April 25, 2011

EDL thug may be allowed to continue studies at University of Birmingham

An English Defence League thug jailed for his part in a soccer riot could still be allowed to take up a place at a Midland university

A-level student Joel Titus, 18, was caught on CCTV throwing objects and brawling with rival hooligans. His defence team asked an Old Bailey judge not to jail the EDL ringleader after he pleaded guilty to affray, as he had secured a place at the University of Birmingham. But Titus, who has a string of previous convictions including battery of a journalist, possession of a knife, and making threats to police, was sentenced to nine months.

Yet the teenager has NOT been banned from taking up his place at the University of Birmingham upon his release. A spokeswoman said: “We do not want to deny an applicant a place because of youthful indiscretions, especially when there is genuine remorse expressed. However, we must take into account our wider responsibilities to the whole student body and to the wider community.

‘‘Criminal convictions, which must be declared by prospective students, are considered on a case by case basis. These discussions may also involve an applicant’s probation officer where relevant. We do not discuss individual cases.”

Titus had acted as a youth organiser for the EDL and even appeared on the BBC’s Newsnight to defend the violent anti-Islamic group.

He was cautioned for battery after punching a journalist at a demonstration against the ‘Islamification of Europe’ in December 2009. Last summer Titus took part in the soccer riot between Brentford and Leyton Orient supporters in central London. He was captured on CCTV hurling objects at rivals and fighting over a wooden pole with another thug.

Titus later told police he was an Arsenal fan and had been out that night celebrating the end of the football season, when he had become involved in the brawl.

At his sentencing Veronica Ramsden, defending, said he had “done well academically”. She said he was studying for A-levels including media studies, aiming for an A-grade, and that he planned to go on to Birmingham University to pursue a degree. Miss Ramsden said Titus was “heartily sorry” to have been involved in the violence. But while on bail for the football brawl he was also convicted for threatening behaviour for snarling “f*** off” at a police officer who tried to break up a fight. He is due to be sentenced for that offence at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court in May.

The EDL has held violent protests on the streets of Midland towns and cities including Birmingham, Stoke and Dudley over the past two years. The anti-Islamic group has been involved in running battles with anti-facist protesters and local Muslim groups.

An EDL protest in Leicester in February was policed by more than a thousand riot cops.

Sunday Mercury

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Anonymous said...

lets hope he's learn't a valuable lesson,HATE NEVER PROSPERS.live and let live.he'll be mixing with the very people he dislikes.I HOPE HE LEARNS TO APPRECIATE OTHERS.9xzulug

B31 Antifascist said...

Living here may open his impressionable little young mind as to just how successful and prosperous a multi-racial and multi-faith city my hometown is, especially the immediate area roung the UOB, namely Selly Oak Edgbaston Harborne and Moseley.

Birmingham welcomes white black Asian but most definately not racist.

Anonymous said...

"Titus later told police he was an Arsenal fan and had been out that night celebrating the end of the football season, when he had become involved in the brawl."

Eh? The Brentford match was 27th March - long before the end of the season. Arsenal were away at Birmingham which is probably why he headed over to Brentford.

I guess it's pure coincidence that Andrew Hudson - also convicted - is one of his Facebook friends...

Tony said...

If this fucking evil racist thug takes up a place at the university, African and Asian students won't feel safe.

Hopefully the National Union of Students will protest every day until the uni gets rid of this bastard neo-Nazi scummer!!!

Anonymous said...

As a student at the University of Birmingham i know that this individual is already being discussed through the University's union on its Facebook discussion forum and no doubt will be a point of debate next term.

However, prima facie it seems the majority of students who know about this have expressed the opinion that barring someone on their political views alone is neither sufficient nor even legal. Although the debate is in its early stages there is doubt as to whether the Titus would have any sort of action taken against him provided he did not rock the boat or cause a stir.

In my own opinion i agree with those that barring students on their political views is not practical as it would almost certainly have to be applied to students who hold extreme left views as well by logic (a lot of people might raise the point that they feel threatened by such an individuals extreme views on the wealthy or of different political viewpoints)

Whatever happens, it is something that the University's student body will be discussing in great detail and as with most things that go on at our Union something that divides opinion very greatly.