November 09, 2011

EDL Announce plans to disrupt Armistice Day

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The English Defence League [yesterday] announced their plans to disrupt Armistice Day. Their disruption comes only a few weeks after they caused a disturbance in front of the victims of the 9/11 victims when they spent the afternoon brawling with members of Muslim Against Crusade during the memorial service.

Members have been instructed not to get so drunk they cannot stand up (like they did in Birmingham) and have threatened the City of London police when in actual fact that part of town is covered by the Metropolitan police.

The EDL have also attempted to distance themselves from their Combined Ex-Forces Division. Their 'commanding officer' Mike Rafferty has this evening made threats to kill police officers on the day (see image above).

We have highlighted the interesting parts of the EDL's statement.
Details regarding Muslim Against Crusades - Friday 11/11/11

by English Defence League EDL on Tuesday, 08 November 2011 at 21:13

After the attrocities last year at the 11th Hour of the 11th Day, we the English Defence League feel compelled to once again take to the streets to defend our nations troops past and present, our memories of them and the sacrafices they have made for our once great nation. Why you may ask? Well, because they are our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters, they are our grandfathers and grandmothers. The Poppy stands for each and every one of them. Our government nurtures and protects radical jihadists while allowing them to insult and humiliate every single one of us and everything our forefathers fought for. We can not and will not sit quietly while this great disrespect is allowed to continue.

So, what are our intentions?Our intentions are to STOP MAC from entering their demo area by any means. We are not holding a counter demonstration, we co-operated with police when we held a counter demonstration last year that was virtually ineffective, we were led round the houses by the Met who obviously wanted us to miss the burning of the poppies (for an easier life i guess). This year wont be so similar. This year we are not cooperating with any police force. This year we are not countering, but stopping. We urge everyone reading this to ask themselves one question, Should mac be allowed to burn our poppies? If your answer is no, then we expect to stand side by side with you this friday in London. The time for doing nothing has passed. Its our country, we`re taking it back.Details for the MAC Demo are as such:

Demonstration Location: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AP

Date/Time: 11th November 2011/ 10am - 12pm (midday)

We urge our members and supporters to be in the area of South Kensington for no later than 9:30am Friday morning. We urge our members not to drink any alcohol as this is not the day to be doing so and you will also avoid you being section 27ed, we urge our members to dress smartly and respectful, no colours although i would advise you to wear your poppies and pin badges with pride. Lastly, please keep in your hearts what a sacred day this is to all of us. Our only advice to the City of London Police if you continue to allow this to happen is to make sure you have plenty of empty cells. Last year Tommy Robinson did what every single person in this country wanted to do, This year, there are 1000 Tommy Robinsons. And if it continues to next year there will be 10000.

We do not take any of our actions lightly,but we feel this has been pushed on us by our governments failure to deal with Radical Islam at the Core - MAC, This is what you all joined EDL for!

While we do not support any other organisations or political parties who will be protesting that day, we will respect what you are doing and leave you to it as you are another obstacle for MAC to get over, but we expect every single member of the EDL in attendance to remember that it is them the EDL who are leading the fight against radical islam and to set the example by acting accordingly.

Do not attend the MAC Demonstration to lend them the ears they need, simply turn around and walk away, plank yourself up and wait til they come back out.

After 12pm when the MAC demonstration is finished, we will be making our way over to The FA headquarters to highlight the England football teams issues with Fifa concerning them not being allowed to wear our poppy on their shirt on Saturday when they play against Spain. We believe it is disgusting and disrespectful of Sepp Blatter & co to treat our national team like this hence why we will be popping over to Soho to show our support to the National Team and to urge each and every player to wear their poppy with pride the next day when they smash Spain regardless of Fifa`s Decision.

We would like to invite any patriots who are in London that day to counter MAC and to invite the general public to join us for our walk of support for the FA.We would also like to invite every football fan and firm in London to join us for this and Stand United as One Firm with One VoiceWe will be leaving South Kensington Tube Station for this between 12:30pm and 12:45.One more thing, i would like to ask our rank and file brothers and sisters in the police force not to facilitate MACs Demonstration or assist them in anyway as a lot of you are ex servicemen and women and know in your heart what they are doing is wrong!


No Surrender to MAC SCUM
EDL News


Anonymous said...

Mr Rafferty claims to have weapons and snipers who are ready to use them on the streets of London? Isn't this criminal intent?

Mista Angree said...

The EDL can do what others are locked up for.

Rafferty can post death threats on Facebook and the cops don't bother investigating him.


Anonymous said...

I do not expect Cameron and Theresa May to give two bloody hoots but Labour should, in their official capacity as Opposition, be asking questions and organising rank and file opposition to this FARCE that EDL can get away with inciting crime and attacks upon the police force online. Michael Foot would have done so. But no. Miliband is a complete rightwing clott.

Anonymous said...

The minute the guns fell silent in November 1918 is now an all-out hatefest thanks to the actions of the authorities and police, and yes the liberal Guardian readers are just as much to blame as the Daily Mail bigots for creating the sort of climate where hate can thrive.

Anyone wanna give peace a go??

Anonymous said...

It is NOT mandatory to wear a red poppy in early November in this country. Wear a white poppy instead, the nazi hooligans cannot hijack that.

Anonymous said...

when they smash Spain regardless of Fifa`s Decision.

Expect more racist chanting against Anton Ferdinand then.

Anonymous said...

Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook entity are GUILTY of providing a communicative tool for racism and religious hatred amongst many evil things. No facebook, no EDL, simple as.

Fuck facebook, get out and meet people. Delete your account, it'll free your time and open your controlled mind.

Anonymous said...

The only way the police are ever going to get it through their thick skulls that the EDL are bad news for everyone is when the EDL finally end up seriously hurting or even killing an officer.

I don't want to see it happen, because it would be the pretext for martial law, but when it does happen, they won't be able to say we didn't try to warn them.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11.15am

He sounds like a real Walter Mitty.

He's been playing too much with his Action Men.

Bullshit Buster said...

Britishness, Britishness, Britishness, Britishness

All I ever hear is Britishness.

Being alive is more important than being British.

Humanity supersedes nationhood.

B31 Antifascist said...

Remember the victims of wicked wars and piss off the EDL in one stroke!!!!

Anonymous said...

MAC banned. Apologies for the BNPBC link:

Now the EDL can fuck off too.

Anonymous said...

This might explain things. Paul Weston and Alan Lake just pushed Lee Barnes out and took over the BFP.

Norwegian police formally investigating EDL financier for possible terrorism links
Reuters news agency are reporting that English Defence League financier strategist Alan Lake is now being formally investigated by the Norwegian police in order