September 30, 2008

Labour dismisses BNP's haulage campaign

A campaign by the British National Party (BNP) to recruit lorry drivers as members has been dismissed by the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the Labour Party. However the BNP claims its support is increasing due to a campaign that promotes British haulage and targets Continental firms which it believes are undercutting UK business with cheaper fuel costs.

Paul Golding, a London-based haulier and producer of the BNP campaign, says "there has been a very good response from drivers" since it started in early September. Golding has designed an A5 poster branded with a lorry and the caption 'enough is enough'. Up to 1,000 have been distributed by drivers and operators, and Golding predicts this number will increase substantially.

The RHA has dismissed the campaign for lacking substance. A spokeswoman for the RHA says: "It is interesting to note that the BNP makes no mention as to how it intends to protect British industries, how it intends to put British drivers first, or how it would pull Britain out of the European Union."

A spokesman for the Labour Party says it will be not be giving time to the BNP campaign.

In response to the campaign, the Department for Transport (DfT) has defended its work in protecting the interests of UK hauliers. A spokesman says it secured an agreement in June whereby European drivers could carry out no more than three domestic journeys within a week before departing the UK. This is subject to ratification by the European Parliament in the autumn.

At the time Rosie Winterton, Minister of Transport at the EU Transport Council, said: "This will ensure UK hauliers can continue to secure regular domestic work while foreign hauliers are limited to ad hoc work when they have delivered their international load."



DT said...

"an A5 poster"

Sounds like a leaflet to me.


I wonder if the lorry featured on the poster is indeed that "Truth Truck"???


Anonymous said...

Looks like another wasted print run.

And yet more printing commission for peedoboy!

iliacus said...

I don't think that truckers saying "thanks mate, I'll take a 'fair play for truckers' [mini-]poster" = support for the BNP.

Presumably truckers would say "thanks mate" for such a leaflet whether the small print at the bottom said BNP, UKIP, RHA, BBC or the WI !!!!

A "Free Beer for Anti-Fascists" leaflet ??? Yeah, I'll take one of those mate!

Antifascist said...

'A "Free Beer for Anti-Fascists" leaflet ??? Yeah, I'll take one of those mate!'

Me, too! :-)

Anonymous said...

The RHA has dismissed the campaign for lacking substance.

Like every other BNP campaign then.

ColletFanClub said...

Golding designed the poster/leaflet. That wont be good news for Collett, Golding used to be the BNPs "head of design" sounds like he may well be again soon, too.

Especially after Golding's lacklistre recent efforts. The "national recruitment" leaflet wouldnt win any design prizes it's THAT basic and totally lacking in flair and imagination, It;s fuenrial and that could be an omen for the BNPs future fortunes. And the Collet designed Londoner leaflet was amateurish to say the least.

Anonymous said...

How are the "Voice of Freedom" papers hauled over here from Slovenia, or wherever it is that they are printed?

By British drivers? Probably not, given the contempt that the BNP has for British printers.

indymedia = stormfront said...

I am very concerned at having visited a site called Indymedia which friends had told me was an anti-fascist website, but once I started reading the threads, discovered that many of the posts were blatant BNP/BPP.

One a thread about the BPP in Leeds, there is a follower of Adolf Hitler called Blackshirt88 (88=Adolf Hitler obviously), who ha been given free reign to publish all the racist, pro-Nazi shit he likes, slandering everybody who dares to be anti-racist as "reds".

Please read the following thread, Ketlan/Denise to see how the most extreme parts of the far right have taken over Indymedia as their playground, making it appear even more extreme than Stormfront.

Can someone please explain to me why out-and-out undisguised nazis are now given carte-blanche freedom to infest Indymedia with their offensive bullshit?

Has Don Black secretly bought Indymedia?

Have you any ideas, Ketlan?

Anonymous said...

What's happened to the Indymedia mods?

Antifascist said...

'Have you any ideas, Ketlan?'

Plenty but Indymedia is not my responsibility. Mods appear when they appear and are generally good at dumping crap that shouldn't be there.

'What's happened to the Indymedia mods?'

I've really no idea.