April 16, 2011

Griffin plans more wasted money

Undeterred by the huge sums of money the British National Party already owes in legal costs, Nick Griffin is considering applying for a judicial review of the BBC’s decision not to invite his party to take part in Question Time again.

Writing on his blog today, Simon Darby, the BNP’s press spokesman, complained that the party was “effectively banned” from appearing on the flagship political discussion programme. “Upon that matter we are now looking at a the concept of a judicial review as the BBC refuse to budge,” added Darby.

Judicial review is an expensive legal process by which an individual can apply to the Administrative Court, part of the High Court, for a review of a decision by a public authority such as a local council. A claim can only be brought if the High Court grants leave.

A barrister told Searchlight that the cost of bringing judicial review proceedings, which would need specialist legal representatives, was likely to amount to at least £50,000.

Why Griffin should want to appear on Question Time again after his dismal performance last time is unclear. Many people count his appearance on the programme in October 2009, when he defended the Ku Klux Klan and refused clearly to reject Holocaust denial, as one of the elements that prompted the criticism of his leadership that has grown steadily since then.

Searchlight / HOPE not hate by Sonia Gable


Anonymous said...

griffin's bnp are bluffing about judicial appeal,due to pm's comments he feels he has a change to cash in(pardon the pun)with confused citizens who all have concerns.personally speaking i hope bbc stand firm on their refusal.it would be another financial battering,if he won politically he'll be battered as well.IGNORE THE NF/EDumL DESPERADO

iliacus said...

Presumably he just wants to give the impression of doing something, anything to distract from the current reality of the BNP?

B31 Antifascist said...

I really don't know exactly what Demolition Darby is crying in his cot about, the BBC gave him a free platform to further racialise Cameron's comments the other day (with Damian Green and Nigel bleeding Farage making three)

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Anonymous said...

High EDl arrest tally at Halifax.

Please put the BBC Leeds report up on here on your blog. Thanks!