December 31, 2007

BNP's Nick Griffin ignores dissident activity in favour of making money

As the British National Party rebellion rumbles on - albeit with a pause for Christmas and an occasional birth - we wonder if Nick Griffin is reading the signs and starting to appreciate that the foundations on which his authority within the BNP rests are beginning to crumble.

Rather than keeping on the fight against the dissidents in the ranks, Griffin has chosen to ignore them for the moment, instead concentrating on sending out yet another begging letter to the membership. Perhaps worried by the undisputable fact that the rebel camp just keeps on quietly growing and how that might affect his pension plans, he has bombarded members with an amateurish appeal to get his sticky mitts on their Christmas money, prompting one annoyed recipient to state, 'the tacky style reminds me of some Nigerian scam and is just as shady'.

The tattiness and unprofessionalism of these begging letters has provided much merriment for those who generally oppose Griffin (us included), so we've put images of them, pinched from the North West Nationalist site, below for you to have a laugh at. The film (above) shows how the membership should deal with this rubbish prior to recycling it. For the moment, we'll leave you with a relevant comment from the same site.

'Them who defend Griffin and his side-kicks Collette and co say that he's made the BNP proffesional and electable - but this begging letter is not proffesional at all...on the BNP site he (Griffin) says its the most professional mailing they have ever done...the others must have been shite then.'

Happy New Year everyone. :-)


Anonymous said...

I do hope anybody who might think of contributing to this scam pauses for a moment to wonder why cheques are payable to "Growing to Win" rather than "British National Party" ????

I wonder who the signatories are to this new account, and whether the account is subject to audit?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the "growing to win" is griffins 1st step into cloning. He has woken up to the fact that his party will no longer take any notice of him, they even have the cheek to argue and demand that he goes, so, he has obviously decided to "grow his own"

over the Christmas period he has had Collett, Hannam, Lecomber and Diva Dicky, locked in the pig pens down in Wales producing their hand made sperm. He will then transfer this to his newly purchased petri dishes, wait for the next major thunder storm with the obligatory bolts of lightening, winch up the dozen or so dishes, bang crash, hey presto hes done it, his Master Race.
The forefathers of a party that will follow his orders to the letter, no women, total committment to Herr Griffin, and special favours whenever he wants them.

The only problem with this is the 2s.and 6pence in contributions to "growing to win" wont even buy and petrie dish.

Anonymous said...

Oooops ! "Growing to Win" - Is this a scam to camoflage where money is comming from/going to !.

I think the Electoral Commission should be aware of this !

John P said...

I see the PO box is for Leeds rather than Welshpool

Anonymous said...

Excellent.What a great year its been for Lancaster UAF. I look forward to reading of the years exploits in the yearbook (hint hint). LOL

Anonymous said...

strange i have just saw griffin,darby,collett,barnes and co boarding flight "CON AIR" to croatia.strange that they are not posting all of a sudden ? the bnp members have sussed on to this plot and even before the uprising certain bent officials and organisers stood down.they have disgraced their members and conned them.i know i was once a member and sussed simon darby as either a plant or a crook.
happy new year denise and co.

Anonymous said...

I expect the PO box is Leeds because that's where Griffin's new money-grubber, Ged Munns, lives.

Anonymous said...

Things are getting a wee bit scary on EiE it looks like they are getting posters who are intelligent.

A new name to me Henry Morgan (but im sure someone on here will know him) puts a 'reasoned' way forward, looks like there are a number of new posters who like morgan can string words together.

I think the idea of a Year Book is great.....

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Lancaster UAF!

I love the comment from the BNP twat on that horrible racist site, North West Nationalist, who spells ‘professional’ incorrectly twice as ‘proffesional’ before getting it right on the third attempt! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Within 2 weeks Griffin will be gone. He has failed/is failing his handlers by losing control of the "safety valve", particularly with the talk in some areas of "leaderless resistance"

Watch out for "illness", in particular "nervous breakdown".

Anonymous said...

The bullshit has gone ballistic. This is over at NWN

"Scof you may, but that appeal has brought in £50,000 and counting. So fuck off. You see in the real world out side your stupid deluded cyber world, there is big support within and outside this party."

£50,000 my arse.

Unknown said...

A new name to me Henry Morgan (but im sure someone on here will know him)

Wasn't he a pirate? Things must be bad if he's got the hump.

Ah, well, that's enough anti-fashing for 2007. Time to trip the light fantastic.

A very happy New Year to anti-fascists everywhere, and especially to Ketlan and his family, all at Kirklees and their families, Miriam and Keith in Brighton, the boys up in Cumbria, Mr Fister, and - and, oh, you know who you are!

Enjoy the night!

DG and partner.

Anonymous said...

LUAF - Not afraid to scrape the barrel!

Anonymous said...

All off on the pop are we? Better get me coat.


Good on Ketlan and Denise! Now go and get wrecked!

Anonymous said...

Tell you what that "fencesitter" chappie on Eie must have a real sore arse hes been sitting in the same position for the last 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Cap'n Morgan with the rebels? Lemme at the scurvey dog.

Happy New Year to everybody at Lancaster UAF. Get pissed, be happy. You've done a massive job.


Anonymous said...

Have a great night out DG and co. All the best for 2008.

Anonymous said...

Schiess! Forgot to sign that Rob from Wellingborough.

Anonymous said...

"£50,000 my arse."

I don't know, it is believable, they have 50 million members now, I know, they said so.

OK, I know the accounts shows their membership falling, but come on, Nick wouldn't lie, would he?

What's the betting this miraculous £50,000 raised in a few days, at the height of a split, kind of doesn't appear in the accounts when they are published, and exists for ever more only as an internet boast?

Anonymous said...

I love the current handbagging on stormfront.

"You're a Nazi!"

"No, you are a Nazi!"

"But you wanted a multiracial party!"

"No, but you wanted a multiracial party!"

"Yes, but you're a Nazi!"

"No, but you're a Nazi!"

Daffy Duck (Collett) seems to be right at the heart of it, never one to disappoint.

I had a choice tonight, a Vicar of Dibley repeat, or reading Mark Collett on stormfront, and I had to pick the comedy option, Dawn French just can't make me laugh like Collett can.

Someone should collect up the works of Daffy Duck, and Purging the Droid, and publish them, I think it would be a best selling comedy novel.

I suspect come next election time stormfront will once again be a goldmine for quotes and screw ups, by the BNP, to help sink their power grab, and I'm sure once again they will blame traitors and moles, rather than just accepting they are a bunch of incompetent clowns, who shoot themselves in the foot at the drop of a hat, and our role is merely to point and laugh, and share it with the public.

Talking of moles, that's always made me laugh, a mole is a small mammal, widely considered to be an agricultural pest, that burrows around in the dirt, making a nuisance of itself.

Small pest, burrowing around in the dirt, making a nuisance of itself?

Sounds more like the average BNP member than an infiltrator to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all at LUAF and (if I'm honest) even more the BNP for making this the most enjoyable winterfest ever!

Can't wait to see what 08 brings!

Antifascist said...

'LUAF - Not afraid to scrape the barrel!'

Naturally. And proud of it, too.

'...they have 50 million members now, I know, they said so.'


Anonymous said...

The funniest quote was the X-rated one someone made about Green Arrow being first in the queue to suck off Griffin's "love baton". Can't remember how it went, but it sure made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

What a great year.
The nazis predicted massive gains in May. (nothing)
Ever since they have been infighting, expelling and running short of cash
In a period when they should have been winning elected seats they have lost councillors.
Old Nick and his Mini-Me are close to seeing themselves thrown from office within the party.
Life's good. Best wishes to all anti-facists. Let's stuff the bastards in 2008.

Anonymous said...

P.S Watch Darby in 2008.
He will cut griffin's throat