February 03, 2009

British Wildcats Exposed

[Ministry of Truth] reveals that the operator of the British Wildcats website, which featured on tonight’s Newsnight, is actually BNP ‘web guru’, Simon Bennett.
Infantile buffoon Simon Bennett and friends
Bennett, who lives in Cornwall and is listed on the leaked BNP membership list as an activist, also operates a number of other BNP front websites, including those of the ‘Association of British Ex-Servicemen’, the BNP’s fake ex-forces organisation and that of its religious front operation, the ‘Christian Council of Britain’. He is also the designer/webmaster behind the website of BNP London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook, and the BNP’s main national website.

The proof?

A WHOIS search on britishwildcats.com gives an IP address of and DNS records hosted by nameservers registered to copperflash.com.

Bennett is the owner of copperflash.com, which he registered under his real name, giving the domain name, simonbennett.co.uk as its administrative contact, leading us back to Bennett’s personal site - www.simonbennett.co.uk - and to his ‘featured sites’, including Barnbrook’s and those of ABEX, CCOB, The ‘National Liberal Party’ (yep, another fascist front) and the BNP’s ‘Great White Records’.

Of these sites, all but the ABEX and Great White Records sites operate from the same reseller account and IP address - - the same IP address and account as the British Wildcats site.

And, to clinch the deal, the BNP’s own national website, which credits Bennett as its designer, operates from the same hosting service/account, albeit under its own IP address of, just one address away from that of Bennett’s site, Barnbrook’s site and the British Wildcats site.

All of which confirms this to be an official/semi-offical BNP front operation.

Ministry of Truth


Antifascist said...

By way of an addendum to this article, Harry's Place has a little more info and makes this point.

"According to the [British Wildcats] Collective:

'It is monstrously unfair to ordinary workers and their families that the political class are putting the advancement of their undemocratic European Union and globalisation projects before the right of British workers – regardless of race, creed or colour – to having a fair chance of getting a job in their own country.'

So, the Collective supports workers ‘regardless of race, creed or colour’? If that’s so, then why is the site being promoted by the likes of the CUNT lunatics and the Stormfront ‘white nationalist’ forum?"


More fraud from the BNP.

Smiffy said...

Jesus Christ, how many more fake organisations are the BNP going to start to cash in on something thats sod all to do with them? Give them a week and they will be claiming the whole business was organised by them.

Anonymous said...

This Bennett seems website mad. What a pity he doesn't put his talents to better use.

Crackenthorpe said...

I notice on his website Simon Bennett asks, regarding his membership of the BNP, "Oh dear oh dear - does that mean I’m a racist, nasty, skinhead, hooligan, terrorist, nutcase?"

It certainly means you're a racist nutcase. Racist because you're a member of the BNP and a nutcase for the same reason and this site http://www.lancasteruaf.co.uk/ which is probably the most childish thing I've seen since Viz magazine started going downhill.

Anonymous said...

Actually, all it confirms is that it is hosted on the same server.

Seeing as Bennett is an independent self employed web designer with his own server, and hosts about 50 other websites, I suspect you are clutching at straws in trying to link them to the BNP.

I hope for your sake, the people involved with the Wildcats website do not take offence at your accusations, as this could backfire badly on Lancaster Unity and what (if any) credibility you have.

Antifascist said...

'I hope for your sake, the people involved with the Wildcats website do not take offence at your accusations, as this could backfire badly on Lancaster Unity and what (if any) credibility you have.'

Yeah, yeah. Thank you, Simon, you clown.

Anonymous said...

So this guys career seems to be creating a series of new sites for the BNP to defraud people in one way or another? Some career huh?

Anonymous said...


Not very smart are they...

Anonymous said...

Well if Dicky is paying good money for running his site he should ask for a refund, its pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Blimey not as stupid as you all look then
well done

Anonymous said...

I heard that Simon Bennett works for MI5.

BNP Hypocrisy said...

Someone ought to ask the question, if the BNP cares so much about British workers, how come they insist on foreign workers printing their newsletters and election leaflets?

Anonymous said...

Wander if Arsehole Harrington's behind the scenes, trying to get some publicity for his fake trade union along with his dear friend, the Ballet Nazi?

Anonymous said...

If the BNP care so much about British workers how come most of the membership have never worked in their lifes.

Westsider said...

Nice research guys. But it doesn't mean strike is racist- the bnp have been chased away at a couple of the strike sites.

Anonymous said...

Seems that Simon Bennett's websites promote inter-racial porn!:

"The current Christian Council website is registered in the name of a company called Cinemavision, which turns out to be owned by none other than the BNP's 'web guru' and Poughill and Standon electoral candidate Simon Bennett. Cinemavision is a website that turns out to feature some interesting content, including an entry linking to a video described as 'Kim Kardashian Amateur Porn', featuring the distinctly un-'Aryan' beauty Kim and her black boyfriend Ray J. 'She is sooo hot!' reads the description on Bennett's website, who is obviously not adverse to making a few pounds from promoting 'race mixing'."