February 05, 2009

Sticky: Barnbrook to speak at the Royal

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News again reaches us that The Royal Public House in Heckmondwike intends to hold a BNP meeting.

This follows the aborted meeting that the BNP intended to hold there back in November last year where the intended guest of honour was Richard Edmonds the former deputy leader of the party under the John Tyndall regime.

The Edmonds meeting was cancelled due to a massive response by anti fascists who telephoned The Royal and registered their disgust at the BNP being allowed to meet on their premises. The cancellation of the meeting led to the sacking of the then North Kirklees organiser Ian Roper. However, it seems that the BNP and The Royal have decided to give it another go.

David Exley the new North Kirklees organiser has arranged a meeting to take place in The Royal on Thursday 5th February and the guest of honour this time is to be Richard Barnbrook, Barking councillor and the BNP’s only representative on the GLA.

The meeting which is due to start at 8pm is to be held at The Royal Hotel public house which is located on High Street Heckmondwike WF16 0AL

Once again as The Royal is a Free House we are asking people to ring the pub itself and POLITELY lodge their complaint with the management.

The Royal Hotel's telephone number is 01924 403265


Landale said...

OK I've seen the picture many times before but it reminds me of a corpse I was confronted with 25-30 years ago. Could you find another one:-)

Please - this one is a zombie!

I'm sure the medical notes say NDY - (Not Dead Yet) and definately not 'Woolworths positive'

Anonymous said...

i am going to phone your house and lodge a complaint with who ever ansewrs you racist wanker. infact i have spoke to your ex girfriend and she thinks you a loser and shes not wrong.

ps. we know where you buy your funny fags from!!! ;)

Cllr Lawrence Rustem said...

There will be no speech. He'll be too pissed to make one.

At least I'll be on hand with a kebab for afters.

Landale said...

OK I've lost the plot somewhere but if you know where to buy some funny fags from could you tell me :-)

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck would want to listen to Barnbrook???

Anonymous said...

"i am going to phone your house and lodge a complaint with who ever ansewrs you racist wanker. infact i have spoke to your ex girfriend and she thinks you a loser and shes not wrong.

ps. we know where you buy your funny fags"
( Your spelling, not mine !)

Ahh! The charm of the Nutzies !

Better known as the British Nonces Party.

In fact all it needs is for the Police to hack and tap the online ordering from "Excaliber" to indicate investigative targets for those buying and downloading child pornography.

Old Sailor

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ! Wasn't Heckmondwike where they found BNP (British Nonces Party ) supporters in possesion of sadistic porn involving Children ?

Perhaps Barnbrook could tell us, and tell us if the perverts are still members ?

Old Sailor

Nick's mum said...

What a gift Bumbrook is to the anti-BNP cause, lol!

Dicky's Arse Dildo said...

Dicky Bumbrook ain't got a real girlfriend. Not 'cos he's gay, but rather that like the rest of the BNP losers, he's a social misfit.

HMS Victory said...

Hecky is just a stone's throw away from Dewsbury Moor, the place where bad white parents failed to care for their white kid, and kidnapped him. If the couple had been black or Asian, guess how much the BNP would have made an issue out of this.

Conversely, being white doesn't mean you're a pervert and more liable to download kiddy porn, (although belonging to the BNP means you are more prone to deviant behaviour).

I remember watching the search for the missing kid day after day on Calandar and Look North, and seeking black, white and Asian parents on the estate grouping together to search for the missing kid day and night in all weathers. If this is not a sign of racial unity in Kirklees, what he fuck is???

Hopefully locals will tell Bumbrook where to stick his race hate lies!

Thanks Rupe! said...

The Royal pub is marketed as a live music venue on MySpace: -


Apparently, thanks to the wonders of MySpace, I have discovered that the landlord of this tarted up rough brawling smalltown shithole is called Martin.

iliacus said...

Oh dear, oh dear - I'm all for free expression, but that photograph!!!!

Please don't use it again. I'll have nightmares ........

Anonymous said...

If you think Dicky looks rough in this photo you should see him now, a mere shadow of his formerself, the Christmas festive cheer does not seem to have done him any good at all.

Still Dicky is well known for going anywhere and speaking to anyone for a pint.


list leaker said...

Who owns the pub?

Couldnt we also complain to them?

Anonymous said...

When I read this article was sticky and I saw a photo of Barnbrook I had this really horrible thought...