February 19, 2009

Hertfordshire MEP backs Vera Lynn's fight against BNP

Richard Howitt - sticking up for Dame Vera against the BNP
One of St Albans' MEPs is calling for the law to be changed to stop the far right British National Party (BNP) using DameVera Lynn's famous wartime songs.

Labour's Richard Howitt said: ““It’s shocking that the BNP can use iconic songs like The White Cliffs of Dover without the artist’s permission and against her wishes. I am saddened that a song popular with a generation who fought Nazi ideology is now being used to raise money for people who share their politics. Dame Vera is right to seek action against the BNP and Labour MEPs will do our best to support her

He and his colleagues will try in the spring to persuade the European Parliament to extend copyright to last for a performer's lifetime.

The BNP is raising funds for its European election campaign by selling a CD including Dame Vera's hits such as All Alone In Vienna and The White Cliffs Of Dover.

St Albans and Harpenden Review


Vocalist said...

Yes, the copyright certainly needs extending. I would suggest 70 years after the artist's death so the children and grandchildren can continue to benefit from royalties.

Anyway, good to see our Labour MEP's coming up with useful and innovative legislation.

Anonymous said...

We should all be backing Dame Vera, and of course for those of you who dont know she is a Barking & Dagenham girl.


Anonymous said...

Just received a text saying BNP have won a by-election in Swanley (Kent) with almost 50% of the vote. Didn't even know there was a by-election there, and I used to live in the town!
Any truth in this, or any info? Parish election or proper council by-election? High/low turnout?