April 27, 2011

A dog of a day for the BNP?

It's very busy here in our office as our dynamic young team of staff and volunteers are putting the finishing touches on our mail out to voters in key BNP wards around the country.

Not such good news for the BNP's mail however. Their former Deputy leader Simon Darby is reporting that "several hundred" of their leaflets for the Welsh Assembly elections have been returned to one of their candidates, by way of someone dumping them in their front garden, undelivered!

The BNP shouldn't complain too hard however, that will mean there will probably less evidence for the electoral commission to look at as it appears that quite a few BNP leaflets have gone out without the printer and publisher's imprint on! That being said, it is quite a regular mistake for the BNP and one of their most costly and constant mishaps.

Our press and research teams have been hard at it too and it would seem that local and national newspapers around the country will be full up tomorrow with stories exposing the truth about the BNP and their candidates.

My colleague Matthew Collins has been in busy in Belfast putting the finishing touches on our anti-BNP work there but he may well be thinking of retiring to his favourite watering hole now as the BNP team seems to have vanished. The local organiser and Assembly Candidate for the BNP there is seemingly impossible to track down and answer allegations that he made some kind of veiled threat to the Celtic Football Club manager, Neil Lennon. While the organiser's absence is causing some minor irritation to journalists that want to interview him, word on the wire is that the BNP's Simon Darby didn't disappoint them with what may turn out to be some newsworthy comments of his own.

Staying with Matthew and Belfast for the moment, it looks as if the BNP may have failed to comply with a Belfast Employment Tribunal last week also. We're following this up so instead of the watering hole, Matthew is looking into case number 772/11IT which involves two former employees of the party in Belfast and no doubt, some further irritation to Simon Darby who seems to be filling in for the strangely absent Nick Griffin.

Back to the north of England, and word is reaching us that there has been a high profile arrest of a very senior BNP figure. I'm not able to go into great detail, but Fleet Street are definitely on the case and a very interesting, disturbing and damaging case for the BNP it could well be.

Elsewhere, civil war rages in the BNP as former colleagues turn against each other over the large number of exclusives we have been pushing out. They certainly don't like being scrutinised, do they? And to be honest, we haven't even begun to unravel what really happened on St George's Day in West Yorkshire when members of the BNP's security team turned on one another so violently that they were ejected from the campsite they were at! At least the youngsters from Yorkshire BNP had a happier time, this time BNP youth leader Kieren Trent was not Nazi saluting as he went canvassing for the rival English Democrats with other young party members elsewhere in Yorkshire.

Next week's elections promise to be a real indication of how damaged the BNP have been since their high hopes began disintegrating way back in June last year, when they promised their members the world (well, Barking at least). We're doing our bit as have hundreds of you around the country to ensure that we nail the BNP and their lies, their racism and their violence at every opportunity. Nothing is guaranteed so we will not let up until every last BNP councillor and MEP is defeated, the same for the other fascist splinter groups and satellites.

We continue to value your support and ask that you keep fighting, keep the faith an ensure that we live in a a land of Hope, not Hate. But please, don't wake up the BNP's election officer Clive Jefferson, we like him just the way he is.

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Thanks to Nick Lowles of HOPE not Hate/Searchlight


ex-BNP said...

I would gladly buy Matthew Collins that drink. He and his investigations and bravery are an inspiration.

He is not the boy I used to know that is for sure.

Stockport Red said...

From what I recall, you'll need a large wallet

another ex BNP member said...

that pic is taken outside of Joey Smiths house.

another ex BNP member said...

A message to john P. Jordan Pont thinks your Tom Holmes.

The ghost of John Griff Woods bollocks said...

When I sit upon my ghostly plastic yacht,
I dream of the loves that I forgot,
and the way that you, I and indeed we,
created, our party, the BNP

The days were long and the hours hard
and, we see again, Sheffield BNP is run by a retard.
There is more chance of me getting an erection,
Than there is of Sheffield BNP winning an election.

My balls are upon the shelf in a glass,
and Yorkshire BNP show the world their collective ass.
At least I have my bollocks on parade,
although I do keep them in the shade.

I should take time to bring to sense,
The story of another, just as dense
One who lived as a South coast loafer,
the one who pissed upon my sofa.

But that can wait for my time is ever long,
and there is an empty bag under my schlong
What used to contain my spurts of life,
Has the look and feel of Ian Kitchens wife.

Apologies Lord Byron.
JGW (balls)

Wigton mole said...

caption: The BNP's election supremo - dreaming of taking control of Seascale Parish Council.