says so in his Chairman's Report.
'Oxfordshire police; Labour Party thugs; illegality by Labour Cabinet Ministers; undemocratic thugs from the far-left; local newspapers; the police and the Electoral Commission; third party disparagers; the unions; the Daily Mirror; postal fraud by Labour and LibDem activists; unscrupulous council officials; a small clique of staff and middle ranking officials [within the BNP !]; the violent far-left of the Labour regime; the viciously anti-BNP neo-Nazi fringe. (All listed and identified in Griffin's 'Chairman's Report' as acting against the BNP, and many of them accused of illegal behaviour. Only surprised that he forgot the BBC. Thank goodness he isn't paranoid!)'
Iliacus' masterly summary of the mess that is the BNP's accounts can be read by clicking the links below:

The Accounts (1): First Impressions
The Accounts (2): "We wuz robbed"
The Accounts (3): Figure Skating
The Accounts (4): "and for my next trick"
The Accounts (5) : "a slender merit of providing cosmetic comfort"

Meanwhile the BNP, the party that has nothing but respect for all things British (ho-ho), pisses off everyone by flogging fake Victoria Crosses, thus showing its contempt for our armed forces and incidentally using the income from sales to fund more of the party's extremism and racism. Hero Lance Corporal Johnson Beharry, 28, who won the VC four years ago for saving 30 pals in Iraq, condemned the BNP. He said: “Selling fake VCs is very disrespectful. The honour of the medal and its history shouldn’t be tarnished like this. I take so much pride in my medal and I hate seeing it abused. The medal is not about money or politics and it shouldn’t be worn for fun – that devalues the sacrifice of the soldiers who won it.”

The BNP's Lie Lorry looks to be one of its key moneymakers if the number of begging letters sent out referring to it are anything to go by. You'll recall that the party asked for £30,000 to buy the truck but now they are asking for more to actually put it on the road. No-one in the party (apparently) has the sense to ask why this wasn't factored into the original appeal.

The truth is that the Lie Lorry is yet another of Griffin's scams - remember Boudicca the amazing invisible bus? How much money was raised by the membership for that? Nobody knows, except Griffin and co. And where is the bus? Nobody knows that either. The Truth Truck, being shared with UK LifeLeague, will no doubt appear and will cost the membership dearly. It already has - but this is just the beginning of the scam. And I'll bet there are many more to come.

News reaches us of plans to change the constitution of the BNP to allow leadership challenges to take place quadrennially, rather than annually. There are many changes in the pipeline as Griffin seeks to consolidate his slippery grip on the BNP, many of which are planned for an Extraordinary General Meeting which is to take place at the Red, White and Blue later this month.

The moronic Tommy Williams (he of Covert fame) got in trouble for trying to claim on the nazi Stormfront forum that a bomb had been set off at the entrance to the RWB site. A complete lie that he only told because he thought 'reds' (meaning anyone who opposes the BNP) would get the blame. Silly boy. After a snorter of a telling-off from Nick Griffin, who could obviously imagine the cash-carrying punters melting away into the sunset, Williams quickly printed a retraction, blaming the incident on local children setting off fireworks. Strangely, there is no record of any such incident taking place - not with the police, the local newspapers or any local residents I asked. Am I surprised? Well, no.

Mid-August saw a 700-strong demo against the RWB in Denby somewhat disproportionately policed by 250 officers, many in riot gear. This huge number was supplemented by as many (it seemed) on the BNP's security team. There's a full report of the demo here but one of the highlights was a group of anti-fascists listening to Martin Reynolds, the BNP's then head of security, being told in no uncertain terms by police control to 'breathe deep and calm down' after he called for help in a mad panic. Since then, Reynolds appears to have been replaced by the arrogant Cumbrian and dandy Clive Jefferson. The RWB had a bright spot for Nick Griffin though - he walked away having secured a severance package that could bankrupt the BNP overnight.

At the end of August, the BNP stepped up its production of racially-inflammatory material with yet another leaflet blaming the heroin trade entirely on Muslims via its Preston branch, which seems to have permanently renamed itself the Preston Pals. As usual, the police seem reluctant to take any action despite the fact that there have been numerous complaints about the leaflet. One wonders why...

The month ends with the news that a group calling itself Daten-Antifa has hacked into the servers of the Blood and Honour neo-nazi group, pinching nearly 32,000 items of data on members, their email addresses and their messages from all over the world. While we naturally disapprove of this sort of behaviour, the databank can be found here.


DT said...

The Iliacus articles are excellent. More please.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

I had not read the Iliacus articles... till now.... excellent stuff....... I can't wait for next years accounts.... even if they are a year and a half in coming!

Green Gordon said...

I'm still not sure about this severance package. If it's not contractual, he'd be hard pressed to enforce it, unless the people in charge of enforcing the constitution wanted to bakrupt the party. (declaration of interest, I have some responsbilities for constitutional interpretation in a prominent colour-based Scottish Party)