April 09, 2011

EDL protester starts jail term for affray

A man accused of launching a “flying kick” at a police officer while at the forefront of trouble at an EDL march in the Black Country was today behind bars.

Thomas Blackwell admitted a charge of affray during the EDL protest in Dudley on July 17 last year and was sentenced to one year in prison.

A DVD shown at Wolverhampton Crown Court yesterday showed Blackwell, aged 25, of Bird Street, Lower Gornal, wearing a white stab vest in the front few rows of protesters at the march as they confronted police.

Judge Michael Challinor told him the DVD showed he had “clearly” been at the forefront of the violence which erupted in Stafford Street on the day.

“You attended this demonstration with the intention of causing disorder and violence,” he said.

“This is clear from the fact you were wearing protective clothing in the form of a stab vest.

“In the course of this disorder you tackled a police officer by using a flying kick to his protective shield.”

Judge Challinor said he had considered the fact that Blackwell would lose his job and as a result, his home if sent to prison but added: “This type of violent behaviour so often prevents law-abiding citizens from protesting peacefully.”

Mr Stephen Thomas, prosecuting, told the court Blackwell had been near the front of the group of EDL protesters who had thrown bottles and bits of metal at police, before launching the “flying kick” at a police officer’s riot shield and swearing at him.

Mr Thomas said the group had also been chanting at the police and naming people who had killed officers, including Raoul Moat just weeks before.

Blackwell, who was unrepresented after having an application for legal aid denied, told the court he was “ashamed” of himself.

“I’ve shamed my family and my girlfriend,” he said. He added that he considered the term ‘flying kick’ an “exaggeration”.

Two others who have also pleaded guilty to affray during the EDL march will be sentenced on May 31.

Scott Bailey, 23, of Central Drive, Gornal, is accused of throwing a fence at police while Anthony Grant, 20, of Georges Road, Netherton, is accused of throwing “stones and large objects.”

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B31 Antifascist said...

The whole bloody point of EDL marches is to incite violence and racist confrontation. Their leaders come out with blatant Melton Mowbrays to con the authorities into believing that they are a legitamate protest group. When will the police and judges realise the wool is being pulled over their eyes??

I mean, don't these beaks ever watch the news footage?!!