February 09, 2009

Standing up to fascism

The Spiro Ark, Jewish Cultural
and Educational Trust, presents

Standing up to fascism

A celebration of the 43 Group, who fought fascism
in postwar Britain, and those who fight fascism today

The 43 Group consisted of Jewish ex-servicemen and women who stood shoulder to shoulder with non-Jews to halt Oswald Mosley’s attempt to revitalise a fascist movement in postwar Britain.

Between 1946 and 1952 they combined intelligence gathering and street fighting to drive Mosley’s thugs from our streets. In 1948 many supporters of the 43 Group volunteered for MAHAL.

A decade later old 43 Group members and a younger generation formed a new group that fought fascism using similar tactics. The 1962 Committee, better known as the 62 Group, carried on an intelligence-led battle against the remnants of Mosley’s Union Movement, the original British National Party, Colin Jordan’s National Socialist Movement and the emerging National Front.

The internationally famous Searchlight magazine and its campaigning, research and educational arms arose out of this struggle.

And today’s Jewish Community Security Trust grew from these roots, learning from those who had led in earlier years.

Today the largest ever anti-fascist campaign in Britain, HOPE not hate, works together with many of these veterans to defeat the British National Party and defend democracy.

You can meet the veterans of the 43 and 62 Groups and MAHAL, and today’s activists at an evening event on Sunday 15 February. The programme includes short talks, a film about the 43 Group narrated by the late Harold Pinter, an exhibition of unique material, a bookstall with most items free and refreshments.

Bring your family and especially the next generation to an event that will help them hold up their heads in today’s troubled times.

Sunday 15 February 2009, at 6.30 for 7pm
At Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue,
Norrice Lea, London N2 0RE
Nearest Tube East Finchley
(Northern Line Barnet branch). Bus route 102.

The fight goes on

Entrance £10, concessions for senior citizens, children and students.

The Spiro Ark, 25-26 Enford Street, London W1H 1DW
Tel 020 7723 9991, email education@spiroark.org, www.spiroark.org.

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Charlie Salmon said...

See http://www.workersliberty.org/story/2008/09/26/fighting-fascists-after-1945 for an interview with 43 Group member Morris Beckman.