December 10, 2007

BNP in meltdown as Graham and Smith expulsions infuriate membership

  • Sadie Graham (Group Development) sacked
  • Kenny Smith (Head of Admin) sacked
  • Ian Dawson (Yorkshire) resigns
  • Danny Lake (YBNP leader) sacked
  • Nicholla Smith (Excalibur) sacked
  • Councillors, fundholders and organisers quitting
Reports are pouring in from all over the place following the expulsions of Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith yesterday. We now have confirmation that Danny Lake, the idiotic leader of the YBNP has been kicked out for supporting Graham and Smith, and many organisers and fundholders are resigning in disgust at the way they've been treated. Others are speaking out in support of the sacked duo including, curiously, the Griffin-loyalist Chris Hill, Lancaster's very own lonely BNP member, who usually concentrates far more on what we have to say than having any opinions himself.

Rather more importantly, news is coming in that a handful of BNP councillors have resigned or are planning to resign the whip and more are expected to follow suit.

Between the Stormfront nazi forum and a number of blogs, including the Enough is Enough blog that got Graham and Smith into so much trouble, we've been able to cobble together something that looks like the correct sequence of events. We're open to correction though, so if anyone has any further information that they would like to share, please let us know either by using the comment facility or by emailing us on

Officers of the BNP were recently issued with laptops so that they could conduct their business wherever they happened to be (alright for some, isn't it). One of the facilities the officers have been encouraged to use is Skype, which enables those with an internet connection to converse with each other over broadband for free, either one to one or via a conference call - thus avoiding the usual telephone system and any possibility of individual phones being bugged. What the BNP didn't tell its officers was that Skype comes with a 'record all calls' option, and this seems to have been switched on.

The Enough is Enough blog started on December 2nd, a mere week before the instigators were caught and fired, though one would assume the planning for the anti-Collett/Hannam blog to have dated from the pathetic exhibitions of Mark Collett and Dave Hannam at the BNP conference at Blackpool on November 17th.

The story goes that Martin Reynolds (the BNP's chief security goon) and four others gained access to Graham's home by deception (neither Graham nor her partner, Matt Single, being at home at the time), then ransacked the place searching for thumb drives and disks, finally leaving with her laptop and a number of other items. At the same time, it has been said, Clive Jefferson and two males attempted to gain entry to Smith's home but were refused entry.

There are a number of disturbing features about these raids, not the least of which is that they actually happened at all. What precisely does Nick Griffin believe he's running here - the Stasi or the NKVD? The whole thing smacks of fascism at its worst and most frightening. But just as worrying is the suspicion that Griffin had information that led directly to these two as the prime suspects. Okay, it's true that somebody may have talked and if so, that somebody may well have been Matt Single - at least as far as the far-right blogs are concerned, though rumours are starting to emerge that he's been booted too. But there is a simpler and more sinister explanation available - that the party is monitoring the communications of its officers.

It has long been suspected that those members who have foolishly taken on a email address (that is, one issued by the party) are having their emails monitored. This was borne out in Griffin's insane Identity article three months ago, in which he more or less admitted that an 'internal intelligence review' mostly amounted to illegally checking through a member's BNP email account for signs that he was an informer or 'agent'. Mad or what?

The report that appears on the BNP website mentions the 'BNP Intelligence Department' that was set up a few months back and that is headed up by Lance Stewart, a long-standing British nationalist and a former high-ranking officer in the South African Police - though he is suspected of being rather more than a simple plod in the past, as are Arthur Kemp and Lambertus Nieuwhof, also South African and also former spooks and colleagues in the Intelligence Department.

This trio of dodgy characters, with the able assistance of the BNP's security mob, appear to have carte blanche when it comes to intelligence-gathering and our suspicion is that each of the laptops provided by the party to its officers is infected with a trojan. For those who don't know, a trojan is a piece of software that feeds information back to its source after being planted on a computer - credit card details, identities and so on. Most trojans are simple key-loggers, meaning all they do is record everything that is typed on the keyboard of the infected computer and pass along the information to a third-party. If the trojan's activity had been allowed through the laptop's firewall before handing it over, chances are that the new owner of the computer would know nothing about it - particularly if, like most people, they have no idea of how vulnerable computers are.

If this is indeed the case, it would go a long way to explaining how the party was able to co-ordinate the raids and how they knew what to look for when they gained entry. No great surprise then, that the BNP was able to provide transcripts of the incriminating phone calls on the party's website.

We discount entirely, the claim that Smith may have been responsible for 'serious breaches of accountancy procedures leaving up to £17,000 unaccounted for in the 2006 Central Audit, and of a wilful neglect of the Excalibur merchandising operation constituting attempted financial sabotage in order to create an artificial ‘crisis’ to which their proposals would be presented as the solution'. This smacks to us of Griffin a) bumping up the evidence against Smith, and b) using this situation to attempt to hide the fact that the party is in financial meltdown. We're not the only ones who don't believe the claim:

'The financial accusation thrown at Smith is a usual Griffin ploy when something like this occurs. He used the same ploy against Warren Bennett (£5000) but later backtracked. He has used the same tactic in the past when involved in factionalism eg against the Solidarity guys and against Wingfield and Brons in the Flag NF days...If the £17000 accusation was true Smith should have been suspended for that, much more serious than having a dig at Collett I would have thought.'

Us too.

The repercussions of all this have been fierce and relentless. Danny Lake was sacked via text message by John Walker. When asked under whose authority Walker had sacked him, the response was apparently; 'Me. You stupid cunt. Fuck off into oblivion'. Lake's mobile is now, not surpisingly, dead.

Claims are being made that Nick Cass is considering resigning, several members have written in to various forums to state that they've had enough and are not renewing their membership, party organisers and fundholders are resigning en masse (Falkirk and Aberdeen are two examples), at least one councillor, Nina Brown, is resigning the whip and it has been suggested that Chris Beverley has either resigned or been expelled along with Steve Blake. We've just received word (15:20) that Ian Dawson has resigned too.

The chaos continues...


Anonymous said...

Christmas has come early.

Anonymous said...

The chaos continues...

Great stuff!
Thanks for the update, you are THE source of info on the web
(Finger reaches for the Paypal button)

Anonymous said...

Worra laff! :D

Antifascist said...

'(Finger reaches for the Paypal button)'

Quick, push! ;-)

'Thanks for the update, you are THE source of info on the web'

Cheers. We appreciate the comment.

Anonymous said...

You're right with that Stasi comment. it sounds like Griffin and co are as paranoid as the Stasi was - and potentially as dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I'll drink to a few more resignations before today is out.

John P said...

This is just getting better and better. Will the BNP have less than 40 councilors by the end of the week?

Anonymous said...

From the Enough is Enough blog:

This blog has been attacked by the BNP Intelligence Department.

All the previous posts and comments were deleted before a post was added saying this blog has been removed by the BNP Intelligence Department.

Lance Stewart former South African Police Officer is the BNP Intelligence Department (BNPID) and it has been alleged that he is the person currently trawling through the history of the personal computer stolen from Sadie Graham's home while she was away in Essex. If true this makes him complicit in the crime.

The admin rights of 'fedup' have now been removed which will prevent the Stasi style BNP ID from gaining access again, but it is irrelevant anyway as a new website will be up and running before the day is out that Stewart - who only joined the BNP for the first time on the 27th of November 2007, which is a full 10 days after he spoke at the Conference, which should be members only - will be helpless to prevent, because no detail of it features on the stolen Sadie Graham computer.

Anonymous said...

"This is just getting better and better. Will the BNP have less than 40 councilors by the end of the week?"

Looks like a distict possibility.

Antifascist said...

This just in:

'This just in from 'former' Yorkshire Secretary and 'former' York Organiser Ian Dawson.

Dear Colleague

It is with great sadness that I am resigning from all positions within the BNP. Seeing two great Nationalists and friends like Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham treated with contempt by Nick Griffin, all because they are awake to the damage being done by Mark Collett and a completely incompetent Treasury Department, is the final straw.

While I am resigning all positions, I will continue to fight for the Cause, and to rid the BNP of internal corruption – Nick Griffin must go, it is not his Party; the Party belongs to activists and members.

Like to many people, Nick Griffin was once my hero, yet now he has shown himself to be a dictator who puts his own interests above those of the Party. He is incapable of making the right decisions when it matters, and unfortunately his unrelenting backing of Mark Collett has seen many good Nationalists either leave the BNP or become marginalised.

Sadie and Kenny, and any other honest and hard working Nationalists have my full, unequivocal support. There have been many people in the BNP, especially those in National positions, who have tried their level best to make Nick see sense on Collett and the incompetent Treasury Department. I was one of them. However, Nick has always backed the corner of Collett, Hannam and Walker, no matter what they have done. It begs the question just what on earth have they got on him? Whatever it is, Nick should not let that get in the way of the Nationalist Cause and should step down from the main position if it is that bad.

Nick Griffin and his henchmen may well have access to the Party media, and thus a greater audience, yet the truth will come out one day – and soon.

No doubt I will now be bad-mouthed by Griffin and his henchmen – after all Nick can’t have good Nationalists who criticise him remain free from attack. Since stepping down and after my remarks about Collett, Hannam and Walker became public, I have been blackmailed by Nick Griffin and fed a cocktail of lies – all aimed to protect Mark Collett and Dave Hannam. Although I was in Blackpool I was not allowed entrance to the Conference because I refused to publicly apologise for my comments. Nick then suspended me by text message. People who have remained silent for fear of reprisals must now speak out. I stand by my comments 100%.

I call on all other right minded Nationalists to step down as Party Officials until both Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith are re-instated, and Mark Collett, David Hannam and John Walker are removed from any position of authority. All Councillors should remain as Councillors, though sit as Independent Nationalists until the BNP is back in the hands of the people who make it tick – those that are honest, decent, and hard-working.

Now this email has been sent out on my account, I imagine that this email address will be taken off me. Sadie’s mobile phone has been cut off by the way, so anyone trying to call her or leaving messages will not get a reply. This is also the case for anyone else involved, such as the email addresses of Matt Single, Nicholla Smith and Kenny Smith.
I will gladly pass on any messages of support. Griffin’s henchmen have stolen Sadie’s personal computer and other belongings so she may well be struggling to access her emails also.

Please contact me in future on, or 07886 530499 – that is my own mobile number that Griffin and his henchmen can’t take away.

Nick Griffin has compromised the future of the BNP by his actions. Mark Collett should have been dismissed years ago. The decisions that Nick is making defy belief.

All those people who are fed up of the lies and incompetence from Collett, Hannam and now Griffin must make a stand. Today is that day.'

Anonymous said...

I think this may already have been mentioned, but if BNP stasi are examining Sadie Graham's computer, and that machine holds any of her council casework, they are in BIG trouble with Data Protection.

Local authority councillors have to be data-registered, and the idea of "the party" accessing that material would be a big no no.

Anybody fancy contacting Broxtowe Council's Monitoring Officer?

All the above is true Lee "Perry Mason" Barnes told me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Lance Stewart only joined the BNP on 27 November 2007, how come he attended a BNP "leadership conference" on 22 January 2005, described as "BNP legal department"?

Interestingly, the article in the February 2005 Voice of Freedom that reported the conference was headed: "Don't believe what you read in the newspapers. Commission boss reassures BNP officials there’s no problem with party’s accounts" (reference is to the Electoral Commission). Plus ├ža change ...

Anonymous said...

It's ironic hypocrisy that Griffin spies on BNP members to supposedly check on state spies when griffin himself is the nark operating with MI5 help and assistance.

Anonymous said...

The electoral commission treated Griffin with kid gloves, as did companies house for the bad accounting (ordinary businesses would have been fined thousands for their mistakes, but the bnp were seemingly somehow protected from upon high).

Now people are starting to ask serious questions why his bnp were given prefferential treatment by the authorities.

If this isn't the sign of narkdom, what the hell is it?

Anonymous said...

Someone should make a TV series about these idiots. Prefrably a comedy.

Anonymous said...

Its no great surprise that Dawsons gone, not after that letter to Nick Griffin where he called Mark Collett all the tossers under the sun.LOL

Anonymous said...

Just saw this in response to some comment that knobhead Hill posted

"Chris Hill, another searchlight mole."

Anonymous said...

A quote from LUAF

"Dawson was even more scathing about Collett, who he describes as deceitful, devious, arrogant, spiteful, greedy and a moron."

He's not wrong.

Anonymous said...

From a letter by Kenny Smith on the EiE blog:

David Hannam and Mark Collett received final warnings for their conduct at a disciplinary tribunal on the 8th of December 2006. They plead guilty and received their sentence which bound them over to refrain from breaking the party code of conduct for a full 2 years. They failed and last week Nick Griffin gave the CMT permission to give them both a verbal warning which meant expulsion was the only answer, but as usual Mr Griffin bent the rules to protect these two individuals and then turned his wrath on myself and Sadie.

Anonymous said...

The astonishing thing about this is that Collett is an appalling ‘designer’. Absolutely shit! And Griffin insists on calling him a guru! haha. If you look on the BNP’s new design website - they needn’t have bothered with the redesign - it mentions something about a ‘professional’ new letter that has been sent to all members. I received this letter at the weekend, and I can tell you now that, design-wise, it is far from professional. It is totally unbalanced, nothing lines up making it look totally amateur. It must have been thrown together in less than 10 minutes, it really is that bad.

The font used for the body copy is a crappy free PC font, some tacky typewriter style, and is far too big. Had it been smaller, the letter could have been condensed onto 2 pages instead of 3, saving a lot of paper for a party with limited finances. That’s just one example of Collett and Griffin’s incompetence. Fucking thick cunts. If this new letter is supposed to be part of the BNP’s ‘professional image’, then there really is no hope. It’s dreadful.

Collett is a useless, totally talentless arsehole. Griffin talks of talent like his being in short supply. He must be fucking blind in both eyes to appreciate Collett’s scrap-book shit work. Well, Collett’s talent definitely is is short supply. But he could be replaced by any number of people in the party, who would do a much better job, free of charge. But then again, they probably aren’t privvy to some damaging information about Griffin, so the useless, amateur ‘guru’ stays on.

Not for much longer hopefully. Fucking weedy little shithouse.

Anonymous said...

Bet Nick Griffin won't get many Christmas cards this Xmas, lol

Anonymous said...

Was the discplinary for their sexual misbehaviour in Blackpool, which several rumours have been written about?

Anonymous said...

From the EiE blog:

The Real BNP - Officials who have resigned & Councillors who have thrown off the party whip!

* # Add your name by contacting Kenny or Sadie or by posting on the blog
* Charlie Baillie (Glasgow Fundholder)
* Chris Hill (Lancaster & Preston Organiser)
* Cllr Nina Brown (Broxtowe Organiser)
* Cllr Sadie Graham (Head of Group Development)
* Danny Lake (YBNP Leader)
* Ian Dawson (Yorkshire Regional Secretary)
* Kenny Smith (Head of Administration)
* Matt Single (Department of Security Secretary)
* Nicholla Smith (Managing Director of Excalibur)
* Sammy Shaw (Falkirk Fundholder)
* Steve Blake (Web Editor)
* Steve Thomson (Aberdeen Organiser)

Anonymous said...

No doubt Griffin and his chums will put the names, address and contact details of all the dissadents on Redwatch.

So much for bnp loyalty.

Anonymous said...

That will be so ironic...

Anonymous said...

Griffin doesn't care in the slightest if there's only three people left in the BNP by Christmas.

He's such a wanker!

Anonymous said...

"Chris Hill (Lancaster & Preston Organiser)
* Steve Blake (Web Editor)

I haven't seen anything to suggest that those two have resigned from the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Watch out, there's trolls about!

Anonymous said...

Griffin had better not put the names of ex-bnp members on Redwatch.

That would spell serious trouble for him.

Anonymous said...

Bet all those people who resigned or were sacked havent got a penny of their own money back from griffin.

Anonymous said...

"I haven't seen anything to suggest that those two have resigned from the BNP."

The Lancaster BNP website is certainly supporting "Sadie and Kenny".

I think the tactic is to resign from positions rather than the BNP itself.


Anonymous said...

Depends on whether Nick Cass has resigned, as he is the bnp contact for redwatch.

Anonymous said...

As the BNP is Griffin's plaything, any rogue branches will be excised from the party, and legally forced not to use the name BNP.

Anonymous said...

Tecnhinally, anybody not a member of Nick Griffin's BNP is no loner a BNP member as Griffin and Collett have full control over who is and who isn't a member of the bnp.

There is only one bnp whether the former members like it or not.

Anonymous said...

If you're sacked, or "not getting the whip" (sounds kinky), you are not a member of the bnp.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the BNP damage limitation team is in overdrive, Stormfront site is down

Anonymous said...

Sorry, scrap my last comment

John P said...

it was down for a few hours this afternoon

Anonymous said...

"If you're sacked, or 'not getting the whip' (sounds kinky), you are not a member of the bnp."

No. You need to be expelled (or resign) from the party to "not be a member".

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful start to the festive season
feckin great


Mark Wain said...

A lot of membership fees are due this month (like mine), why anyone would want to fund Griffin is beyond me. I understand the "changing from the inside" but I cannot morally bring myself to aid Griffin et al with financial contribution. I am going to give my membership money to my local branch, at least this way I know how it is being used.

Anonymous said...

I haven't got a Cllr Nina Brown on my list - is she a parish/town councillor? (And therefore not part of the headline figure).

So the only cllr I have as ejected/ resigned is Sadie Graham.

By my reckoning that puts the BNP on 45 : 50 in May, minus

Stoke -1 (Leat, became independent)
Sandwell -2 (one ejected from party; one disqualified)
Calderdale -1 (whip removed)
Broxtowe -1 (Sadie Graham)

Perhaps a party at every x0 or x5? Bit like a tombola!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nina Brown and her husband are both Town councillors only

As for Mark Wain donating his money to the local branch how does he know that they are not firmly behind the Griffin following?

Anonymous said...

rumour has it micky mouse has quit and given back his nick griffin watch,these south african goons remind of that mel gibson film lethal weapon,sharon full of blanks should have kept the NNP going they could have been neck and neck by now.

Mark Wain said...

As for Mark Wain donating his money to the local branch how does he know that they are not firmly behind the Griffin following?"

I know my own group.

Anonymous said...

What precisely does Nick Griffin believe he's running here - the Stasi or the NKVD?

Gestapo surely?

Anonymous said...

Your local branch will pass on all funds to central accounting, i.e., Griffin's fat wallet.

One ship, one captain, sailor!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it laughable that some bnp members think they have the power to get rid of griffin if they remain in the bnp.

Nick Griffin IS THE BNP, you chumps. Without Nick Griffin, there won't be a BNP. So, if you're not going to swim from the sinking ship, you'd better get to like the taste of nick grifin and mark collett's asses.

Griffin will demand full apologies on bended knee from everybody who dared to challenge his authority, as nobody other than Griffin's sideshow freak Addams Family daughter, will ever lead the bnp.

If you believe any different, you chumps, you're incredibly deluded...

Anonymous said...

Just as the nazi party couldn't exist without Hitler, there cannot be a bnp without nick griffin. You cannot "change the bnp from within". It's just not gonna happen when griffin and collett are running things.

Anonymous said...

Blakes been forced out as well.

Remember he signed Jacksons nomination papers , one of the "vermin" according to Griffin but then Griffin sings Blake's praises in November issue of the internal party magazine "ID".

Will there be a BNP left by the end of the week, maybe just Griffin and his buddy Collett?

Very funny indeed, lets see the long list of resigners get much longer.

Anonymous said...

Griifin doesn't care about the membership or the party. He is a career politician on an MP's salary, why should he worry about councillors resigning.

This was one dictatorial action too many and Griffin's time is nearly up. Few in the party will miss him or his henchmen.

Anonymous said...

If you were a part-time dissident staying put in the ranks of the bnp because you haven't the balls to say "fuck you" to your Fuhrer, when your "change things from the inside" protest hits the buffers, and the time has come to pledge your undying love to your hallowed leaders, which backside will you willingly insert your tongue?

Greasy Griffin's hairy arse or Psychotic Collett's whiffy butt cheeks?

Answers on a postcard, my spineless friends.

Mark Wain said...

Griffin's Taking The Piss said...

Your local branch will pass on all funds to central accounting, i.e., Griffin's fat wallet.

One ship, one captain, sailor!!!

Haha, seriously, they won't!

Anonymous said...

Stormfront's real fun tonight. They're really pissed about KO and DG, plenty of actionable comments from Lee Barnes. Way to go, LUAF!

Anonymous said...

You're so gullible, Mark Twain!

Anonymous said...

what's Lee Barne's user name over there?

Unknown said...

@ Dan TAPM

We should pay him and that gullible twerp Brighton Rock for all the free publicity.

And so ends another day in the BNP's unstoppable march to power...

John P said...

It's going to be interesting to see how the BNP come back from this one.

This list of people stepping down or resigning their posts is growing by the hour.

Brian Riley (Glasgow Organiser)
Charlie Baillie (Glasgow Fundholder)
Chris Hill (Lancaster & Preston Organiser)
Cllr Dave Brown (Broxtowe)
Cllr Nina Brown (East Mids Regional Secretary & Broxtowe Organiser)
Cllr Roger Robertson (South East Regional Organiser & Advisory Council Member)
Cllr Sadie Graham (Head of Group Development & East Mids Regional Organiser & Advisory Council Member)
Danny Lake (YBNP Leader)
Dave Taylor (Bradford Contact)
Ian Dawson (Yorkshire Regional Secretary, Former Head of Group Support & Advisory Council Member)
Kenny Smith (Head of Administration & Scottish Regional Organiser & Advisory Council Member)
Kieran Dinsmore (Ulster Regional Organiser)
Mark Wain (Melton & Rutland Press Officer)
Matt Single (Department of Security Secretary & Training Officer)
Neil Craig (Bradford Organiser)
Nicholla Smith (Managing Director of Excalibur & Falkirk Organiser & Advisory Council Member)
Sammy Shaw (Falkirk Fundholder)
Scott McLean (Former Deputy Chairman & Scottish Regional Organiser & Advisory Council Member)
Steve Blake (Web Editor & Head of Education & Training & Advisory Council Member)
Steve Thomson (Aberdeen Organiser)

Great stuff, I think this is going to do the damage to the BNP that the NNP were incapable of doing due to credibility issues. Just need a few more big hitters to resign to increase the pressure and then hopefully the house of cards will fall

Anonymous said...

Those who remain in the bnp are cowards and asslickers

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Antifascist said...

There have been a number of comments made about a porn site, Pretty Clip, and a senior (named) member of the BNP - most of which could certainly get us done for libel. I'm of the opinion that this is a deliberate sabotage attempt but if the commentors have solid evidence of this connection, we'd appreciate it if it could be sent in via email so we could make sure it was usable.

Anonymous said...

Chris Hill has obviously lost his bottle. He's posted this on his site.

"Comments on other blogs, to the affect that I have resigned, are totally wrong. Like most members I'll be standing and fighting for the party I've come to see as the only chance our Nation has."

david said...

Let us not underestimate Sadie Graham. A BNP run by her might be less scandal ridden and chaotic than under Griffin.Why has she only recently discovered that her close colleagues of many years are rogues? Let us prepare to deal with a more difficult opponent than the Collet style loonies.

Anonymous said...


Monday, 10 December 2007
Lancing a boil
Reluctantly I have been forced into thinking. Something I do not enjoy. So I went for a walk down to beach. And what did I see besides the sea?

Well first let me say that this post is not in anyway defending Collett and Co. I do not know enough about them but I do know what a rat smells like and I can smell one now.

I would like to thank Chris Hill for leaving the following comment on this site and prompting me into thinking. Sometimes you can overcook something Chris.

The taped phone conversation, released to support the expulsions, show that Sadie was attempting to collect the evidence needed to show, once and for all, that Mark Collett is indeed a millstone around the neck of every decent member of our party. This is how things should be done in a democratic party; (1) gather the evidence, (2) present the case to a disciplinary hearing, (3) let the accused hear the evidence and put forward a defence, (4) let the hearing come to a honest decision.

This is clearly the line Sadie was taking, but it is also just as clear that this due process of natural justice has been denied her. Sadie Graham and co are guilty of nothing except trying to save the party, and its members, from Mark Collett’s ego!

Collett must go.

Chris Hill

That comment is so obviously a load of nonsense, that at first I wondered if Chris had actually written it. But as he seems to have copied it to half the blogs around the world including the UAF, I must assume it is indeed his work. Feeding the UAF. Sad and deceitful.

So Sadie and Kenny were only doing right for the party by gathering information on Collett? Had they been simply doing that, then they would have no need to set up the enoughisenough blog. No they had a bigger fish to fry than Collett.

Now no traitor really wishes to be exposed for what they really are, so consider this. If this plot had not been nipped in the bud, then that blog and other blogs by the same creators would have been spouting part truths and lies right up to the Mayoral elections.

Comments would have been left around the blogs and forums by just a few people pretending to be many. And activists would be distracted and disheartened by their actions. Whilst they continued their charade of being loyal party members.

A daily drip of poison, whilst they pretended to support the Party but would actually have been poisoning it from within by the creation of discord and doubt amoungst the hard-working membership and British National Party officials.

But they knew what the results of their actions would be. If they really cared about Our Country and Our Party they would have waited until after the elections when the results would have been in and any in fighting not damaged our chances. But they did not wait. Why?

But they were caught red handed and so their little bomb has gone off. But it was never intended to go off this early. Like some crazed turnip suicide bomber who screws up, they were caught in the blast and were destroyed for ever as believable trustworthy people. OK so the blast has blown in a few of our BNP windows but they like the conspirators can be replaced.

But what their exposure has done is give a chance to all the closet traitors the chance to try and make more of it than it actually is and launch another leadership challenge. All ready some agitators are calling for a vote by the members.

In a way we should be grateful to them because this kind of boil needs lancing. And if there is to be any lancing then lets have it all done at the same time so wounds can heal quicker. If Collett and Co are just half as guilty as some say, then they to should either go or be reduced to the ranks and let them regain the trust of the membership that they do seem to have lost by sheer hard labour.

These people, if found guilty should be expelled and those who would find that difficult to live with should go with them.

Were we the party that people say we are, they would be hanging from meat hooks by now but fortunately for them we are not. But let the trial be fair and fast. We have work to do.

Check out this link here for a lesson on how not do things.

Tags: British National Party

Posted by The Green Arrow at 13:56

Labels: British National Party

Anonymous said...
Well said GA! The sheer poison and criminal allegations tossed around like confetti today for all the world to see have left me in no doubt who to side with.
Its possible decent activists have been duped but I doubt it.
As you say, we have work to do. Griffin is a victim of his own success.

10 December 2007 14:14
johnoddybnp said...
Good post.
I, like yourself, know little or nothing about the people involved in this monumental cock-up. We, as a party, elected our leadership let them lead.
The “ifs” and “buts” can only do us damage, let the powers that be make the decisions that they have to and then we’ll support those decisions like we have to!. This is not the time or the place to question, that time and place will come. then and only then. should we air our internal disagreements. The party decides who goes and who stays and the party will make that democratic decision but not now and certainly not here.
All we are doing now is giving the likes of “Louise” the best creamy knickers she’s ever had.

10 December 2007 14:29
Aberdeen Patriot said...
green you are way off the mark how much do we need to reveal,,,,that we dont want to....

they have a hold over griffin

I was with Chris Hill at the conference, he is a cracking guy and a proud nationalist. He is also another one of the many members who want things done above board.

I have stated Ian Dawson, Kenny, Sadie and others going back 3 years have tried every means to rid the party of Collet and Hannam.
They have handed in dossiers, they have been through the EC, they have tried the discipline route. Griffin has even agreed they are right, but he still refuses to get rid of them. Why,,,

The good thing about you Green is that I know this will be hurting but trust that we are not trying to damage the BNP. Griffin knows this. These three are holding him to ransom and as a result they are doing what they want. Griffin cant take any action against them.

Look at who you are trying to label as traitors... Nah not me ,,, I just have enough guts to speak out,,,,Fuck I am a Scotsman for bleedin hell, we are not renowned for backing down in a fight.

I know when the truth comes out you will understand they are doing this. They just cant go on covering up for them any longer...

Please green be angry that this is happening I am and I will work even harder if Griffin gets rid of these three fools.....

But as an ex serviceman be honest can you work for two guys who were going to hump children, and have the personality to look down on all beneath them in the party.

Walker Collet and Hannam are scum...

Can so many of the hardest working members of the BNP be wrong.

10 December 2007 14:41
Anonymous said...
Why do you still have links to traitor sites like Lancaster & Morecambe BNP?

10 December 2007 14:51
Reconquista said...
I think Lee John Barnes's entry on his blog entitled "War of the Muppets" hits the nail very firmly on the head.

It strikes me that those who are anti-collett put their own agendas before the interests of the party as a whole. That they may have ligitimate reasons against collett is not an excuse to undermine the party.

That they were prepared to do so indicates that they pledge loyalty when they get their way and remove it and undermine the party when they don't.

They've betrayed people who were working hard to spread the important message of the BNP and who knew nothing of this - people like myself - and I am very annoyed at the stupid actions taken by these fools that have handed our opponents a golden opportunity.

Here's a link to Lee's blog, he says exactly how I and many others feel about this:


10 December 2007 15:58
Paul said...
How times change. No one's happy unless they're baring their souls Jeremy Kyle style.
I cant believe you had no avenues but a malicious spoof blog or going ballistic on the internet.
Consider how many people are involved in this in the so called coup. No one sought legal advice or confided in trusted sources..GA for one? His credentials are impeccable. If you'd presented this info you say you have to a trusted third party especially a legal one your position would have been far better.
The fake blog is childish, have you never heard of tracking?
Kids can do it.
I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt in saying you've been misled into a no win situation, but you have thrown around the most damaging accusations.
Neither Kenny, Nicola or anyone else has said a word, they haven't had to, you and Mr Hill have said it all.
Loyal, or deeply misguided?

10 December 2007 16:10
Louise said...
Johnoddbnp: After a bit of digging around to see what all the fuss is about, how dare you bring knickers into this it is utterly inappropriate (dont you ever learn?). Whilst I am relieved that the party is falling apart in terms of the damage it does, I am completely horrified to read about the allegations of minors being involved with two key members of the BNP. If this is true, the complete and outrageous bare-faced hypocrisy of the BNP to be droaning on and on and on about prophets and minors is obvious. You have your right to freedom of speech (that you dont always allow others) and you enjoy your liberal rights like the rest of us in the UK. But when your most media happy thuglets are accused of taking advantage of young people you should at least have the good grace to keep your racist-hatred yappers shut! This is an incredibly bad example of how abusive behaviour is wrong, no matter who is doing it. In your morally high position and accusatory actions to ALL muslims, you have landed yourselves straight in the hot water. Lets see what everyone else in the country thinks.

10 December 2007 16:16
Paul said...
Well thanks to the good AP and Anti Gag Louise that is exactly what will happen. Go have a look at requonista's link and see what you think. Barnes is a very good writer.
(avert your lovely eyes at the erotic goddess figurines above the post in question).

Sir; I will not have the nether garments of the woman I love discussed on this forum !

10 December 2007 16:23
Louise said...
Oh Oh Paul: Your veiled piss taking will not go down well here. Johnoddy-icantgetelected-bnp absolutely hates me (as demonstrated beautifully with his complete inability to come back with any decent arguments a few weeks ago). I tend not to look at Requonista's links owing to the overly emotional content of the postings. However, I may relent on this occassion. Since you recommend it.

By the way: The public airing of these issues is not actually bad per se. Its better and braver to have these debates in the open. The part that makes it embarrasing is the nature of the issues. I always said that Collet was a loose cannon - and not a very bright one at that.

10 December 2007 16:35
Anti-gag said...
I have not posted on the Lancaster UAF site for about a year now, I can't my ISP address is blocked.

Any posts on that site are quotes from other postings I have made on other blogs.

Chris Hill

10 December 2007 16:55
Anonymous said...
Although I'm not very often in agreement with Chris Hill, on this occassion I do think he has a point. As a former fund holder I found Dave Hannan absolutely useless, I don't know Mark Collett but I am told by friends he is a spiv.

The BNP seems to be too concentrated in the North, here in the south we hear everything third hand.

10 December 2007 17:04
Reconquista said...

You really are a snidey, devious little reptile aren't you? A keyboard activist, someone with no life unless it involves sniping.

You go on about these accusations as if they validate your somewhat odious position regarding child abuse. Because you're the kind of low life who tolerates the legal abuse of children mandated in sharia - so long as it doesn't apply to your children that is.

You amd what you defend is an affront to humanity. Don't try to hide behind this regretful episide to camoflage your own corrupt beliefs and double standards.

Beliefs and double standards that carry the most fetid stench.


10 December 2007 17:07
Antifascist said...
'I have not posted on the Lancaster UAF site for about a year now, I can't my ISP address is blocked.'

Tut-tut. What a liar. Your IP has never been blocked on the current Lancaster UAF blog.

10 December 2007 17:10
What a bloody day said...
Uselessness and spivvery would see Parliament emptied and most of the public service quango's too.
Its not a crime to be a useless spiv, neither is comning out and accusing a wrong 'un of being a wrong 'un but this is a coup for taking over the party and forcing a Leader to follow the agenda of the plotters.
It truly was the muppet show (Lee Barnes)

10 December 2007 17:12
Louise said...
Reconquista: As usual, you are utterly wrong (and yes, I did suspect your usual over emotional rants would come back to me - why dont you do as GA suggests and ignore me and then we will all be happier).

My only position on child abuse is this:

Dont do it!

It is wrong.

Now, if thats odious to you, so be it.

However, I have another position about child abuse too. One that I shall share with you.

If you spout off about others and acuse them of child abuse, for goodness sake, make sure that no one in your own ranks is potentially involved in it too!

I am a humanitarian by nature and by deed. I protect and uphold the declaration of human rights. The beauty of an army of one with regards to being anti-extreme positions (eg BNP) is that you get to be accountable and responsible for anything you say or do. If you know that your political actions are pure, you dont hurt anyone. If you make mistakes with an army of one, you have to stand up and admit them right away. Its so much easier than being part of a racist emotional overflow of panic and fear like you are. Now then, a lot of people have been hurt here precisely because of the nature of the people your party attracts. Dont give me opportunity to rub your nose in it because you have no come back to this current mess in your party. And Reconquista, that aint my fault.

10 December 2007 17:15
Paul said...
Hi antfascist, how's your server coping? Meltdown eh?
I bet you've never had so much of the "Nationalist activists" cluttering up your boards before.
I recognised a few old names over there. Very old and mostly bitter for the old days before success.

10 December 2007 17:17
Anonymous said...
Ketlan:You're priceless!!!You would'nt know the truth if it stole your welfare cheque from right under your nose...This just gets better.


10 December 2007 17:23
Anonymous said...
Those that do stupid things and then who get caught and then demand that people follow them deserve no loyalty - primarily as they were stupid enough to do it in the first pace, stupid enough to get caught and then stupid enough to incite others to follow their stupidity.

Regardless of the righteousness of a cause, once you have been caught doing something stupid in pursuit of that cause then you cannot plead for forgiveness on the grounds that you were doing wrong in the name of right.

Those who say 'we did this for the benefit of the cause', reveal their true nature when they refuse to admit what they did was wrong and stupid and then incite others to do even more stupid things.

Loyalty ends when stupidity is compounded by inciting others into disloyalty.

10 December 2007 17:30
Yorkielass said...
Muslim lobby group hid identity of Labour donorHolly Watt and Jonathan Calvert
ONE of Labour’s biggest donors was able secretly to channel more than £300,000 into the party’s election funds through an Islamic lobby group that hid his identity.

Inquiries by The Sunday Times have established that Imran Khand, a 43-year-old computer entrepreneur, was behind three large donations to the party earlier this year.

But his name was never disclosed to the Electoral Commission, which regulates party funding, because the money was given in the name of Muslim Friends of Labour, a lobby group.

Separately, Harriet Harman’s deputy leadership campaign registered a £5,000 donation from Muslim Friends, when the cash was almost entirely from Moham-mad Sarwar, the Labour MP who runs the group.

Q&A: secret donor scandal
Our Political Correspondent analyses the origins of the secret donor sleaze row and its potential implications

Timeline: Labour's secret donor row
Video: Brown under fire in Parliament
Pictures: Labour funding row - key players

A walking paradox who gave £600,000
Brown is made to play the fool in stage farce
Jack Dromey declares he is victim of concealment
The disclosures are likely to intensify the row over Labour’s secret donors. Police are already investigating how David Abrahams, a property developer, was able to hide his name by giving more than £600,000 through intermediaries.

Under laws introduced by Labour the names of donors to political parties should be declared so that they can be placed on a public register by the Electoral Commission.

Donors to Muslim Friends were not declared because the group exploits rules that allow groups with large numbers of small donors (such as trade unions) to give under the umbrella of a single association.

However, figures obtained this weekend show that Muslim Friends does not have a large number of donors.

On the contrary, it appears to be mostly a front for just one man, Khand. He provided at least 96% of the money given to the party through the group this year.

Yesterday, David Davies, the Conservative MP for Mon-mouth, called for an inquiry into the donations. He said: “If virtually all the money from this group was actually coming from one person, then it is not transparent. We need a full investigation into who this person is, why he gave all this money and why his name was kept off the Electoral Commission register.”

The donations are thought to be legal as the group was using the loophole of “association” status. This has been recently changed so they now have to declare their donors.

Muslim Friends of Labour uses a post office box in London but is run by Sarwar from Glasgow. When this newspaper revealed claims earlier this year that Khand was one of the group’s backers, Sarwar was reluctant to reveal how much he and others had given.

However, in the wake of the latest Labour donor crisis, Sarwar agreed to give a detailed breakdown of the group’s funders for the first time.

It gave a total of £312,000 to the party this year. Sarwar says Khand gave “more than £300,000”, which would account for the three £100,000 donations in spring before the Scottish elections in May.

Khand built up the Glasgow firm Picsel Technologies into a business producing software for mobile phones. He declined to comment this weekend.

The rest of Muslim Friends’ funding was made up of £4,000 from Sarwar and £6,000 from Maq Rasul, whose chain of Global DVD rental shops folded earlier this year. A dinner attended by Scottish Labour politicians raised £5,500.

Sarwar also gave £5,000 to Harman’s deputy leadership campaign, registered as a gift from Muslim Friends.

But he admitted that most of that money had come from his own pocket. He said: “I promised her campaign team that I would raise £5,000; I made a commitment. Strictly speaking, £4,500 came from me and £500 came from the [Muslim Friends] account.”

He revealed he didn’t tell Harman’s team the money was from Muslim Friends when he made the pledge but he used a cheque from the group to send it.

Harman’s team, which was also criticised for accepting cash from an Abrahams intermediary, dropped the PO Box address when registering the gift and instead used Sarwar’s home.

The details about Muslim Friends’ backers are likely to embarrass Labour. The party attempted last week to deflect the row over Abrahams by attacking the Tories for receiving cash through a similar association, the Midlands Industrial Council.

Jack Straw, the justice secretary, said associations such as the Midlands Industrial Council have been “used, albeit lawfully, as a means of avoiding disclosing the identity of the original donors”. He made no mention of Muslim Friends of Labour.

10 December 2007 17:31
Lamedon said...
Green Arrow,

the problem with the current crisis is in the fact that in case you allow Collet & co. to continue you will run into another crisis in the rather near future.

Too many people have been barred from your party only for having a dispute with the people who are apparently above any rule binding otherwise party members ("window" incident is only the last example). Your Sedgefield candidate resigned because of having an argument with them.

You are loosing too many activists and sympathizers only for keeping a "Nazi-poster" guy in prominent position within party.

BNP is now almost in Apollo 13 situation. Too many outcasts is moving in very proximity of the mother ship posing a risk of a fatal collision.

You must fix the problems now otherwise you will fade out amidst various internal crisis ...

10 December 2007 17:33
Anonymous said...
"Reluctantly I have been forced into thinking. Something I do not enjoy."

How very sad.

10 December 2007 17:33
Reconquista said...

If people abuse they should be unreservedly condemned and punished no matter who they are.

But you don't do you? You can't wait to smear the BNP but at the same time you tolerate a belief system that by law allows children to be abused. That you don't absue is irrelevant. You condone it with your lickspittle tolerance because of your own personal version of la-la land, the multicultural eutopia.

Unless it's your own children of course then no doubt you'd be against it. That's why you're are a despicable, snidey hypocrite. You're here gloating about this incident but you're wholly blind to your own hypocrisy. And this incident neither validates your smearing of the BNP nor masks your advocation of child abuse.

Panic and fear of Islam? No I have a far deeper understanding of Islam and sharia than you do. As for fear, never that's why I support the BNP and it's fight to get rid of this vile dogma that gives men the right to absue women and children by law.

Not that you'd care about such a trivial thing as sharia law.


10 December 2007 17:41
Antifascist said...
'Hi antfascist, how's your server coping? Meltdown eh?'

My server's fine thanks. Google's server might be getting a little warm.

'Ketlan:You're priceless!!!You would'nt know the truth if it stole your welfare cheque from right under your nose...This just gets better.'

Get a grip son. You don't know what you're talking about. There's is NO blocking any IP from any blog site based on Google's servers unless Google chooses to do it. Idiot.

10 December 2007 17:49
Louise said...

I am afraid that in your speed to condem me for enjoying my interactions with muslims (that have not cut off my head or tried to abuse my children or their children), you have misunderstood what I have been saying. How you have misunderstood is beyond me, but you have. So lets clear a couple of things up so that you can get your facts right and show some balance in your incorrect emotional-ranto-fests.

I have always said that abuse is wrong. I am saying it again. I am also therefore saying that abuse OF anyone BY anyone is wrong. It matters not to me who the abuser is (eg colour, ethnicity, religion, age, etc), its wrong! How does that make me a hypocrite? It doesnt. And you know it but rather than admit defeat, you are going to get incredibly angry because thats what you do well. So lets be havin' yer!

Your position of your anger on my doorstep is futile. Because I DO know what i believe in and Because I CAN remember what my position is and because I DO practice what I preach, I know that you can provide me with no evidence in any posts which suggests that i justify abuse of children. None whatsoever.

I will refer to my earlier comments. Why dont you focus on the reasons that your high-up members of the BNP have been accussed of sexual involvement with minors. Do the allegations hold up and what is being done about them? Dont deflect your BNP filth onto me. Deal with it! You are attacting negative attention now. Smarten up Reconquista!

10 December 2007 17:56
Reconquista said...

Your views are ridicuously inconsistent and you have by your own words, proven my accusation against you:

(that have not cut off my head or tried to abuse my children or their children)

That is my whole point about you. It isn't your kids or your group so you think it's ok to tolerate Islam and sharia. The fact that Islamic sharia advocates the marrying of kids at 9 and that women can be beaten doesn't matter to you. Nor does it matter to you that others in all Islamic countries - and now in Europe and the UK - are being absued and beaten and beheaded under a doctrine you tolerate doesn't matter to you.

That's why you give your assent to absue and that's why you're a hypocrite who is blind to your own self-centred stupidity.

Thanks for showing everyone on here how you think - it has been most enlightening.

"If it's not on my doorstep it's fine by me" - what a humanitarian you are.

It's been my pleasure to humiliate you, now to hell with you and your hypocrisy.


10 December 2007 18:11
Sir HM said...
"I am also therefore saying that abuse OF anyone BY anyone is wrong. It matters not to me who the abuser is (eg colour, ethnicity, religion, age, etc), its wrong! How does that make me a hypocrite? "

And all of we native British people who are being abused by the current political, economic and social system?

Or don't we count?

It seems you're saying too that only a few Muslims are lunatics. And how many Germans were lunatics in the 1930s? Didn't stop the Nazis implementing their program did it. How are the Muslims you know going to stop the lunatics implementing THEIR program?


PS It's obviously not lack of time that stops you addresing the issues I raised on the other thread, because you're finding plenty of time for this thread.

Could it be that you know full well that everything I say on the other thread is correct, so you'd rather ignore it so that you can be comfortable in your cocoon of Denial?

10 December 2007 18:23
Captain Swing said...
I see the Wankaster Unite Against Freedom amoeba, Dildo Gobshite (aka "Louise"/Anon) and her sub-bitch, Caitlin Tosserofski, are desperately trying to make capital out of the removal of malcontents from the BNP. Well, I wouldn't crow too loudly if I was them - plod has already got its sights set on the dodgy dealings of the UAF - won't be long before collars are being well and truly felt, if my (very good) sources are correct.

Go back and hide in the slime where you belong, red-fascist losers!

10 December 2007 18:26
Louise said...
Again Reconquista

So quick! So brash! So stupid!

I am going to repeat this becuase you appear not to be getting it. Why you are not getting it is beyond me but here we go (again):

Abuse OF anyone BY anyone is wrong.

GA's blog has a leader-line about a future for our children. The BNP website and policies and manifesto has similar statements. I was using the term in a scarcastic sense precisely because people have previously said things like 'well if it was your kids they were abusing' or 'muslims will chop off our heads' and so on. My scarcasm was to state that no, that had never happened and wasnt going to happen. The difference being of course is that muslims have not abused "our" children and yet Collet and co are now being accused of involvement with children.

The other readers on here already have a negative opinion of me Reconquista. A dislike for me is the default position, silly! Equally, the other readers dont particularly need you to patronise them into your pathetic eureka moment of insecurity by exposing me. If you are trying out your martydom here, I suggest you practice it elsewhere because I have never said that abuse is correct or justified or my children, your children or anyone else's children. If you think I have, quote me directly with dates and times. And no, calling to stop racism against muslims is not indrect justification of abuse so dont even go there. If a muslim abuses their child, its as wrong for them as for anyone else so dont try that line either!

In conclusion: read my comments more carefully OR ignore them totally but dont use them as a cheap way to try to look clever because you keep on failing to do so. And dont tell me what matters to me and what doesnt. Remember that it was I who urged you into a position of humanitarianism, not the other way around. Likewise, I am not a racist (whereas you are) and in my army of one, I dont go into hotel rooms with other peoples children (your party players did this is worsened by the moral high ground you take on this issue). It was I that asked on this blog not to receive sexualised comments based at me and it was i who raised the issue that domestic violence in the UK is way out of control. You may use this opportunity to deflect your anger at me or tell racist jokes against muslims. Sooner or later you will have to educate yourself, and NOT lump all muslims under one category or 'evil'.

10 December 2007 18:40

Anonymous said...

good morning all, what a nice bright sunny day, on checking the bnp website this morning i see even more changes have been made overnight, and the "banner photo line up" has shrunk.
its a great shame that their site does not have a musical accompinient with it 10 green bottles would go down great.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting this here because I believe it will gain a greater audience.

My thanks to DG, if it's allowed.

I have just this minute bothered to spend my own money on a tele call to BNP arsehole John Walker, initially to ask him what it felt like to have the rug pulled from underneath him and to be left high and dry. I couldn't resist quoting back to him what he once said to me. Anyway, he claims the BNP are about to stitch Graham up as being Special Branch and that his rug is firmly in position and that the announcement will halt the dissenters and put the BNP back on track.

I know BNP members are avid readers of this blog, so, be warned, the BNP are about to spew forth yet more poison to dupe you all.

Changing subject slightly, where are the BNP accounts?


S Ebanks

Anonymous said...

"There have been a number of comments made about a porn site, Pretty Clip, and a senior (named) member of the BNP - most of which could certainly get us done for libel"

Eh? Can a porn site proprioter sue for libel ? Still beeing associated with a facist must damage thier reputation !

Joking apart watching the BNP disintergrate may be fun but I am a little concerned where the organisors etc who have ability are going to end up ? Organising another bunch of facists, but without the destructive influence of Griffin ?

Might I suggest that LUAF keeps a close eye on this so that any incipient parties may be opposed at the earlist stage.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Chris Beverly, Morley ward, Leeds, has just posted his resignation from the party. So I imagine that his wife will go from Morley PC.

Antifascist said...

'Might I suggest that LUAF keeps a close eye on this so that any incipient parties may be opposed at the earlist stage.'

Of course. Believe me, my eyes couldn't be closer. Er...

'Councillor Chris Beverly, Morley ward, Leeds, has just posted his resignation from the party. So I imagine that his wife will go from Morley PC.'

Well, well, well - they're falling like skittles. :-)

Anonymous said...

the worry is, some of them might join the bpp

Anonymous said...

The bpp have a thriving social scene involving white diamond cider orgies.

Anonymous said...

There will always be sum cowards who remane with the party and dont resign.

Some wussies stayed with the nf after griffin had messed them up just like hes now done with his fuckin bnp.

god help griffins lackeys if they had brains.

Anonymous said...

If Chris Hills not quitting that cannot surprise me.

Known him for ages and Hill's always been a bit of a low iq toady. Not my ideal choice of friend.

Good luck for the loser. Hope the fool enjoys the taste of humble pie when the spying rottweiler turns on him and bites his bollox.

Quitting or not Griffin will still always regard him as a traiter for hinting he was about to leave and will treat him as a fall guy at the earliest opportunity. Griffin is a vindictive bastard and is always looking to get his own back on his conspirators.

Griffin doesn't know the concept of loyalty

id rather eat my own poo than renew my membership.